Billy Gibbons' upcoming third solo album will likely be a tribute to Joe Hardy, ZZ Top's producer and engineer who died earlier this year. Gibbons told Guitar World, “I think we're going to call it Hardware, and that's in tribute to the late Joe Hardy, our stalwart engineer for four decades. Joe recently passed on, but in his wake he left the instruction manual — 'Here's how to do it.' We're still trying to get to the back chapters. It goes deep.”

Hardy began working with the band on 1983's Eliminator and continued working with them up until their recent album The Big Bad Blues.

Back in November 2018, Hardy talked about working with Gibbons, saying, “Here’s one thing I can tell you that is absolutely true and that he will approve if I say this: He will lie about anything. Our saying is that he would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand on the ground and tell the truth.”

He added that he sometime helped with Gibbons' lyrics.