How to make being sick into a great weekend.

Last Thursday I had an appointment to get a haircut but as I left my house I noticed I wasn’t feeling the best and by the time my hair was shorter I was hit hard.

To make a long story shorter.  I would up in insta car on Saturday morning and the diagnoses the dreaded FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS.   Dud I had a flu shot? “They don’t work all the time” he said.  I said several words that shall remain anonymous to protect the not so innocent and my job!  LOL

The Dr. gave us a prescription for Therma flu, and my wife dropped me off at home while she went to get stocked up for the weekend.  She was getting a chest cold  herself,  and she was so awesome all weekend taking care of me  while she wasn’t feeling great.

A few minutes later I get a text saying our pharmacy had ran out of the Therma flu and they were trying to find some in the city.  It took a while but medicine was on its way.


THE PILLS WERE ON A STIP OF PLASTIC WITH THE PLATIC BUBBLE  YOU KNOW THE ONES WHERE THEY SAY JUST PULL THE TAB IN THE CORNER  Yeah right I hope that I can survive getting the pills out.   This morning it took me almost 5 minutes.  I couldn’t get the little tab to come off the plastic.  The plastic with corners so sharp that you can carve a stake with them.  Oh day just bend it and take it off the card, the perforation for easy separation was designed by someone who didn’t quite crapes the situation.   I see the perforations but they don’t perforate.   Solution BLOT CUTTERS …. No I used scissors all the well questioning the designer’s parentage.

Rant ends here

The rest of the weekend was spent napping eating and watch the Marvel Super hero movies in order.  We watch Civil war.  All in all being sick on the weekend doesn’t sound like fun.  But mine was pretty fun!

I need to find some more scissors

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