A six-mile stretch of road in Perth, Australia, is to be closed off next year to make way for a tribute to legendary AC/DC singer Bon Scott. The busy Canning Highway will be shut for 10 hours on March 1st to be transformed for an event appropriately called "Highway To Hell."

The free event will see a wide range of artists, from AC/DC tribute bands to the Perth Symphony Orchestra, play their versions of AC/DC classics from the backs of a convoy of flatbed trucks and trailers.

Fans and families are being encouraged to either have picnics on the side of the road and watch as the artists march by, or follow the procession as it makes its way down the road.

There will also be free outdoor performance venues along the route, while "roving performances" and community choirs will keep the music going into the night. A range of other events are planned as well, including panel discussions, public art displays, a "Let There Be Rock" quiz night, a vinyl fair and pop-up parties.

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young told us a while back that he and Scott got along so well because they shared the same sense of humor and both had rebellious streaks: "Well, Bon was just... he was just one of those people. We have a tendency to laugh a lot about... things that go on. You know, Bon was the same. And I think if you're playing rock and roll, there's just a streak of rebellion in you, you know?"