I love classic cars and I guess that is why I love the Cache Valley cruise in so much and this year is going to be extra special for me.

You see the past 3 years I have had things happen so I was not able to go.  Illness 2 of the three years and a knee replacement surgery knocked me out of the other.  So I am really excited to be able to go to the cruise in this year.

Here is my interview with Cruise in President Brandon Douglass and we talk about this year’s event and all the new things happening but we also talk about the controversy about the cruise in parade.




As I said I love classic cars!   My family even owned a 66 Mustang for several years but did I never got to drive it NOOOOOOOO!

But I did work on it as a kid.  For some reason this car would foul out the spark plugs every two weeks.  Mechanics were stumped so I learned how to remove, clean and gap spark plugs and about every other Saturday as soon as Super Friends ended there I was playing Shade tree Mechanic.

My family had that car for several years and I guess mom got tired of the spark plugs so she traded in that classic dark green with vinyl roof 66 mustang for a……. 71 Maverick.    I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  Now don’t get me wrong the Maverick was a fine car but not Mustang fine.

So that kindled my love of classic cars, plus the man I did part time work for had a 63 Corvette and a 65 Jag.  Never got to drive those either.

One of my best friends in college  drove a 69 Dodge Charger the same car used in “The Dukes of Hazard”  his car did not have the rebel flag on it nor did it come with  Daisy Duke.  But man I loved that car (and he still has it)

Did I get to drive it???????   YES, YES, YES.  I think I am one of a handful of people who my friend let drive his car.

My Dream car would be a 69 Barracuda but I will settle for my Honda CRV.  At least it isn’t a 71 Maverick or my sisters Chevette, which I call the SHOVE IT!  That was one nasty ride.

So this weekend I get to go back to the cruise in and see a mix of classic and modern  cars and drool!

As a side note, I would like to thank The cruise in club for all the work ,  yes work they put on so we can enjoy the joy.  Those that go to the show itself and those who do not attend who reap the benift of the millions of dollars this event cranks into the economy.

This year’s conserves about the fate of the Cruise in Parade has made me sad.  I love the tradition of it all.  I know it will be a difficult decision and I know that the leaders of the club and the city will do what they can and I hope they can find a way for the parade to continue.   But if for some reason it doesn’t you will still see me at the fairgrounds for the CACHE VALLEY CRUISE IN.

Stupid news—pants the car pool lane and Taco bell.



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