July 21st 2017

Theirs is a lot on my mind today.   It’s back to school time, and it might seem early to be thinking to some, to others is a wonderful time of the year as in this classic commercial

A recent survey of 1000 parents wanted to see what back to school shopping trends would be for 2017.

  1. Back to school spending is up nearly 18% from 2016, with the average family spending about $428 dollars on the family to prepare for back to school
  2. 36% of consumers hate having to spend money on school supplies.
  3. 21% say it is difficult to find the items they need
  4. 13% said they don’t like the hassle of taking the kids shopping.
  5. 65% of consumers look forward to sending their kids back to school.

: https://www.offers.com/blog/post/back-to-school-survey-2017/

This Monday July 24th we celebrate Pioneer Day in Utah.  The day the Mormon settlers came into the Salt Lake Valley.  Recently I took a road trip with my wife and went   and joined the trail through the Mountains near Henefer.  I came away with a new awe of the grit those pioneers went through to make it to the valley.    I was driving in my car and I was wore out.    I have great respect for those who came here before all of our modern day conveniences.

So as I close, I thank those who came before us.   I also thank you for letting me do what I do.   I tell people all the time I have a wonderful job.   I get to play RADIO and that is something to be thankful for.

Here is some of the fun we had this week

Have a safe weekend

Dave Denton