Wish me luck!


Today could bring a celebration at my house, or it could mean more frustration.

Today I go to see the Doctor who performed surgery on my neck on December 18th.  Since that time, I have been in a neck brace and have had some restrictions placed on what I can and can’t do like driving.

My wife Teresa has been my personal driver and has been getting up at 4;30 am to drive me to the station.   If the Dr. okays it and I am hopeful the neck brace will be removed and with that being able to get behind the wheel and drive.

I have had lots of reactions from people who have seen me with the neck brace on.   Kids are the best!  One day at a local store a mom and three little ones were shopping and as I walked by two of the kids waved and said “HI”.  Then one of the girls asked” What’s that?”

I explained what had happened and the little girl looked confused.  That is when mom did what any good mom would do, she said “HE HAS AND OUWEE “

Then in the past 24 hours I have had to explain my ouwee a few times.  I had to take my wife Teresa to Instacare and while she sat in the lobby and I stood in line to check her in the lady behind the desk looked up and said, “Do you need a wheelchair?”  I explained the situation that my wife was ill and needed a Doctor.

Less that 12 hours later I was back in the Instacare with another family member who was ill and had to explain again that I was not a patient.

So today I go see two Doctors one with a sick family member and later my Doctor who hopefully will say it is OK to remove that neck brace.

I won’t miss it, but I will miss explaining my OUWEE



Today on the morning show we learned about a MEAT PATCH and Superbowl snacks .