August 14th 2015

I realized this morning that I have not had a blogpost all summer long. Before you start throwing tomatoes my way, I have an excuse. Back on May 21st I broke a bone in my left foot that required surgery! Do you feel bad for me yet? Didn’t think so…
This situation has been a real challenge this summer. Just the pain of the break alone and then the surgery. That’s not the hardest part. For the 1st couple of weeks I was not supposed to put any weight on my foot, so I was in bed a-lot. Then I got a knee scooter, you know the thing people use that look like a skateboard with a step on it. Everybody would say “isn’t it nice to be able to get around? I say “Nope, those things hurt your knees”!
Well here it is almost 3 months later and no scooter no crutches but I am in a walking boot for a couple more weeks.
The worst part of all this has been missing summer! I had taken a vacation in early May so I didn’t miss that, but lots of other plans for the summer were flushed down the ———- well you get the picture.
The one that I still have a hard time with is missing the Cruise In. Dang I love those cars. But the thing I missed most was getting to talk to so many of you at the car show! That and all the foot long hot dogs, donuts, BBQ and shaved Ice I lived on every year.
Here’s to next summer!!!!!!!!!!

If you missed some of this week’s fun listen here for things like Carson and How many Cats are too much!

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