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Yes I still use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning.  I know technology has people using the alarm on their phones or asking for a wake up from smart speakers like “Alexa”


Over the years I have had a love hate relationship with the alarm clock.  I have used the wind up type with the clapper ringing the bell when it is time to wake up.   I think I might have used a hammer on that one.

Electric alarm clocks with the radio were great, one problem for me was I love radio and would just go back to sleep.   Then I set the buzzer alarm.  As a famous rapper sang ‘HAMMER TIME”

I had a wind up alarm that I used for a while when I was in high school but watching Monday night football while winding the clock not a good idea.  It was a Charger and Cardinal game.  As I was winding the Chargers hit a long last second field goal to win the game.   When my Cardinals lost I kind of lost it myself and smashed it on the nightstand   one problem with that the glass shattered and I cut my hand pretty bad.   I learned my lesson.  Hammers are better than smashing with my hands

That brings us to this morning, I have not been feeling well the last few days so I went to bed early and sleep for about 9 hours.  Then it happened


I shouted “HOLY *&^% WHAT WAS THAT?”  To be honest I didn’t use a swear word (that surprises me as much as you)

So what about using Alexa.  I am not that smart to use a smart speaker at my home and events of this week have me thinking twice about having a smart speaker.

Bloomberg reported that Amazon has thousands of employees listening to your home and office conversations.


One reason given was to have gaps in the smart speaker understanding of human speech


That might be the reason it began.  But did they consider human nature?  NOPE some employees were quoted as saying they had recorded private conversations and use them to entertain others.   Those recording included a couple doing what couple do.

So now you understand why I do not use a Smart Speaker in my home.   Until they can assure me that no one is SPYING on me in my home.  I will not be Smart and will be very happy to be DUMB in my home,


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