I have a Dr’s excuse. At least my physical therapist.

I have been asked to slow down my use of my left had for a while and part of that is not using my keyboard as much.

As you know I have had 3 surgeries on my left wrist since September and I am still having some problems with swelling and stiffness in my fingers!  So yesterday I was asked to find ways to rest my hand a little more.

So, I will not be able to do a blog almost every day  .  I guess I could use the hint and peck method to type  but if you think my spelling is bad now.

So, I will try to find things to post that are funny or informative just not as often for a while!

My therapist also said I should eat more bacon and ice cream and cookies.  You do believe me don’t you!

Trying to get my hand better is not fun but it will be ok