I am going to start today’s blog with something serious.  Yesterday a co-workers Father in Law got that phone call.  It is called the Grandparents Scam.  When Loralee from Q -92 asked me to pass along some information to warn our KOOL listeners I thought it important enough to have her on the air with me and tell her story:  Please take a few minutes to listen and to inform yourself about this scam and then tell everyone you know.  We might not be able to stop all the idiots who prey on us, but maybe we can educate ourselves and others on what to do.

Now for today’s blog:

I had one of those mornings, you know it starts off kind of strange and them KABLAMO, It gets stranger.

I woke up this morning to my alarm clock at 4:15…. I thought but I must have went right back to sleep after hitting the alarm.  Five minutes later it rings again.   I haven’t used my snooze in years.  I found out that I felt worse using a snooze so I started the process of getting up at the alarm.    I guess it is a good thing I use the snooze as a backup.

I should copy right that ‘USE THE SNOOZE”

As I came into the station this morning something felt kind of off, yeah I was right something felt off and that something was.  “THE STATION WAS OFF THE AIR”.

I calmly drove to the station, of course obeying all traffic laws.   (Sort of).  Now I have been in radio for all my adult life and I thought I had seen it all.  But my see-er was about to see what it had never seen.

My computer that I use every day crashed.  I won’t go into any details, mainly because most of you know more about tech that I do.   I just punch a button and let the magic begin.  But I knew I needed to think things through to be able to get us back on the air.

Using my limited skills I found a way to get us on the air but not at full capacity. (I am so smart).  Then I placed a phone call to the I.T. guys.  I continue to search to find ways to fix the situation.  One of the I.T. guys suggested something that sounded like, yep that will work.  But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Then this time I couldn’t even get us back to where we were.   Face it Dave there is no way you can do this.

About this time I had one of the I.T. guys here trying to help and nothing worked.  Frustration is starting to get to me as another I.T. guy is asking me questions that had no answers.  Finally, Lynn Simmons of KIX 96 came to my rescue and we are back fully on the air.

My blood pressure started to level off the frustration level was still high because I was taken out of my routine and how I do my show on the air.  I shouldn’t fret so much things went great but man was I stressed out this morning.

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