When I drive I always look for landmarks to help me navigate where I am and where I am going.

That got me lost in Salt Lake City on Saturday night.  I was downtown at the Gateway for the Devotion Championship Wrestling event and had a great time. But after the event was and


I have driving in Salt Lake for years and rarely have had an issue.  But most of that driving was in the daylight hours not 10:30 on a Saturday night.     I navigate by landmarks and dang it was dark on Saturday night.

As I made my exit from the Gateway Garage I was in a little trouble.   I had to navigate by street numbers, which was Ok I only got twisted around once.   But when you navigate by landmarks you can get all twisted around.   In other words I was lost.  I knew I was in Salt Lake City ….. Sort of but where.  Finally I just pointed my car in one direction thinking I will see a landmark soon.

It worked and I made it to the Hotel.

My wife in a concerned and loving way asked “Why didn’t you use the navigation system on your phone???????

I didn’t even think about it because I have never used it and frankly……….. I didn’t know how.

Sunday morning I had a tutorial on how to use the navigation system.     I am now a tech master.   That is until I need to use it and I am lost again and have lost my phone…

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