Springtime, we long for it when the snow flies and it is so cold that you nose hairs freeze. 

However spring can bring its own problems and daily stress.  A new survey says there are 5 things that can ruin our SPRING FUN!

  1. Allergies.

Oh yeah that is a big one for me.   I used to struggle so much with controlling my Allergies.

In high school my eyes would swell and get red.  I even had a teacher asked me if I was stoned.  (NOPE, NEVER)

Driving near Rigby Idaho the sneezing started and my friend asked me to pull over.  I thought maybe nature is calling and he doesn’t have call waiting.   The reason he asked me to pull over was my eye.  The white part of the eye was swollen and looked like it was going to burst.   Off to the emergency room and Benadryl.

I am a big guy but those little pills knock me for a loop.

I struggled with what to do for years.  If I used OTC Anti- histamine I would be groggy all day but the OTC non drowsy did nothing… I might as well eat M and M’s which I did.

Finally I came across a combination that worked -24 hour Dristan and one regular Dristan as needed.

All this happened about the time of Clairton and Allegra being approved for OTC.  Tried Clairton … nope….  More M and M’s!!!!   Allegra works best for me.

  1. Unpredictable weather.

You know the saying about Northern Utah weather “If you don’t like the weather …… wait.

That is so true, just this week I was sitting at home on a beautiful spring day. I had the windows for some clean air and thirty minutes later we experienced Rain, Hail and snow then it was back to the sun.

And a vacation plan in early May several years ago had us driving in a winter storm south of Fillmore.

  1. Heat and cold.

What to wear, what to wear… you wake up in the morning put on a sweater or jacket and it is hot by the after noon.  Then heating a cooling systems in the spring will drive you crazy.

One morning here at the station on a nice morning the heater came on and the studio was over 90’s degrees inside.

Then on other days you can hang a side of beef in the studio.

The system is working great now


  1. Our work schedules.

Who wants to work when it is nice outside?  Then Daylight saving time gives us more sunlight.  That is a double edged sword.  I go to bed at 9pm for my early start of the day.  It is still light outside and I don’t want to go to bed – I want to play.


That is more than just a spring thing.  Sometimes you have to say no to something because you can’t afford it.


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