Today is the 75th anniversary of the D-DAY.  The event that was a pivotal point to ending the terror that was Nazi Germany.

That was a part of history that I was not able to live through but it did after my family greatly.  My Uncle Edward Denton was killed outside of Paris France.   So today my thoughts are with veterans.

That is why I was so pleased a few weeks ago when I got an e-mail from Phil Redlinger of the Cache Valley Association.  I had met Phil one year ago when he came to the studios for an interview involving the Lance Allred ride for the Fallen.   During that interview he had mentioned that they were working on having a Veterans Center in Logan.  His e-mail said that he would like to come on to make an announcement.

That announcement is that after years of work the center is a reality.

This morning it was my honor to be joined Phil Redlinger along with Corey Nims and Bruno Seward from the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.    We talked about the Lance Allred Ride for the Fallen and in the interview Phil makes the announcement of the new Veterans Association coming to Logan.

My love and respect for our veterans and their families grows every time I get a chance to talk to great men like these men.

I had not seen Bruno since last August but it felt just like a scene in Tommy boy.

I am so looking forward to meeting so many more of our Vets as the plans for the new center come about and at the ride in August.

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