I was on the radio 18 years ago today, my wife called me to tell me a plane had crashed into one of the World Trade center towers.  Like everyone I was sadden and thought of those who had lost their lives.

But that sadness quickly turned to shock, horror, anger and a feeling of complete helplessness as the events of that horrible day unfolded.

But it was time to work, I had a job to do that was going to be one of the hardest things I would ever do.  As the station switched to national news coverage it became apparent to me that this was an event that would shake everyone to the core.

We had the entire staff working on getting information so we could get out local reaction to the events.   Then we found out that Northern Utah families would lose loved ones in these attacks.

On a personal note, my thoughts on that day were torn because my sister Sandra and my nephew Kelly were in New York City that day preparing for medical testing.  I don’t know at what time the realization that they were within a few miles of the Towers but when it did all I could do was close the door to my office and pray.  As I write this the emotions of that time have hit me again so I give another prayer, this time of thanks for the safety of my sister and nephew and a prayer of comfort to the families who had loved ones taken from them by the act of cowards who I would not even consider members of the human race.

The after effects of 9-11 were sad and at the same time awe inspiring.

Candle light vigils , religious services, military services, families coming together with neighbors to show love and support for each other as we dealt with the events of that day.

A few weeks later I was on a remote broadcast at the Logan Lowes.    The parent company had patriotic bumper stickers that they were giving away.  During the 3 hours I was there literally thousands of people came to get the bumper sticker.   I saw grown men cry as they placed it on their cars.    If you look you still see these on some cars 18 years later.

The events of that day 18 years ago brought us together but I am saddened to say that feeling of is no longer with us as politics and political correctness is driving a wedge between us in a way that I hope will stop soon.   I see cyber bullies who will drop a name to humiliate someone, WHY?  Just because they disagree with a post on social media.    Friendships are destroyed and all because someone got their feelings hurt.   That is so sad

If I could just say one thing about the events of 9-11 that I learned on that day was something I think we all forget.


I had a friend who said to me that if we all liked the same things this would be a very boring world.

Yes the events of 18 years ago were tragic but we did learn some lessons.  Sadly those lessons are being forgotten.


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