Billy Idol will be returning to Las Vegas for two, five-night residencies at The Pearl Theater at the Palms Casino Resort in January and October 2019. Idol spoke with USA Today and said that he and Vegas make for a good fit: “It's a fun place to be really, you can have a lot of fun in Vegas. It's just nice for us after we've been traveling around for a really long time, and I've been doing this — it’s my 42nd year; it’ll be my 43rd year next year. The great thing is, we've really started to look back to our old catalog and really mix some songs that we don't normally play.”

He went on to say, “The people who come to the residency who will get, like, the greatest hits, but (you’ll) also get two or three songs we don't usually play, like 'Catch My Fall' or 'Daytime Drama' or 'Pumping On Steel.' They’re deep cuts from the album that we don't always play. I think that makes it kind of exciting for fans who have seen it before, (but) you still get the really big songs, 'Eyes Without A Face,' 'Rebel Yell,' 'White Wedding' — you get it all. We’ve somehow managed to do it all.”

Idol shed light on his plans when his current dates wrap next month: “When we get back off this tour, we will start doing some work at home and start up demoing up some songs and things for the new album and probably recording an EP or something. I think we might try something like that this time. We have a lot of sort of irons in the fire, and that's a lot of fun, with this residency in Vegas and this album, and there's also a Generation X re-release coming up around Christmastime. So I've got a lot of stuff coming out this fall and winter.”

Although Billy Idol came perilously close to ending his life a quarter century ago due to alcohol and substance abuse, he admits that although not exactly clean and sober, he’s left his self-destructive habits far in the past: “I’m not sober, I mean, I don’t. . . I have to sort of say to myself, ‘Yeah, you can do everything, man, but I’m not doing it.’ If I say to myself, ‘I’m never doing anything ever again’ — I’ll immediately go and do it. That’s what I’m like. So, I have to sort of say, ‘No, man, you can do (laughs) whatever you want’ — but there’s a side of me saying, ‘. . . but we’re not going to.’ I like smoking pot. I still smoke tons of pot, and so. . . I don’t do coke or heroin or anything like that. I like to drink with a meal at a restaurant, y’know? But nothing else.”