Just released in paperback is Art Garfunkel's critically acclaimed 2017 memoir, What Is It All But Luminous - Notes From An Underground Man. The book chronicles his life and career, shedding new and important light on his relationship with Paul Simon and the evolution of Simon & Garfunkel's sound and rise to fame.

In the press release for the paperback edition, close friend and frequent collaborator James Taylor said, "Art Garfunkel has seen it all. He has surveyed it from the heights and lived it at street level. He has walked the world. A deeply thoughtful man whose voice has made an indelible mark on his time, he is a friend and a colleague for half of my life and is still a mystery. He opens his mind to us in this delightful diary. I wish you the joy of it."

While hard at work on the memoir, Art Garfunkel updated us on the process: "I'm writing my autobiography. It's at the length where when I add pictures it's a book. A slim one. So, I've entered the land of legitimacy -- but I have a whole home stretch waiting to go. I can feel there's another 20 percent to this book. I don't know what it is. It's going to tell me what I've been doing with all these years, and I've got an ear out for ‘Who am I? What is this autobiography? Where's the surprise waiting for me?' It's ‘Who am I?'"

Paul Simon, who remains estranged from Art Garfunkel, was asked if he often looks back on the Simon & Garfunkel days: "I don't spend a lot of time thinking about Simon & Garfunkel, but given the span of years of my career, it's only a. . . it's a relatively small proportion. So, y'know, nothing feels like ancient history. It's one of the cliches of getting older, is like, you remember everything as if it just happened."

Art Garfunkel performs tomorrow night (October 31st) in Cottbus, Germany.