What is so much fun about having a collection?

That is just it ….IT IS FUN!

I have been reminded about how much fun collecting can be after we did some remodeling at our home.  I was also reminded that sometimes it is hard to display your collection.

I kind of caught to colleting bug in high school when a friend of mine let me tag along when he searched for what I thought was strange.  He collected bottles.  All kinds of bottles, but he had a rule it had to look KOOL.

We spent a couple of Saturday’s hiking in the woods looking for dump sites.  My friend had certain types of sites he looked for.   He loved to search in gullies and near creek beds.   He show me a few tips of what to look for and the search was on!   I found a couple of early examples of Coke bottles while he found several colorful glass bottles most were covered in dirt and mud but after we got home and cleaned them up, they were so KOOL.

So for a while I started a collection.  I had some football cards from the late 60’s and early 70’s.   Over the years I have sold most and given some to friends.

My collecting days went to the sidelines for a few years.  During most of my life the only thing I collected was pounds.

But just about 10 years ago I got the desire to start a collection from watching “The Big Bang Theory”.  The guys were at the comic book store and I saw them looking at a comic I used to own.   I was inspired.  I told my wife I would like to start a collection of comic books.

I sat out on my adventures wanting to collect Batman titles and Justice League title.   The 1st full set I collected was the JLA series from D.C.

It took me a couple of years but today I have all 125 comics and most of the off shoot books too.   Let me tell you the value of the books is not what you think.   The value of most comics and cards went down several years ago.

I also collect Super Hero toys and statues.  Batman and Superman are my favorites

I love showing people my collections but I always anticipate the looks and reactions when they see my Professional Wrestler action figure collection.   Hulk Hogan Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and more.  I even have one figure of Rocky Johnson, The Rocks dad.

This is not the Rocks dad it is little ole me THE BOULDER!

As with most collections I really don’t have anything of value just stuff I like to collect and that is enough value to me.

I love to see what other people collect too.   There is no such thing as a stupid collection.  Well maybe one on Planetdolan.com they showed a collection of TOE NAIL CLIPPINS!  YUCK. The man who collected them said he had samples from almost 25 thousand people!  He added that he was using the clippings for scientific research.   ON WHAT?    WAYS TO FREAK PEOPLE OUT!

Today on the morning show we talked stress and had a montage of some of the jokes on late night TV.

Stupid news. Noodling and Girl Scout cookies

Laff line: George Carlin on self-help books.