Everything taste better with Bacon!   Well…… not really.   A few years ago a friend made me some chocolate covered bacon and boy was my mouth watering.  Two of my favorite things on this planet together in one tasty combo.    Boy was I disappointed, I thought it was awful!  I had to make a BLT without the L or the T to get that taste out of my mouth.

I think there are some people who probably like bacon and chocolate and that is ok.  I have done some crazy food combo’s in the past.   I mean really who thought of putting carrots in green Jell-O.   NOT ME!

When I was a kid in Memphis my mom would always give me the look when I would take mashed potatoes and put them on a biscuit or bread.   Then when I was about ten I tried a combo that I loved but my whole family thought it was nuts.  But I was just ahead of my time.  I used to put Italian salad dressing and mix it in the mashed potatoes.  Years later when garlic mashed became the rage I was vindicated.     NANNY NANNY BOO BOO!

So today I found on Buzzfeed.com food combo’s that shouldn’t work but do.   So be prepared some might sound yucky and some nummy.

Peanut butter and ?????? Sandwiches.   Peanut butter and tomato (I have seen this but did not partake) Peanut butter and onion, Peanut butter and bacon on a burger.  Peanut butter and jelly with Dorito’s in the middle.

Ketchup finds its way into weird combo’s I like it on my scrambled eggs and I also find the taste of Ketchup to be better on a stake that steak sauce.  But I prefer no kind of sauce.   Today I read there are people who put Ketchup on Popcorn.   (I bet it would be better with fry sauce or even MAYOCHUP)


Just a few more. Salt and pepper on apples, honey on pizza, fries dipped in honey, Oreo’s dipped in Orange juice, grape jelly in you scrambled eggs.

There is one combo that I know a lot of people really like and I tried it and NOPE never again.  It was fires dipped in a Frosty from Wendy’s.

We all have them food combos that we like but others don’t.  I say stand and be proud you just might be ahead of the times, like me with the mashed potatoes and Italian dressing!

So keep on trying the combo’s, maybe I will try one today.  Has anyone tried putting Chocolate with Peanut butter?   MMMM it seems like they might have and now they take my money

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