My day usually begins about 4:15 am when the alarm clock goes off and the bad language begins.  But today was unusual.

I woke up wide away at 3am!  Try as I might I did not go back to sleep. So after a few minutes of tossing and turning I said to myself “Self, you have a lot to do to get KOOL ready for the holidays” So it was time for the three S’s Shower Shave and Shampoo and I am at the station at 4am.  Full of energy I get busy preparing for the morning.


I had trouble keeping my eyes open.  I wanted to go back to bed. Then it is 6am and Showtime I get my 2nd wind and still want to go back to bed.

Sleep is a funny thing.  Babies can fall asleep almost anywhere.

I say there is no better nap than a Saturday afternoon nap watching baseball.

I have fallen asleep at a movie, and watching TV.        Just don’t ask my wife about me sleeping at church………  I’ll deny everything.   Hey it happens.

This morning as I spoke to my wife and we discussed what I should write about in my blog post she suggested sleep and one of her favorite stories about me growing up.

I was a teenager who loved music, I would sit in my room for hours listening to my favorite Albums.   One day I had the stereo cranked.    And my Mother had enough she comes into my room ready to lay down the law.   All I remember was her waking me up and turning down the stereo and giving me the Parent line of the decade “How can you sleep to that awful music”    I was listening to band called CROW

A great band with that I still enjoy listening to today.

Someone tell Teresa to pull out the best of Crow.   I need a nap!

Today on the morning show.  Those were the days.  When should you shop for your Thanksgiving meal?

Stupid news Christmas wrapping paper,   The Queen of England eats salad, and proof that there are people looking to be offended,

Laff Lines:  Dogs in Bags