Today’s blog post will be one that I do with a heavy heart.  Shortly after 8 am this morning we heard of the death of Aretha Franklin.

This is also the anniversary date 41 years ago that Elvis died.  So today is a day to remember two originals.

1st The Queen of soul, Lady Ree, Retha.  One of those unique talents that take any song and make it her own.  Such was her talent.

Aretha was born in my hometown of Memphis TN but her family moved to another hot bed of R and B Detroit where she grew up signing in her father’s church.

Her signature song is R-E-S-P-T, which became an anthem of sorts for the women’s movement.  Ironic that the song was written by a man.  Otis Redding said that even though he wrote it the song belonged to Aretha.

Over the year’s songs like Think, Rock Steady, Freeway of Love and This is the House that Jack Built were always favorites.  But the use of a song recorded by Aretha in the TV show Murphy Brown added one more note to her legacy.   On the show Murphy Brown had just give birth and sang to song to the child.  After that the song became a hit all over again.

If you asked me about my favorite Aretha song it would be this one “Daydreaming”

It was 41 years ago today I was living in Rexburg Idaho and working at KRXK.  That afternoon I was in the parking lot of the station cleaning out the inside of my car when my friend and co-worker Joni Jones started taping on the window trying to get my attention to listen to the radio closely as she announce the death of the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley.

Growing up in Memphis I never met Elvis.  I did know a couple of men that went to school with him and you were always hearing Elvis stories all the time.

I will share one my mother told me.   A co-worker at the hospital my mother worked at (by the way the same hospital where Elvis was taken) was looking to buy a brand new Cadillac on a Memphis car lot when she got a tap on her shoulder and it was Elvis who offered to by this woman any other car on the lot if she would let him purchase the one he wanted for himself.

A few years after his death I was at the Liberty bowl stadium watching a soccer match when a familiar face sat a few rows in front of me.   It was Dr Nick the man a lot of people blamed for Elvis Presley’s death.   After a few minutes security had to escort Dr Nick out of the stadium because fans where harassing him cursing and throwing things at him.

I can’t say that I grew up a huge Elvis fan.  Yes I liked his songs but as a grew older I realized what an influence he had not only on Rock and Roll but our culture in General.

So if I was asked what my favorite Elvis song is I would say this one.  An American Trilogy.

To have this date now associated with two legendary singers is mindboggling.    As the song say’s “If there is a Rock and Roll Heaven they sure have a Hell of a Band”


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