I do not like HOT WEATHER!!!!!

As with most men of my …….. girth.  Ok I am fat.  When it is over 90 it is back inside with the air conditioner like mother nature intended (joke stolen from Vegas Vacation)

Growing up in Memphis Tn in the heat and humidity I grew to hate hot weather.  I remember one horrible night when every window was open, and our front door was open except for the screen door.   It was so hot that even a tiny breeze was welcomed but my sisters and I would fight for a chance for a little cool air.

I have taken vacations in the middle of the summer once to Phoenix in July when it was 115 degrees.  Vegas when it was 109 and it was nasty

So today I have found some It is so hot jokes for you to read while the AC does its thing

It’s so hot, when the temperature drops below 90, I start to feel chilly.

It’s so hot I saw a funeral procession pull through a Dairy Queen.

It’s so hot cows are giving evaporated milk.

It’s so hot, asphalt has a liquid state.

It’s so hot I saw a bird pull a worm out of the ground with an oven mitt.

It’s so hot, E.L. James titled her next book Fifty Shades of Red. 

.It’s so hot, polar bears are wearing sunscreen.

It’s so hot, I discovered my seat belt makes a pretty good branding iron.

It’s so hot bums are holding signs that read, “Will work for shade.”

It’s so hot… You can wash and dry your clothes at the same time!

It’s so hot… I saw two trees fighting over a dog!

It’s so hot… Cows give powdered milk!

It’s so hot… My thermometer goes up to “Are you kidding me?”

It’s so hot… I bought a loaf of bread and before I got home it was toast!

Here is my favorite

It’s so hot the Statue of Liberty was asked to lower her arm.

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