During our lives people come in and out of our lives and if you are really lucky they become your friends and if you are really lucky they become close friends the if you are really really lucky you get a best friend.

Well I am three times lucky because I have lots of people I consider “Best friends”

Those people who will stick by you through thick and thin.   I have never been thin but I have had thin times and these are the people you lean on no matter what.

In my younger days I had Wayne Randall and David.  But I lost track of David after going to College.

My college years are filled with names like Larry, Ken, Kevin, John, Kathy, Joni, and Dennis.

Then as life took me all over the country some of those names became closer despite the miles.   Lary, Randall and Ken all have stepped up to the plate at one time or another and I count all three as my brothers from other mothers.  In the case of Randall there is matching DNA, were are first cousins.

So as I said I am a 3 times lucky man.  Nope add a 4th really.  Because my relationship with my wife Teresa.  Not only is she my spouse but another best friend too!

0ne more thing about friends that is really KOOL is social media.  Excuse me if I slam social media  just a little here because so many people use social media to drive wedges in our relationships for silly and petty things.   On social media I love reading about the good things and struggles of life and I even enjoy post that I might disagree with. Just because I might have a differing view doesn’t mean I think any less of that person.  It means we have a difference of opinion and that’s all.

Social media has driven such a wedge in our lives that really concerns me.

However a true friend will tolerate our differences and embrace our … for lack of better term SAMENESS!

Celebrate our sameness and Celebrate our diversity too, because as a friend said to me “if we all enjoyed and thought the same tings this would be a boring world!