Attempt number 2.   I will explain at the end of the blog

Today I would like to tell you about a great experience I had this past weekend.  A Friend had asked if I would lend my voice at a balloon launch for the “Share Parents” group here in northern Utah.

Share Parents is a support group for parents who have lost children and it was both and honor and privilege to read the names of their lost love ones and watch the balloons as they soared into a beautiful Cache valley Saturday afternoon with just enough dark clouds to provide a backdrop for the balloon as they soared to the heavens.

I admit I got emotional as I watch families remember some with tears.  Then there was a beautiful little girl who jumped up and down with excitement watching here balloon lift to the sky

Afterwards it was pizza and prizes with the families.  As I announced the prizes excitement and laughter filled the air as some people won multiple times.   Including one little girl who won 4 hair ribbons which she wore proudly – all four of them at one time.  Priceless.

Then afterwards clean up began and one little boy came up to me to show off the prize he won and didn’t win.  He proclaimed that he had traded the prize he won with another boys who was just walking by.  A few seconds later I overheard one of the little boys say “Wanna be friends.”  Another priceless moment.

It truly was a something I hope to share with this group for years to come.

Over the weekend I learned of the death of Bill Daley.  Most people remember Bill from his role on “I Dream of Jeanie” I met Bill at Comic con a few years ago.  He was sitting in some seat while Barbra Eden was being interviewed by “Big Buddha on Fox 13” I was watching Buddha do his thing when I notice Bill.  I said Hi to him and told him how much I enjoyed his work on Jeanie and also on “Newhart” he invited me to sit with him and after just talking I interviewed him.   This is the interview I had with a very nice man who provided me with countless smiles and laughter over the years.

The weekend was also one of a few Duh’s which will explain the second attempt.

Sunday morning I was getting ready for the day and could not find one of the socks.  My wife pointed out the sock which was right next to my foot. “Well Duh”

This morning as I was getting ready to come to the station I put on an amount of toothpaste on my brush placed it on the counter top and as I left the bathroom I noticed the toothbrush right there where I left it unused.  (Yes I used it when I noticed it) “Well Duh the Sequel”

Just a few minutes ago as I was writing this blog I was getting ready to use the spell check, hit the wrong command and the program crashed and lost my 1st attempt ( We’ll Duh three , the spell check from ****)

Today on the morning show we talked men’s fashion, Pumpkin Spice and dangerous Pizza

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