As we celebrate the pioneers who 1st made their way into Utah after riding walking and pulling their way across the plains to settle this pretty great state.  I started thinking of my journey that landed me here in Logan Utah in 2019


Well for one thing there were a lot of detours along the way.

I grew up in Memphis TN. graduated from high school and decided to go west young man.  I went to Ricks College where I majored in broadcasting and minored in chasing girls.   I was not a good student and spent most of my time pursuing anything but really good grades.

I began my professional radio career in Rexburg and from that 1st job I found myself moving a lot.   Rexburg to Paris TN, Paris to Rexburg, Rexburg to Blackfoot, Blackfoot to Stamps Arkansas. Stamps to Paris, Paris to Moreauville La. Moreauville to Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge to Montgomery City Mo.,  Montgomery City, to Columbia Mo , Columbia to Troy Mo.  And Troy to Salt Lake City and Salt lake to Logan.

I told you I moved a lot but I have settled into a life in Logan Utah that I love.   On my 1st full day in Utah visiting my best friend I met a young lady named Teresa and slightly over a year later she became my wife.  We will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in 2020!  I am very happy to tell you I LOVE MY WIFE!

As you can tell my life has included a lot of moving boxes and some really hard times.   I even had to (yes I said had to) quit two jobs and spent months unemployed and very unhappy.  The job in Troy Mo was the one that led to me coming to Utah.  I quit after the boss questioned my honesty and certain employees told out and out lies about me.

I will say this, I am no saint and have made a lot of mistakes in my life but I try my best to be honest and take enough pride in that fact that I could no longer take the allegations.

So I packed up my life again and drove into Utah with little money and no job my life was basically in shambles.  A real low point.  I was depressed and very unhappy.  But friends and family offered me encouragement and help along the way and I can’t say thank you enough to them.

Here I am 25 years later, I have a wonderful wife a great job doing what I love to do and despite lives ups and downs.  The same thing that everyone goes through, Life can be  cruel sometimes, but I can say to you as I have found in my travels,  you can be happy where ever you live if you put your mind to it.

The incredible summers of South East Idaho

Fall in Arkansas with incredible colors.

Tennessee, my home state with so much history that I love to read about and that wonderful southern hospitality.


Montgomery city Missouri.  So much of my adult life spent there with some of the kindest people I have ever met.  I cannot tell the people of Montgomery how much I love and miss them.

But I will say this in 2019, I LOVE LIVING IN LOGAN UTAH!


Today Superman is not Marvel

Stupid news:  A date and Ice cream truck and a speeding ticket.

Laff lines