It is so hard to focus on positives during this time.  We are bombarded with news information all day long that will shock us, surprise us and leave us wondering.

Then last night as I was texting with a co-worker sitting at the Denton Stichen things started to sway.  It was the Idaho Earthquake and I said to myself #$%^  *&^% *(^$ and few more four-letter words.

But I have decided not to dwell on things I can’t control and focus on what I can and that is living my life as best I can.   All the while staying home in my Stichen .  I makes it easier to have my wife with me.

Here are a few more things that we can do while we have all these restrictions.

Have our own version of Mystery Science Theater Three Thousand.  Find a bad movie and have you and your family supply the dialogue

Have a space in your home where all the Tupperware goes? Organize it and match lids to containers.

Attack your Junk drawer and supply shelf or even your garage.


The Month of April is here.  Here is a list of holidays you could celebrate.

April 1st is April Fools day.  Not this year leave it alone

April 2nd is National Burrito day and National Peanut Butter and Jelly day

April 5th is National Deep-dish pizza day

April 6th is National Siamese cat day.

April 7th is National Beer Day.  I will raise a glass of Root or Apple Beer this day

April 8th National Empanada day and is Passover

April 10th is Good Friday, National hug your dog day and Siblings day

April 11th is Pet day

April 12th Is Easter Sunday

April 13th is National Scrabble day and starts Egg Salad week

April 15th is not Tax Day this year, but it is Laundry Day

April 16th is National wear your Pajamas to workday

April 17 th is National Cheeseball day.

April 18th is National Velociraptor day.  I have all the Jurassic Park movies

April22 is Administrative assistance day and Jellybean day Earth Day

April 23rd is National Picnic day.  And National Book Day

April 26th s national Pretzel day

April 27th National Prime rib day

April 28th is my kind of day National Superhero day

April 29th is National Shrimp Day

April 30th National Raisin day.

I hope this might have given you a couple ideas.