The saying “It’s a drop in the bucket” makes me think of another saying “It’s a double edge sword”.

“A drop in the bucket” can have a negative meaning for a problem too big to handle with small (Drops) actions.

I can understand that but a drop in the bucket can do a lot of things.  A water faucet that is dripping can drive us crazy.

Put a glass under that drip and see how long it takes to fill that glass.   Not that long?

Save a quarter a day for one year you have $ 91.25

Save one dollar a day for a year and you get…. Oh you can do the math.

You get where I am going with this?

A drop in the bucket is just that but when those drops add up you have a bunch of drops which adds up to whatever you want to put your drops in.

One of my drops has added up over the years.  Not in a good way.  Several years ago I broke a bone in my foot?  That is a drop in the bucket compared to what happened in the future.

That broken bone led to another drop surgery to place a screw in to keep the bone in place.  The next drop came with Dry’s orders for me to have a walking boot but to also use one of those knee scooters.

Next drop in the bucket came when the bone in my foot did not want to heal which meant almost six months on the scooter.

Another drop in the bucket came with having to have special made (expensive) inserts for my shoes.

Another Drop came with knee damage to my right knee from the scoter and waking boot putting too much pressure on the right knee.   That drop led to a Knee replacement surgery.

Another drop in the bucket came shortly after the knee replacement when complications led to a 2 and a half week re-hab stay.

You add up all those drops along with what I like to call side drops (getting older, being overweight) and sometimes I struggle with mobility.

Man a lot can happen from “Just a drop in the Bucket”

Now if I could just save a dollar a day for a year I would have… a bunch of dollar bills.  Math is not my strong suit


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