Do you take the time to just look at how beautiful Northern Utah is?  I was recently talking to a friend who is getting ready to move from Cache Valley and how he was going to miss it here.  Now grant you this guy is buying a boat and will be living on the boat island hoping in the Caribbean.  But we both talked about the things he will miss.   He said he loves the Sunrise when the sun just peaks over the Mountains to the east and lights up the Wellsville Mountains.

That made me think of some of my favorite sights here.  The overlook at Bear lake, the view over the Hyrum Reservoir, , Sardine Canyon,  Logan Canyon ,  the drive through Honeyville, and going up on the USU campus and looking over the Valley and seeing the sewer ponds!  Well if you don’t focus on the sewer pond it is nice.  There are just too many to mention here.  I just wanted to remind you as my wife reminded me a few weeks ago to JUST LOOK!

During the morning show today we had a great story on the cost of a Thanksgiving meal and after that a kind of sad story from “Wheel of Fortune”

Listen here:

That reminded me of a vacation my cousin and I went on years ago to L.A.   We did the tourist things like going to Hollywood , The walk of fame with all the stars, believe or not I got most excited to see the Star for Hal Roach (Little Rascals) and the Three Stooges. I thought that was KOOL. We even took in a taping of the Tonight show with Johnny Carson …. And his guest host Joan Rivers, DRATS

One other thing we did was go to a taping of “Wheel of Fortune”.  We got to watch a couple of days of tapings.   But here is the real story, several months later I was at my Aunts house in Paris TN for Thanksgiving and they had a VCR of the shows my cousin and I were at.  Pretty KOOL huh.  As family members gathered around the TV to watch everyone was guessing the answer before I did.  I was there, and they were beating me,   DRATS AGAIN!  I was never good at that game anyway.

Stupid News today was about stuffing a Turkey, Why can’t things like this happen to me and speeding tickets.   You can listen here:

Laff lines: Nathan Macintosh on Cell phones.  Listen here