Have you ever seen a UFO?

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, UFO sightings are at an all-time high.

From 1905 through 1980, there were less than 500 sightings a year.  In the ’80s, that went up to about 1,000 . . . in the ’90s, it was up to 4,000 . . . and now, it’s getting close to 4,500 to 5,000.

And Americans are the most likely to spot aliens . . . by FAR.  Our rate of UFO sightings is almost 300 TIMES higher than the average around the world.

The states with the highest rate of UFO sightings are:  Washington . . . Montana . . . Vermont . . . Oregon . . . Alaska . . . Maine . . . Ne

w Hampshire . . . Arizona . . . New Mexico . . . and Idaho.

(Dave)  I saw something on the road between Idaho Falls and Rexburg late one night (probably early in the morning before sunrise)  I saw something,  3 white lights in very large and very bright in the distance that went straight up very quickly.  I don’t claim to know what it was, but let me tell you it made me think.



When I was growing up in Memphis Tn one of my favorite things to do was to listen to records.  Yes the old 33 and a 1/3 got a workout at my house , listening to everything from the Beatles to The Tempataions, and Elvis.  We even listened to the Soundtrack to the Sound of Music !  But that is a story for another time.

One of my favorite albums was a comedy album by” The Smothers Brothers”.  i had been watching them on Ed Sullivan for years and they never failed to make me laugh.   Then “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” hit the TV and I was hooked.   I loved the humor, the folk music but ,most of all I enjoyed the goofy Tommy Smothers.

As I got older, I got to realize goofy Tommy was and is a brilliant man with the spoken word.   The brothers did so much to protest the Vietnam War and Racial tensions back in the 60″s and 70’s and standing up for what they believed in cost them the TV show and CBS fired them..

But the comic genius of Tommy Smothers has always inspired me, I would recite word for word his comedy routines for myself and my friends and family.   You can ask my wife I still do!

Several years ago a friend in Laughlin Nv who is friends with Tom asked me if I would like to interview him??????   WOULD I!!!!!!!!!!   and in a couple of hours I was on the phone with one of my all time favorite performers.   We talked about comedy and the roll of Dick Smothers in there duo.   Then I asked Tom about John Lennon and the Lost Weekend.  A part of Rock and Roll History.

Here is the interview :

When people ask me about what I have done in radio, I tell them about the day I talked with Tom Smothers and being so hyped up that i was floating on a cloud all day.    Tom even asked me to check out a You Tube video because he wanted my thoughts on putting this back into the act.   ME!  Dave Denton just a fan and he wanted to know what I thought.

I thought I would add a video of Tom as THE YO YO MAN




I usually don’t like to talk politics with you. Why?  Well if you have lived this past year you saw how bitter the Presidential election went.

I will not tell you who I voted for,  that was my choice and I will not ask who you voted for either, that was your choice.

So what is this blog post all about?   PERSPECTIVE!!!

Here is “Dave’s Matter of Perspective” from Friday 1-20-2017

Here’s to a better future, where respect and perspective can return to our lives.




So what was your perspective of 2016?  There’s been a LOT of talk about 2016 being the worst year ever.

Tons of beloved celebrities died, social media became an unbearable cesspool, racism got super popular again, and, of course, depending on your political views, you know how all that went.

But according to a new poll from the “Huffington Post” and, most people don’t think 2016 was really THAT bad.

Only 31% say the year went terribly for this country, and only 19% think it went terribly for them personally.

Now . . . that definitely DOESN’T mean 2016 was great.  Only 4% of people think the year was excellent for the country, and only 6% say it was excellent for them personally.  Yikes.

But in spite of all that, somehow we’re STILL optimistic.  34% think 2017 will go better for the country, and 40% think it will go better for us personally.

Happy New Year



As we of the baby boomer generation get a little grey hair we come to the realization that the people who have entertained us through the years are getting older too.   2016 was a year that we lost several of those great rock and roll stars that we cruised up and down main with.  The ones that we owned a 45, LP,  8-Track, cassett, CD or in a digital format, sometimes we  have had each  of those in our lives.   Here is an audio salute to those who passed in 2016.

Thanks to each of you who have called – emailed-  posted on facebook or listen everyday, we at KOOL 103.9 wish you the best during 2017





The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced the class of 2017.  They included Yes, Journey, Pearl Jam, Tupac Shakur, The Electric light Orchestra, Baez and receiving the Award for Musical Excellence is Nile Rodgers of Chic.

The induction ceremony will be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on April 7th and an edited version will air later on HBO>

Congratulations to all those who will be inducted.  However every year I am amazed about those who are not in the Hall.   I know it is very political and after what happened in November and all the political crap of that process, I shouldn’t be surprised.

With that in mind here is my top 10 acts that are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

!.   The Guess Who—This one shocks me every year, the 1st act from Canada to have a number 1 in the U.S. and all those hits.  Then consider the impact they have had over the years.

  1. The Doobie Brothers—They could as easily been my #1. China Grove, Takin it to the Streets, Long Train Running.  This list goes on and on
  1. The Moody Blues- They deserve to be in if only because the album “Days of the Future Past” was so revolutionary
  1. Bon Jovi– They along with the Boss brought straight ahead Rock and Roll back into the mainstream, when the music stream was Punk, Dance or Country based
  1. Emerson lake and Palmer, a band with not only commercial success but they brought and artistry to music that it truly needed
  1. Bad Company- Paul Rogers the lead singer is still one of the best and has had hits with Free, The Firm , and toured with Queen as its lead singer for years after the death of Freddie Mercury
  1. Jethro Tull- I mean any Rock and Roll band with a Flute needs to be in the hall.
  1. Dire straits- The musical style of this band crossed so many styles and Mark Knopfler still is an I-con in the music industry and a band who wants there MTV should be in the Hall.
  1. The Cars- A Unique sound that led music out of the Disco era
  1. OZZY- Now let’s say I am not a big fan of Ozzy.  Even if I did go see him in concert!  (There was a girl involved so that explains a lot)  But to not have Ozzy in the Hall of Fame is something I will never understand.  He is Heavy Metal music- even if you can’t understand a word he says!  SHAROONNN!

These were the 10 I came up with, I am sure there are others and you might or might not agree with me.   But that’s Rock and Roll!










The Chicago cubs are the World Series champs for the first time since 1908.  Yes, 108 years!

Growing up I was a St louis Cardinal fan, and Card fans and Cubs fans have the friendliest rivalry in sports.   The 2 sit next to each other all the time in Wrigley and Bush.   I would compare it to a rivalry like Utah State and B.Y.U without the fighting and name calling.   A true friendly rivalry.

I attended a Cubs Cardinal game in Bush Stadium with several Cub fans all around us.   There was not any cursing and name calling, just good natured ribbing.   Truly one of the most enjoyable sporting events I have ever been too.

I am happy for Cub fans, the true Cub fans who have stayed with the team during the tough years. All 108 of them.  From Goats, to Bartman’s and black cats you stood by your team which is great.   I will still love my Cards, and you will still love your Cubs.   That is why I love this rivalry.

I will just remind you, in the World Series score book it is Cards 11 Cubs 2.


Here is something I put together for you Cub fans!  No joke, no ribbing just Congratulations to the 2016 World Series Champs   THE CHICAGO CUBS!



John Fogerty’s Center field with Harry Carry and cuts from your win



Why is it so hard to be happy?  I ask myself that question and here is the answer!  I DON’T KNOW!

I just know that to be happy sometimes is a choice.  Life can be hard, so why dwell on things are making us unhappy.  Deal with it, get it in proper perspective and get on to being happy.   Find joy in the little things, and the things that are good in your life.  Is it easy?   Nope, but it makes life a little easier to take

Be Happy!




Comic con 2016

Where does the time go,  one year ago my wife and I went to the SLC Comic Con.  One year later we go back.   What a great time.  I was even invited to a part of a panel discussion on Professional Wrestling.  It was a blast being part of the panel which included an up and coming pro in the Lucha Underground promotion Marty the Moth.

I also spent time with Stephen Ammel, of the CW’s Arrow TV show.   Spent time is like a cattle call at comic con.  It was” HI” get your picture taken goodbye.


I did run into a Logan resident  Asa Humphries and took a pictures (He is the good looking guy)  and we got to talk.


We also talked with Rufus man –  Rufus is an aspiring comic artist and writer who is working on a web comic called “COSMO KNIGHT”img_20160903_112213109

Here is our conversation


Comic Con is a lot of fun,  it’s so much more than comics it’s POP CULTURE, and it is fun.  If you only go one day, like Asa did you will find something to peak your interest.







GIVEAWAY CAR 2016IMG_20160505_083536958i CA NIMG_20160505_083320152IMG_20160505_083350448

i love the Cache Valley Cruise inn.   Close to 1000 cars every year at the Cache County fairgrounds, and not only that but someone win’s a car!!!   See the pictures of this years car and oh yeas the guy with all the gray hair is me.

On Wednesday morning June 29th, John Rutledge of the Cache Valley cruise in was on the air with me talking the cruise in.    Here is the interview


I am so sorry to say for the 2nd year in a row I am not able to attend the cruise inn.   Last year i had a broken foot and this year a knee replacement is keeping me away.   I will say this, some of my sweetest memories of summer in Cache County involve the Cruise in.


I hope everyone has a great time and keep on cruising.


Dave Denton




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