The question is are you stress out?  YEP!

I have been trying my best on my morning show to be entertaining and informative the past week.  This is an unusual time in all our lives with all the illness and news about Covid 19.

I come to work each day knowing that part of my job is to let you know that things are OK and any information that can help us get through this together.

This morning I found this kind of hard to do.  About 7; 10 this morning I am working on my Stupid news and things started moving.  I told myself I’m not drunk, heck I don’t even drink.  But there it was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake.

My first thought was to be honest “HOLY ^%$#” WHAT NOW.   I looked at the studio next to me VFX and McCall and I looked at each other and mouthed “HOLY ^%$#   the I see Loralee in the hall and all I can imagine was she was saying “HOLY &^%$”   Then I had to get my on head together to be on the air trying to inform you about the quake.  During emergencies it is most important for us in the media to remain calm, but we are human. As we found out when a Tornado hit Salt Lake City a few years ago. 1999

Now I have had the adrenaline dump and taken a few breaths I can look back at the few times I have felt a quake

Several years ago I was on the air at about 7:10am I don’t know what I was talking about but I saw the microphone start swaying in front of me and then it bonked me on the nose.  That was strange, but a couple of months after that I was in Wendover Nevada and we were going to drive west to Wells to see the damage from that quake there.   I was sitting by the window and the window stared shaking AFTERSHOCK!  I thought it strange to be getting ready to see damage and we almost had some right there.

My most memorable earthquake story was the 1st year of Monday night football as the Dallas Cowboys were playing my favorite team The St. Louis football cardinals.  The game itself was great for me with the Cards blanking the Cowboys 33 to 0 but the New Madrid Fault decided to release some energy.   It was a real shaker freaked this young dude out but there was little damage.

I hope and pray that there was little to no damage from the 5.7 quake and that the aftershocks will be minimal, but forgive me if I also hope and pray that Covid 19 will end soon so we can get back to some sense of normal.  I worry about the economic impact this is going to have on all of us.

My best advice is only this : do the best you can , be kind to one another be patient take the precautions you need to make hunker down as best you can and try to find something each day that makes you smile.   OK several things to make you smile!

I will try each day to be serious when I need to be and to spread some good news too.  WHY?  Because we all need more smiles

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