The new TV season is here with lots of season and series premieres all over TV.  Now with so many channels and so many networks you know there is going to be good and bad television.

Over the years I loved this time of the year because of the anticipation of the new TV shows.  Ah new TV almost as good as “NEW CAR SMELL” But you also know there are going to be some stinkers,

TV Guide published an article about the ones that smell.  I will highlight some of the worst and then see if you agree with me and TV guide.   And at the end a video of the worst TV show I have ever seen

At #49 TV guide has “The Ropers” the spinoff of “Three’s Company” Yep it was bad but I wasn’t a fan of the “Three’s Company” Didn’t say I didn’t watch it (Susanne Summers!)

Speaking of Susanne Summers at# 44 her show called “She’s the Sheriff” some people liked it. It lasted for 2 seasons.

#42 the Flying Nun, WHAT!  Sally Field in goofy sitcom I even watched it in reruns.

#36_ the Misadventures of Sherriff Lobo.  This was a spin -off of BJ and the Bear, yep pretty bad

#29 The Howard Stren show, I was trying not to include talk shows but I had to make an exception but of my complete disdain and dislike of Howard Stern.

#28 Super train, bad premise worse writing a super slow really bad show

#21 Baywatch, you would think a young male full of hormones would have loved Baywatch but I think the only reason we watched was to watch the running in slow motion scenes.

#14 Baby Bob:  I had to thing about this one, it came out about the time CGI became the craze and it was used to make Baby Bob appear to be talking.   I watched it and kind of liked the humor.  But secretly wished for Joley Fisher (mom) to run in slow motion.

#12 Hello Larry:  I did watch it but hey it was about radio!

#5 Hogan’s Heroes.  In this PC world this story about prisoners of war at a Nazi Prison camp.  I really enjoyed it back in the day but can understand how cringe worthy some of the stereotypes are.  Besides that I almost won a spelling bee at my school because I learned to spell Colonel watching it.   Remember Lebeau calling Hogan CO-O-NEL.   That is the only reason I came in third other than that “I KNOW NOTHING”

#2 was My Mother the Car- silly sitcom but as a kid I saw the comic genius of Jerry Van Dyke.

# 1 TV Guide picked The Jerry Springer Show.  I would agree except for the worst show I have ever seen!


This TV show got a prime premiere spot after the Super bowl” It had two things that I thought might give it a chance.  It was about my favorite Vacation spot in Laughlin Nevada and the producer and sometime actor in the show was Hugh Jackman.  Yep the same Hugh Jackman of Wolverine fame and this past years The Greatest Showman.

The premise was in the backdrop of a Casino and parts were filmed in Laughlin.  But this was a musical—sort of– the storyline would add popular songs with the actors singing along.    Just watch Jackman singing along with the Rolling Stones.


I think Cbs was ready to pull the plug after the 1st episode and they should have

Today is Pancake Day and we have a new pumpkin spice product

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