This week I had two times I had to think about my high school years.

Saturday night at the wrestling event I was at one of the wrestlers was introduced as being from Memphis Tn.  So later in the evening I introduced myself and we both grew up in the same area of town.  But I am way older than this young man.

The second time I thought about my high school years also happened this weekend when I got a message from a class mate from high school asking if I was going to attend our class reunion this year.


I won’t bore you with all the details but my high school years were anything but pleasant.  As a matter of fact the last time I went by my old high school I had a panic attack.

My high school years were full of things I had little control over including violence, seeing friends almost die because of drugs and you add that I was a shy fat kid who didn’t like going to school in the first place and I think you can understand why I don’t look back at those years fondly like a lot of people do.

On top of that I bet there are less than 10 people out of a class of over 300 who could even remember me if I showed them a picture from “Back in the day”

I will admit I am a little jealous of you that enjoyed that time of your life.   Not everything was horrible in my life I had friends I enjoyed a lot of aspect of my life but school was not one of them. Honestly I prefer to enjoy my life now way more than them even with the health concerns , the surgeries the recovery and the everyday stresses of life if someone said I could go back to being 16 or 17 again I would not do it.

I am more than just happy with my life at this time and even though I would like to know what has happened to a few (very few) of my classmates, I will be here with you on the dates of the reunion and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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