When you write a daily blog, you find yourself struggling to find a subject matter that people will be interested in.

So, I will try to keep my blogs as positive as I can.   But something funny happened last week that shows the kind of year I have had.

My wife was texting with a friend a who moved to California about one year ago.  After an exchange of the normal how you are doing questions our friend asked a question about me and texted.” Any more surgeries for Dave in the future”

That kind of sums up my life the last few months.  I was just about a year ago I was experiencing some pain in my left wrist that was bad enough that I went to see a Doctor who ordered test.  I thought they might find a torn ligament or muscle tear but a series of test it was fund that I had a torn ligament in my wrist.  If you look and your palm and try to touch your thumb and your pinkie you will see wear the problem was.   But that wasn’t all the wrist test led to other test which lead to a neck fusion surgery.  But that is not all nooooooo not with me.  The original wrist surgery repair did not work, and I needed a wrist reconstruction surgery.  So that added up to 4 surgeries in 8 months’ time.   I had better be through with this.   Why?  Deductibles’ the last 2 surgeries had no deductible but new year new deductibles



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