On the Big Bang Theory Auqaman was a hero to make fun of.  Now Auqaman is so KOOL even the geeks and nerds love him.
I am one of the geeks who now is a fan of Auqaman.  (I am to KOOL to be a nerd) THE MOVIE WAS AWESOME…

My wife and I went to see the show on Thursday afternoon and from the beginning to the end I loved it.  Even if the 1st explosion almost made me spill my huge tub of popcorn with extra butter flavored gunk.

As you know I love Superhero’s stories. DC heroes are my favorites.   I grew up watching show’s like Super Friends so I geeked out at a scene in the movie when a young Arthur was on a class field trip at an aquarium and he used his abilities to talk to the fish with a special effect similar to one they used on Super Friends.

The people of DC really got this one right.   The other movies are good but when compared to the Marvel movies they are mostly not as good.  (Thor’s Ragnor Rock is the exception, boy that movie was awful!)  How did they get it right, moments that mad you smile or laugh.  Look back at the other Dc films and they were so dark.  The powers that be at DC forgot the element of fun in the movies.   Without Harley Quinn Suicide Squad would have been as bad as Ragnor Rock.

I won’t get into any spoilers because I highly recommend this movie.    Go see it.

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