Just a few days ago Metallica announced the postponement of their fall tour due to James Hetfield checking back into rehab for alcohol addiction.

Since then, Hetfield has had overwhelming support from fans as well as his rock friends.

Former Guns N' Roses drummer Matt Sorum says that James Hetfield is "very strong to take the steps needed to be healthy and happy." He posted on Twitter: "Take care of yourself my friend. You are a human being like everyone else that has real struggles. The disease of Alcoholism doesn't discriminate. You are very strong to take the steps needed to be healthy and happy. The rest can wait."

Slipknot, scheduled to be part of the canceled tour, posted this: "Our thoughts are with James and Metallica. We wish them nothing but the best."

After finishing a concert in Tennessee, Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta heard the news and immediately posted online and told the story of how James Hetfield helped him find his own sobriety.

A similar story came from Lamb of God's Randy Blythe. He said, while on tour with Metallica 9 years ago, Hetfield's actions were a huge factor in his willingness & ability to get sober. He wrote: "When I saw the news about James today, I hurt so bad inside for him, because he was there for me when I was in such bad shape - I know how dark it can get." In the tweet, he wrote of how this was a reminder: "If you're an alcoholic, NO ONE IS IMMUNE. No matter how long you have been sober."

If you find yourself needing help, contact Alcoholics Anonymous at AA.org and find an AA meeting near you.