After this was published on Dave’s blog I received a note from the CVCA.  That after meeting with Logan city it was agreed to continue the Parade this year.  The note continued to say that the city would be looking into options for the future


Let me begin this blog post by saying one thing. I LOVE THE CACHE VALLEY CRUISE IN.

I also want to say that the saying between a rock and a hard place is a very real thing.

The Cache Valley Cruising Association sent out a letter last week that I feared would come years ago.  It has to do with what I see as a wonderful summer tradition in Logan on the Saturday evening of the Cruise in and that is the Cruise in Parade.

Every year about one third of the cars would give us our own car show by cruising Main Street.  Every kind of car you can think of from hot roads to NASCAR race cars   Dragsters, you name it and I would venture a guess that it has been in the cruise in parade.

But that might come to a halt this year.  A letter that I received from the cruise in.  In it explained that Logan city wants to charge the cruise in an additional 7 to 10 thousand dollars to continue with the event.

I want to emphasis that I am in no way coming down on Logan city for the decision (rock and a hard space remember).  With all the activities surrounding the Fourth of July Weekend it does add an extra strain to law enforcement, I understand that.

I have had the pleasure of working with these wonderful people every year and now call most my friends

I also know what the parade means to the community as a whole.  The cruise in association is ran by volunteers who profit nothing from this event.   You will see the volunteers at the fairgrounds every year making sure we have a great time at the car show. Money generated goes right back into the event every year.

I have been amazed to see the volunteers who have worked so hard over the weekend gather together early on Sunday morning to clean up the mess that we the public leave behind.

I understand the rock and the hard place everyone is placed in.  I just hope an answer can be found and found soon.  We have seen enough of our traditions go away


I want to add this is just my opinion, you might or might not agree with me on this.  I just encourage you to let your voice be heard.

The letter from the CVCA added 2 email addresses that I am sending copies to and encourage you to do the same

Logan city Mayor Holly Daines: holly.daines@loganutah.org

Cache Valley Cruising Association: cruise@cachevalleycruisein.com


This blog post does not reflect the views and opinion of the ownership and management of this company and should not be taken as sucH


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