This fall marks the final time that Simon & Garfunkel fans will be able to see both Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel on stage -- albeit separately. Simon is in the midst of his farewell tour, and Garfunkel -- who shows no sign of slowing down -- kicks off his latest North American theater dates on Friday (September 21st).

Garfunkel's shows, which feature ad even split between solo favorites and Simon & Garfunkel classics, are low-key events, with Garfunkel performing with only an acoustic guitarist and a keyboardist. Garfunkel told us that as his recording career slowed down, the road began to mean much more to him: "Stage work became more and more fun. Knockin' them out was knockin' me out more and more. So what I get out of it is when you put a nice voice into the microphone, and the microphone gives you the broadcasting and the echoing that resounds in the house -- I have the fun of being an artist/vocalist. Y'know, I'm not a guitar player. There are so many singer-songwriters. I'm a vocalist. I shape the notes and have a lot of fun trying to be beautiful. Audiences. . . I make 'em happy."

Last year, Garfunkel published What Is It All But Luminous - Notes From An Underground Man, his long-awaited autobiography, which sheds new and important light on his relationship with Paul Simon and the evolution of Simon & Garfunkel's sound and rise to fame.