The saying “It’s a drop in the bucket” makes me think of another saying “It’s a double edge sword”.

“A drop in the bucket” can have a negative meaning for a problem too big to handle with small (Drops) actions.

I can understand that but a drop in the bucket can do a lot of things.  A water faucet that is dripping can drive us crazy.

Put a glass under that drip and see how long it takes to fill that glass.   Not that long?

Save a quarter a day for one year you have $ 91.25

Save one dollar a day for a year and you get…. Oh you can do the math.

You get where I am going with this?

A drop in the bucket is just that but when those drops add up you have a bunch of drops which adds up to whatever you want to put your drops in.

One of my drops has added up over the years.  Not in a good way.  Several years ago I broke a bone in my foot?  That is a drop in the bucket compared to what happened in the future.

That broken bone led to another drop surgery to place a screw in to keep the bone in place.  The next drop came with Dry’s orders for me to have a walking boot but to also use one of those knee scooters.

Next drop in the bucket came when the bone in my foot did not want to heal which meant almost six months on the scooter.

Another drop in the bucket came with having to have special made (expensive) inserts for my shoes.

Another Drop came with knee damage to my right knee from the scoter and waking boot putting too much pressure on the right knee.   That drop led to a Knee replacement surgery.

Another drop in the bucket came shortly after the knee replacement when complications led to a 2 and a half week re-hab stay.

You add up all those drops along with what I like to call side drops (getting older, being overweight) and sometimes I struggle with mobility.

Man a lot can happen from “Just a drop in the Bucket”

Now if I could just save a dollar a day for a year I would have… a bunch of dollar bills.  Math is not my strong suit


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I think we have all the daydream of hitting the lottery, or maybe while in Vegas we dram of the Jackpot or having the knock at the door that tells you a long lost relative has left you ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

So what would you do if you really didn’t have to worry about money?  Would if make you a different person? Would you spend it all and become broke again.

I think about and I don’t think having money would change me much.  Outside of an entire home dedicated to my collection (my wife says it already is).  A garage for my fleet of a few cars and a castle with a moat around it and at the top of the castle a place where I could oversea my vast wealth.

No that is a very strange pipe dream.  I really don’t think money would change me much.  We have a nice hone that is great for the two of us (NO STAIRS).   There is a couple of things I would have done to our home.  And I was serious about a new car but not a fleet.

I don’t like to do much traveling and I love what I do so I would not change jobs.

So I am left with sitting in my collection room looking over my collection of MONEY!

No having money wouldn’t change me much!


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I love going to the Movies but Move critics not so much.  I might read them or listen to them but I do not base my movie going experience on them.

Now to be honest I don’t go to the movies very often.  Time is a problem and have a 4:15am wakeup call is another.   So when we go it is a matinee during the week or early on a Saturday.

Such was the case last Saturday when we decided to go see “THE DARK PHONIEX”.  The latest in the X-men themed movies.   Most Critics did not like it but my wife and I loved it.

I have two theories

  1. A movie critics paid to be critical and they somehow feel they have to find ways to minimize their enjoyment of a film.’
  2. Marvel Movieitist – my theory is that all Superhero movies are now compared to the MCU.  I know the X-Men are part of Marvel but not really part of the Avengers Universe.   So as good as most of those movies are (except Ragnor Rock) all other Superhero films are sometimes compared when they should not be.

Like the DC films “Dark Phoenix” is a darker film with a more serious tone. There is nothing wrong with that.   So without giving a spoiler here, I did have one problem with Dark Phoenix and it involved a plot hole the size of that pot hole on Main Street!

So don’t get caught up in all the Critics and negativity.   We all have different taste in everything.

Some we even like OPERA, instead of Rock and Roll. Some prefer Tofu to Bacon (Shocked I know) and some of us even enjoy movies the Critics hate.

Then there are movies that critics like and I could not stand.    The one that most people are shocked to find out I did not like at all was ……”Field of Dreams”.  To me that was a snooze fest and I have only found one other person who agreed with me.

The film “Crouching Tiger – Hidden Dragon” was praised by critics but I was so glad I didn’t pay for it in the theater.   I would love to see what Mystery Science theater would do to that film

That proves my point I think!    Your personal taste is just that.   If I like a movie you thought was awful, that is OK.  If we all had the same taste this would be a very boring world.

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Today I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my wife Teresa.  We were married 24 years ago today.

One short story from that day was our wedding meal, two Double Whoppers! NO ONIONS!  I am not stupid enough to have onions on my wedding night!

Why Double Whoppers?  Remember your wedding day and how hectic it was.  We were so busy greeting friends and family that we hardly ate all day long.  So on our way to the Hotel there was a BURGER KING!

Twenty four great years!

Would it be safe to say that the Honey moon is over because now I order extra onions on my Double Whopper?

I will just say this June 17th 24 years ago today   THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

Today on the morning show, it was 25 years ago today we watched a White Bronco!   Today is Eat your Vegetable day too

Stupid news two stupid traffic violation and a machete.

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I know my life situation is not unique.  I know there are people who have had great and bad fathers.  I know all about are stories of joy and pain when it comes to dad’s.

That’s life!  And I am OK with that.

In my own life I never really knew my dad, he passed away when I was just 4 years old.  I have no memories of him.  But I know my father Louis Lorenzo Denton loved me, and I love him.

I was the youngest in my family dominated by my four sisters!  I was the baby boy (I did have an older brother Sammy who passed away shortly after his birth).  So this story about my dad was passed along to me by my mother.

I was told that when my father blessed me in church there was another baby blessing that day and when my Dad held me up for the church to see he said to the other father ‘MY BOY IS BIGGER THAN YOUR BOY”!  I probably still am.

My late father in law Merlin Kendrick was another influence on my life and I was proud to call him Dad.

Another aspect of my life is that I never knew either one of my Grandfathers.

So Father’s day takes on a different meaning for me because I had a lot of men who were Fathers for me.  My two Uncles Brent  and Danis were always there for me and even if I only saw them a few times each year they took time to talk to me and let me know they cared about me and for that I am grateful.

My teen age year’s saw three men teach me what is to be a man?  Let me tell you something about those men.  They were short in stature but GIANTS in my eyes.  I would bet none of the three were over 5 foot 5.  Dennis Mayes, Tom Pesekie and another David Denton (cousin) all at one time or another helped me see the true meaning of being a man.  “The size of a man has nothing to do with being a man”

Why would I say that?  I am just short of 6ft 1 and I have a large frame.  Despite my size I sometimes question myself and “HOW MANLY I AM”  When I think that way I think of these men who showed me how to be a man who cares about others, a man who strives to do the right thing and a man who loves and adores his wife.

So on this Father’s day weekend I will think of my Dad my father in law, my uncles , my three great men and I will also think for my close friends who have laughed with me and cried with me and just been there for me and being more examples of being a man.

There is a professional wrestler named Becky Lynch who calls herself “THE MAN” She says it indicates being who she is and being her best self.  I think that is a great definition.

Your anatomy might make you a male or a female.  Your anatomy might make it so you can be a biological father but it is the kind of person you are.   That make you a Dad and in my eyes a MAN.     Go out there and be THE MAN!

Happy Father’s day

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The age old battle between parents and kids is ‘EAT YOUR VEGGIES”

I am not sure about the amount but I bet I cried millions of gallons of tears telling my mom I don’t like vegetables!

My mother like most moms tried all kinds of things even lying.  You see I would eat potatoes but not veggies, so my Mom plotted against me and my child like pallet and told me that hominy was just little potatoes.   I FELL FOR IT.

I started eating corn and eventually salad, (heavy of the dressing please)

But my taste for veggies started to change in my mid teen years when my sister Judy started making a Broccoli casserole.  I loved it! Not only had that vile weed broccoli but it was loaded with cheese another non favorite of mine.   I think it was the combination and then you add sausage and I must admit it was really good.

So as I age I have learned to not only tolerate veggies but I do love some of the green stuff!

What brought me to this blog today was a study I found on line about our favorite vegetables in the United States.  By far it is Broccoli!

In the study by Green Giant 38 of the 50 states including Utah and Idaho Broccoli is the favorite vegetable.   Yes Idaho favors broccoli over potatoes!   Maybe the study didn’t take into account that in Idaho the spud is not a vegetable it is a staple.

When I went to Ricks College and ate at the cafeteria we had potatoes every meal!  During Potato harvest I would walk along the roadway picking up spuds that had fallen off the truck.   FREE HIGWAY SPUDS!  And if a car had ran over the potato FREE MASHED POTATOES”

Today on the morning show IF FICTION WAS FACT!

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Superman!  To say he has been a Super part of my life would be a Super understatement.   I just wish they would have had underoos when I was a kid.

Some of my earliest memories involve The Man of Steel.

Every Saturday morning at 6:30am The Adventures of Superman staring George Reeves was shown on a Memphis TV station.  My inner Super alarm clock would wake me up so I could sneak into the living room and turn on the Super black and white TV and turn the volume Super low and watch as Superman had bullets bounce of his chest and dodge the guns the bad guys would throw at him.

Superman has had several movies and TV series and I have watched them all.  If it had that S, I was watching. Then there are the movies.  Here is where I might lose some Superman fans.

I was kind of disappointed in the Christopher Reeves Superman movies!  There I said it, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy them.  Christopher Reeves made a great Superman and Gene Hackman was incredible as Lex.  The first Superman movie had one flaw that followed them in other movies.  Marlon Brando! I just have never enjoyed him in anything.  My personal opinion but every time they showed him or used his voice I just cringed.

Then there was the artistic license the movies took.  In Superman two in the fortress of Solitude the transporting power from one point to the other, WHAT?

Then there was THE KISS!  In Superman 2 Lois Lane found out Clark was Superman but she lost that memory with a SUPER KISS WHAT?  Just didn’t make since.

I went to see that film with my cousin, another Superman fan and when the SUPER KISS happened I heard him say very loudly ‘GIVE ME A BREAK”

So about that cousin of mine.   He is the one that got me hooked on Comic Books and superheros.   Then there was the time we both almost got killed.

We were supposed to be at a Wedding reception of his sister but decided to leave to drive from Paris TN to Metropolis…. Yes there is a Metropolis in Illinois across the Ohio River from Paducah KY.  As we cross the bridge the fog was so thick that you could barely see.  I was hanging out the passenger side tell him how close to the edge he was when we heard a horn.  A BIG HORN from a semi that was heading straight for us!   It was close but we survived and had to check our underwear on the other side of the bridge.

The was SUPER scary.

My favorite Superman stories are the ones with the Justice League or with a team up with Batman.

When the movie Batman v Superman came out I was in the hospital recovering from a knee replacement surgery.  It took me several months before I got to see the movie.

Now I know the critics and a lot of people didn’t like the movie.   I did, I have watched about 10 times over the years and I enjoy it every time.

One more Superman story involves MAD MAGAZINE.  In a parody of the first Superman movie with a great parody of the opening of the old TV show


I always wanted to be Superman but I found my Kryptonite.   Getting older!  But I am still able to be faster than a turtle… able to leap anything that is not taller than an inch off the floor … Bend a Tootsie Roll with my bare hands.  In my disguise as an overweight morning radio host I fight for Truth Justice and the American way.  And a SUPER NAP

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As the NBA season winds down, I have thinking about why I have loved the NBA for so many years and why I struggle with it sometimes.

One of my first NBA memories was the famous Willis Reed injury game.  That is when a badly injured New York Knick center Willis Reed somehow found the strength to come out of the locker room prepared to play on one leg if needed and that was a boost to the Knicks.

I remember watching the Lakers and the Bucks when a young Lew Alcindor (Karrem Abdul Jabbar) stopped the bucks thirty three game winning streak.  I was pulling for the Bucks because of Oscar Robinson, the Big O was such a fun player to watch.

Who couldn’t enjoy the rivalry of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson? A rivalry that began in the NCAA final four played in Salt Lake City.  Two of the best to ever play the game.  They were two different type of players but they were so much fun to watch.

Who was better?  In my mind Larry Bird was a better all-around player, why because he thought to game.  His Basketball IQ on the court was second to none.

The Utah Jazz, I moved to Utah 25 years ago just as the Jazz stared to become a force in the NBA.  Stockton to Malone, Horney from the corner. I became a Jazz fan.

Watching the playoff game with Huston where John Stockton hit the shot to send the Jazz to the NBA finals.  It was a warm night and my front door was open for fresh air and the minute Stockton hit the shot you could hear my neighborhood celebrate.   It was so cool to hear people go outside to scream for joy honking horns and just celebrating that our beloved Jazz were in the Championship round.

Then as ABC would say, “THE AGONY OF DEFEAT”.  The Jazz and the Bulls was a great series, with the greatest player of all time Michael Jordon.  He dominated when he needed to even when he had food poisoning.  Michael Jordon the best, broke my heart several times.

But he is also the reason I started to have second thoughts about the NBA.  I have no proof but if you have watched the NBA you might have noticed the stars get special treatment form the Refs.   Jabbar and Chamberlin traveled with the ball so much they should still be using their frequent flyer miles.  MJ pushing off on B- Russ and this season. James Hardin traveling dropping his shoulder and drawing the foul.  It just gets to be a little too much for me.  So do I still love the NBA?   Yes but I don’t watch it very often anymore.

My 5 favorite NBA players in no order

John Stockton and Karl Malone- How can you separate the two.

Larry Bird- Did more with his skills than anyone I have ever seen in the game.

John Havlacheck- Boston Celtics

Jerry West- the Logo,

Bill Russel- I started watching the NBA when he was a player coach of the Celtics.  Then when he went into broadcasting you could tell his love of the game with a great laugh.

Today fifteen years ago Napoleon Dynamite premiered and the quirky film which was filmed here in norther Cache County and Preston Idaho had some great individual lines.

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When I was growing up a family vacation was a trip to Paris…….. Paris TN.   A French pasty was replaced by my Aunt Chris and her hot biscuits and molasses.  No Escargot for us in Paris we had fried Catfish and a classy French wine for some means moonshine but for me it was an ice cold Coke or R.C. Cola.

My family didn’t have a lot of money to take a family vacation so no long road trips for us, sleeping in hotels and eating in Restaurants, but I didn’t care.  I mean my Aunt’s biscuits were nummy!

So here it is in 2019 and my wife and I decided to not do an expensive vacation this year.  Instead we are going to STAYCATION!

As I googled Staycation I found my idea of a staycation was different than some.   I found more ideas about three day weekends and overnight stays.

Now don’t get me wrong we might to a one or two night stay but my idea of a staycation is more like a one day road trip.

Bear Lake – Antelope Island- Salt Lake- Southern Idaho eastern Nevada or Western Wyoming.  You know you leave at 6am do a lot of driving, see and do a few things and get home about 10pm exhausted from you day of relaxation.  Yeah a Staycation that doesn’t coast a lot of money.

Just this morning I looked at my wife Teresa and bemoaned the fact that I was up at 4:30am.  She said “Well since we are not doing a vacation why don’t you take a day off every once in a while for a staycation”

Not a bad idea, I thought, sleeping in to almost 6am, having breakfast without biscuits and molasses and a day of reading comics, watching movies and naps!



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Friday was National Donut Day and that has inspired this blog.   But not for the reason you think.   I am not a donut fiend.    I like donuts but not to the point where I want donuts every day, every week or every month.

My wife was surprised a few weeks ago when she got home and there were a dozen fresh donuts…..  Minus 2… ok minus 3….. I can’t lie minus 4.   It is a strange day that I crave donuts.

So how did National Donut day inspire this blog?  Because of how it is spelled.   Information supplied today about National donut day claims 57% of us spell it D-O-N-U-T, the other 43 % spell it D-O-U-G-H-N-U-T.

No wonder I fluked spelling in the 4th grade!

So that made me google what other words have two spellings?   Dailywritingtips.com had the answer.

When the dictionary lists two alternate spellings of a word, should you use your judgment (or is that judgement?), or is there some other criterion for selection? Most dictionaries describe what is, rather than prescribe what should be — hence the alternatives — but they usually favor one form over the other. For both convenience and consistency, follow the dictionary’s indirect dictates.

In printed dictionaries, the preferred form will have the full definition, while the runner-up will be cross-referenced to the winner. Online, the spelling in the Web page’s heading indicates the preference, though the other choice will likely also be listed. Here are some common entries with more than one orthography:

  1. Acknowledgment/acknowledgement: Acknowledgment, though it looks awkward because the spelling implies that the g is pronounced hard, rather than (correctly) soft, is the preferred spelling, at least in American English.
  2. Adviser/advisor: Adviser is the preferred spelling, though it is inconsistent with the spelling of the adjectival form advisory.
  3. Aesthetic/esthetic: Aesthetic is the preferred spelling, a rare case of the digraph retained in American English in favor of a single-vowel spelling. (See also amoeba/ameba and archaeology/archeology.)
  4. Ameba/amoeba: Amoeba is the preferred spelling. It also has variant plural forms: Amoebas is acceptable in all but the most strictly scientific contexts, where amoebae is preferred.
  5. Amok/amuck: Amok is the traditional spelling, preferred to amuck.
  6. Among/amongst: The -st extension is, in both American English and British English, widely considered an unnecessary appendage. (The same preference applies for amid/amidst and while/whilst; whilst is, at any rate, rare in American English.)
  7. Analog/analogue: Analog is one of fourteen words in which the original -ue ending is clipped. Whether one form or the other is preferred varies depending on not only the word but also, occasionally, on which part of speech it represents. Most one- and two-syllable words ending in -ue have no truncated variant; prologue is the exception.
  8. Archaeology/archeology: The version with the ae digraph is preferred over the single-vowel form.
  9. Ax/axe: Ax is the preferred spelling, alone and in compounds (axman, battle-ax).
  10. Collectable/collectible: Collectible is the preferred variant.
  11. Barbecue/Barbeque: Barbeque is a variant of barbecue influenced by the truncation BBQ.
  12. Disc/disk: Disc is a variant of disk, though it has valid status in the “phrase compact disc” and references to similar media.
  13. Donut/doughnut: Donut is an informal variant of doughnut.
  14. Enquire/inquire: Inquire is the preferred American English spelling, but in British English, enquire prevails.
  15. Flier/flyer: Spelling depends on meaning. See this post, in which I conclude that pilots and passengers are fliers, and posted papers are flyers.
  16. Gray/grey: Gray is the preferred spelling in American English; British English favors grey.
  17. Nite/night: Nite is an informal variant of night.
  18. Theater/theatre: The former spelling is preferred in American English, though the latter form sometimes appears in proper names.
  19. Toward/towards: In American English, towards and other similar words are considered informal variants of the forms in which the s is omitted.
  20. Whiskey/whisky: The former spelling is more common in the United States (as well as in Ireland), though usage in labeling varies.

That is enough to make me want a shot of Whiskey or whisky but since I don’t drink I will run amok or amouk toward or toward the theater or theatre and enquire or inquire about movie times before I go eat a donut or doughnut.

Today on the morning show.  Healthy beer and we salute Dr John

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