Knowledge is good.   That is the quote on the plague of the founder on Faber College in the classic movie “Animal House’

Saturday July 28th is the 40th anniversary of this classic comedy.  I have seen the movies countless times in the past 40 years and yes it make me laugh every time.  I must say that I related to the Delta house guys, (without all the drinking).  I can tell you that when Bluto says “7 years of college down the drain” was a reflection of my years in college.  Now I didn’t go to college for 7 years but somehow I did manage to go to a Jr College (Ricks) a 2 year institution and I went 3 years and never graduated.

I just was not college material.

But back to” Animal House”

The movie which has brought me so much laughter over the years also brings back one painful memory.  THE WORST DATE OF MY LIFE.

I was not married at the time and had been out on a couple of double dates with a good friend of mine with a couple ladies. On one of the dates Tim and I mentioned how we had went to go see “Animal House” and how funny it was.   Brenda the woman I was seeing asked if we would take her and her roommate to go see the film the next weekend.


I did not think this was a good idea since the movie was crude and rude and well crude.   I expressed my concerns about whether they would enjoy the movie as much as Tim and I would and suggested we go see another movie.   However, Brenda insisted and the next Friday evening we drove into Idaho Falls to see “Animal House”   What a disaster.

Brenda and her roommate had had a fight earlier in the day and were both in bad moods.  Brenda never smiled on the drive to I.F.   During the movie, smart ___ comments were being made and I asked if she wanted to leave, which lead to a snappy NO.

The show was over and we stopped at a fast food joint to grab something.   Hoping to salvage the evening I started joking around and said something that set Brenda off and she stormed off and locked herself in the women’s bathroom. (I honestly don’t know what I said, but it was the wrong thing to say)  I spent the next 15 minutes talking to a door trying to get her out.  She screamed at me to just leave and she would find a way back to Rexburg.

There was no way I was going to do that, so I continued to get her out of the women’s room, which was finally successful.    But wait it gets worse.

One the drive back Brenda and her roommate start to argue again but that quickly turned around to I’m sorry and things were back on a good ground.   But wait it gets worse.

The two ladies started to try to tickle each other and are play fighting while I am driving which was making me angry.   But wait it gets worse, all of the sudden the girl from the back seat pulls Brenda’s shirt off.

Now I am a red blooded American male and the thoughts of having a near naked woman in my car would normally be OK.  But wait it gets worse.  Brenda starts screaming at me to not look at her and calling me all kinds of names.  But wait it gets worse.   I had enough, I pulled over and told the girls that if they didn’t want to walk the final 10 miles home to knock it off.

I was seriously thinking of kicking them out of my car, but I knew that I couldn’t do that.  I am not that kind of guy.  But I got my point across and the next 10 miles were spent in silence.

We pulled into the apartment complex where the girls lived and I stopped the car and said “Well you are home, see ya soon” Brenda said “Aren’t you going to walk us to our door” ARE YOU KIDDING ME, THEY WERE LUCKY THAT IDIDN’T DO A ROLLING STOP.   I told Brenda that I didn’t think I wanted to and that I was done.  She started crying and calling me names and got out.    I will say this I did watch to make sure they got into their apartment.   I never saw Brenda again.

So that is my tale of the worst date I ever had at one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.  If I would have known the date would have ended that way I never would have gone.  So you see KNOWLEDGE IS GOOD!

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