Alan Longmuir, the co-founding bassist of Scotland's '70s heartthrobs the Bay City Rollers has died at age 70 on July 2nd. According to Best Classic Bands, Longmuir fell ill in Mexico and died upon returning home to Edinburgh, Scotland. Longmuir is the first of the classic lineup to die, and formed the band with drummer brother Derek in 1971 out of the ashes of their '60s beat group the Saxons. The band decided on the name after picking Bay City, Michigan off a map of the U.S. Longmuir quit the band in 1976 only to return in 1978. He went on to become a plumber in his post-fame civilian life, yet took part in the frequent Rollers reunions with assorted members.

Although a massive mid-'70s teen sensation in the UK, the Rollers had moderate success in the U.S., scoring a 1976 chart-topper “Saturday Night” followed by five other Top 40 hits throughout 1976 and '77 — “Money Honey” (#9); “Rock And Roll Love Letter” (#28); “I Only Want To Be With You” (#12); and “You Made Me Believe In Magic” (#24). The band started for one season in 1978 to 1979 on the Sid and Marty Krofft-created The Bay City Rollers Show on NBC.

Longtime bandmember Stuart “Woody” Wood tweeted a tribute to Longmuir, saying, “Very sad to read in the paper that Alan has passed away. . . I'll remember the good times we had for over 40 years. . . RIP Al”

Upon returning to the band in 1978, Longmuir was asked why he chose to rejoin the Rollers: “Well, I rejoined because I was just gettin' fed up with, like, just doin' nothin.' I was runnin' a farm, and I enjoyed that, but it's like the music business is a disease; once it's into you, you can't get it out of you. So, when the guys asked me to come over to Switzerland to join 'em, I just took that chance.”