This past year was a tough one for music fans with the passing of Rock and Roll Legends like Fats Domino and Chuck Berry along with other Rock stars like Tom Petty J.Geils and Greg Almond.  Listen to our tribute to those stars.

This morning we learned of the death of Rose Marie who stared on the Dick Van Dyke show.  Other stars that I enjoyed so much throughout the years include Dick Enberg, David Cassidy, Monty Hall of Hollywood Squares Erin Moran of Happy Days, Stephen Furst of Animal House (he was Flounder)

Don Rickles Mr. Warmth   Here he is on the tonight show with Johnny Carson

Jerry Lewis, Here he is with the classic skit with a typewriter

Finally there was Adam West, MY BATMAN!  The hours I watched the old Batman 66 show and read the comic books, he was the Batman of my youth.

Batman was the Comic Book Hero that made me want to collect comic books.   Now today at the age of 60 I still read and enjoy comics and Surprise Surprise Surprise (thanks the late Jim Nabors) my favorite Comics to read are Batman comics.   I might be 60 but I think like that little boy in front of the T.V.  watching BATMAN.

I also think of my late Mother who took me to see Adam West in the Batman Movie at a Drive in on what is now Elvis Presley Blvd in Memphis.  Why did Mom take me?  Probably because I bugged her to death about going.  But I like to think she knew how much I loved Batman and because of that and because she loved me I have a wonderful memory of my Mother.

Thanks Adam West


Stupid News included a T-Shirt- a suitcase and a bagel.  Listen here

Laff Lines is Larry the Cable guy on New Year’s resolutions