It was 17 years ago I was doing my radio show on The Country Giant when a phone call came in about an aircraft that had hit one of the towers at the World Trade Center and I like many of you thought oh what a tragedy what a horrific accident.   We were wrong, at 9:03 am Eastern Time a second plane hit the other tower and we knew then that America and our way of life would never be the same again, we watched and prayed as new of two other suicide flights crashed at the Pentagon and in the woods of Pennsylvania.

I knew while all this was happening that my sister and nephew were in New York City for a medical study on a genetic disease that runs in my family.  Were they safe were they near the towers?  It turns out they were in a nearby hospital that was evacuated to be able to care for victims of the cowards who didn’t even have the guts to remain alive for their cause.

When you work in the media you have certain obligations to the public so despite my anguish I had to gather my co-workers around and tell them to get to work and get information on a local scale on this World wide event.

It took my sister and nephew several hours to be able to get phone service to let us know they were alright and well.   Over the years I have spoken too many of you that have similar stories.  Sadly enough we had people from Cache Valley and Northern Utah lose their life that day.  As I write this blog post the emotions of that day are flooding back as my eyes tear up at those memories.

I had a vacation planned and was ready to cancel but President Bush asked Americans to get back to life and do what we had planned.   Teresa and I felt a little strange walking along the Colorado River as a Military Helicopter flew on patrol not so high above us with guns at the ready.

We also visited Las Vegas at this time under heighten security with security checking under our car for bombs.  One image is burned in my memory as we visited New York New York on the strip with the replica of the Statue of Liberty viewing area full of flowers and signs all about the events of 9-11.

We as Americans banded together, Democrats and Republicans, people of all colors, religions, ethnic backgrounds spent time grieving and praying together United.

If I could go back in time and bring that feeling of unity back with me I would.  Instead of banding together to face the problems we face as a people we seem to be taking to social media to express our outrage that not everyone on this planet thinks the way we do.  I have said it before, we in this country are losing the right to disagree with others for fear of becoming a social outcast and accused of being something we are not.   I know because it has happened to me.  I won’t get into all the details I have been called all kinds of name and accused of all kinds of horrific things I am not.  Just because I have a different opinion on a matter that another person.

Have we not learned anything from this date 17 years ago?   The lesson that was being taught was that we need to celebrate what we have in common and have tolerance for the things that make us different.  I really hope that the current state of social upheaval could take a look back on the unity we had as a nation just a few short years ago.


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