Technology has changed the way we get our entertainment.  Now with cable on demand, Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services we can pick and choose when to watch our favorite TV programs and with the advancement it tech a word has become part of our everyday langue.


It is the norm now to a least a few times a year to binge on our favorites from the past or a new show that we just discovered.  Rotten tomatoes recently added some binge worthy shows for us to watch.   Some are not my style and to be honest some I have never heard of.  I will tell you what I have binged on lately later.

The Good Fight on CBS all access.  Jessica jones on Netflix. Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime.  Timeless on NBC. Silicon Valley on HBO. Billions on Showtime.  Legion on FX

I am sure that these shows are great, but don’t take my word for it I have never watched on of them.   Why?  Because I was Binge watching something else.

Recently my wife and I have been binge watching a lot of shows about WW 2 and law enforcement shows I do think I could watch 24-7 Live PD.   This show gives me more respect for our Police every time I watch it.  You would not believe the lies police are told.  It gets comical when an officer ask ‘How much have you had to drink tonight?”  The person will usually two beers.  Last weekend a man said a few beers and the officer asked how many is a few and he say 10.   Or another line the officers always here.  “These aren’t my pants”  “That’s not my car” and here is a goodie “THOSE AREN’T MY DRUGS” 

Live PD is binge worthy.

Of course we binge watch other shows that aren’t reality based.    We have binged Gotham, The Flash, Green Arrow, Big Bang Theory and more recently we have been watching 3rd rock from the sun”   This show is so out there with great acting and writing and of course THE BIG GIANT HEAD.  We found a box set of the complete series at a discount store for 5 bucks.  That might be the best 5 bucks I have every spent.

I think anybody can find some sort of Binge worthy show to watch from any genre of entertainment you enjoy.   Just remember not everyone has the same taste in shows.   One example, a friend suggested watching DOCTOR WHO, which is extremely popular but after about 6 shows I said ‘BRING ON THE DANCING GIRLS’   Really I just couldn’t get into it.  Believe it or not some people don’t like Batman shows………I KNOW!

So some weekend or some night when it is a binge worthy night or day.   BINGE ON UNTIL YOU CRINGE!

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