At least I have got my health!  Sort of, kinda, almost.

On Tuesday I had something happen to me that has only happened 3 times.  I had to leave my radio show because of illness.

I knew when I came to work I wasn’t feeling well, but I am one of those who will try to work through anything.  Besides I had been at work before when I couldn’t hardly speak.  But Tuesday was different.

I had the kind of illness that I needed to be near a certain room in the building, even though that room is pretty close, I NEEDED IT TO BE CLOSER!!!!!!!! Oh boy did I need it to be closer.

It got to the point that I could not do my show so I told the powers that be and I went home close to a certain room.  But mainly I slept.  A lot of sleep.

So, how am I feeling today? The room is close enough today!   But I still don’t feel great.

Working when you are not feeling well is had to do and sometimes not advised.  Especially when you work in a room with others.  Flu and bugs spread quickly and I hope I am not contagious with whatever I have.

Like I said I am one that will work as long as I can.  But several years ago I came close to pushing my luck.  I was home having lunch with my wife and started to feel a little ill.   NOPE I knew something was work but I needed to get to work so I could get the station ready in case I could not be there the next morning.   I got here and the pain started and grew worse and worse.  But I persisted (stupid huh) and finally about 3pm I called my wife and asked her to meet me at home because I needed to go to the E.R.

The pain was kidney related but not stones and was some of the worst pain ever.   In the ER they ask you on a scale of 1 to 10 where was the pain.  I am not too proud to tell you it was at least an 8 and was to the point I thought I would pass out.   But as Paul Harvey would say “Here’s the strange”

The Doctors were working on me and asking questions which I could not answer,  It hurt so bad I could not speak, so my wife stepped in and said the exact things that were in my mind, minus the screams of agony!  It was strange but cool that somehow she read my mind and could express my thoughts.

Come to think of it her reading my mind might explain why I am always in so much trouble!!!

But at least I have my health ???????????????????

Today on the morning show we saluted National pasta day, and on “Those were the day’s paying bills on line”

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