Beach Boys co-founder Al Jardine has just announced a pair of Las Vegas gigs featuring Brian Wilson's daughters Carnie and Wendy Wilson of Wilson Phillips fame. The shows are billed as Al Jardine Family & Friends Beach Party Featuring Wendy & Carnie Wilson and will play on July 19th and 20th in Las Vegas at The Orleans Hotel and Casino. The shows will feature a full band and will also include Jardine's eldest son, longtime Beach Boys and Brian Wilson bandmember Matt Jardine. Matt has also been part of his father's ongoing intimate "Postcards From California" storyteller shows.

The Vegas dates will hearken back to Jardine's initial solo band, which he formed after being forced out of the Beach Boys in 1998 by Mike Love. The younger Jardine and the Wilson sisters were making headway with Al as the Beach Boys' Family & Friends, until the Beach Boys' organization, Brother Records Inc. (BRI), forced him to change the name after citing a clause in his agreement which banned any females from performing at any show promoted with the words "Beach Boys."

In the 20-odd years since he launched a solo career, Al Jardine admits that he's been able to develop his talents away from the group dynamic and forge ahead on his own terms: "I've, kind of, had some experience, so I've learned from those around me. And, y'know, it's been a gift, really in a way, when I look back on it, that I wouldn't have done (it) had the Beach Boy crisis occurred and it just seemed to blossom from there. I mean I enjoyed (my solo band) the Beach Boys Family & Friends thing that we did -- but there just wasn't room enough for three of us, y'know? Y'know, it had to branch out a little, so it took a while to figure it out. But, I think it's working now. And the Brian (Wilson) tours are very fun. And we enjoy connecting again that way and now I have this opportunity to share the experiences."

Brian Wilson -- with Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin -- will next play on May 4th in Redondo Beach, California at the Beachlife Festival.