I love sitcoms from the early days of TV like Leave it to beaver and the Andy Griffith show during my teens it was The Odd couple and Lavern and Shirley and today I really enjoy Young Sheldon and The big Bang theory

However today let’s focus on the sitcoms of the 1990’s.  Recently a website using Google Trends came up with a list of the favorite 90’s sitcom in each state

13 states showed that Friends is there favorite sitcom and the big surprise to me anyway was Seinfeld only to the top sport in two states, New York and Massachusetts

So what about the favorite here in Utah drum roll please ……


I love me some 3rd rock.  Wacky, slap stick comedy with a hart.  As four aliens come to this planet to learn for The Big Giant Head this sitcom was and is priceless The romance of Dick and Mary, little Tommy the old man of the group, Sally and her fight to find love in the arms of Wayne night and of course there is Harry.   I recently found a DVD set of 3rd Rock.  Sounds like I have some marathon watching ahead of me…I just hope I don’t spit my Mt Dew through my nose.

Other great 90’s sitcoms Friends, two words Jennifer Anniston!!!!!    Three words “HOW YOU DOING”

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Good show but Carlton was great

The King of Queens – is one of the sitcoms I liked at the time but find it hard to watch in re-runs.

Frasier:  Who would have thought a story of a stuffy Psychiatrist moving to Seattle to be on the radio could be so dang funny.  Niles Loves Daphne.  The dad who has his special ugly chair.  This is a classic that I still love to watch

The Simpsons.  What can you say but Doh, Don’t have a cow man and DONUTS mmmmmmm!

Seinfeld we wrote about that yesterday so just Yada Yada Yada over this part.

Everybody loves Raymond.   Great show Doris Roberts as the medaling Mom reminded me so much of someone I know. No it was not my mother

I did see on the list a few sitcoms I just did not care for like The Nanny, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and a show that I just do not like in the least and it was a huge hit.

I have tried many times to watch That 70’s show but I can’t and it surprises me because the time line is the same time line as I lived.  But for the life of me I cannot stand that show.

I know my taste are a lot different than the younger generation but most of today’s sitcoms tend to go for shock humor instead of  real comedy which sometimes will use shock humor but only in a limited basis.

Time for me to go I wonder if The Andy Griffith show is on.

On today’s morning show we had some fun Laurel or Yanni (I still don’t care) and Being Happy!

Stupid news Love- Get out of my home and a nice story from Oklahoma

Laff lines: Doing voice over work