Getting ready to go back to school is a stressful time.  Parents have to make sure the kids have the gear they need, and the kids are begging for new devices.

Oh how things have changed.  (Old man remembering things)  Why when I was a kid we had to make our own pencil and milling our own paper.  Computer, HA! Back in my day if a math question went past ten it was time to take our shoes off.

Back to school never was a time I looked forward too.  I just never was a good student.   I think I would have been tested for learning difficulties if those test existed back then.  I didn’t mind learning but I hated studying, homework HA!  I had a dog if you get my drift.

It didn’t help that my next oldest sister was practically a straight A student.   I hated that (but don’t tell her I was secretly proud of her being so smart).   She went on to become a teacher and me ……I talk for a living!

Most of the blame for my bad grades rest on me.   I was a little lazy.  Spicily in subjects I didn’t like.  My best subject was History.  I was totally lost in math.

When I was a high school I was taking Algebra, and boy was I lost just didn’t get it.  I was talking to a friend who went to different school and had taken Algebra the year before.  At his school they would let them use that answer book to help them understand it better and he lent me answer book.  I worked, I used it the correct way to and I started to catch on to Algebra.  Well to make a long story short I got caught with the book and I was almost kicked out of school.   But honestly I am here to tell you I did not cheat I used the answer book the correct way and started to understand   MATH! ME!

As the teacher and principle were discussing the many options on what to do with me, I proclaimed my innocence. I came up with a plan to clear my not so good name.  I said give me a test right here right there right now and they agreed.  Watching me like a hawk.  I passed not just barely but with a B plus.   I escaped punishment but they took my book and I went back to getting a D.

Looking back should I have spent more time on my education?  Probably, but I will tell you this I never cared about awards, and I felt like grades were like an award.   I didn’t want to fail but for some reason a C was good enough for me. Much to the frustration of my mother.

I am not book smart and I am not street smart.  I guess you can say I am just a SMART %$#.

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