The Cache Valley Cruise In is just a few weeks away.   Today here at our Studio’s this years giveaway car is on display at 67 NOVA and it is SWEET.   Here are some Pictures


I miss Fred!   Fred was the 1st car I ever owned.  It was a 69 Pontiac Le Mans.  It was SWEET!  Me and Fred or Fred and I had great times together.

Why did I name my car Fred?  “Smokey and the Bandit” Yep the movie.   Shortly after I bought my car I went on a date to see the film and the name Fred just hit me.  My car was Fred!

I loved that car and like most I wish I still had Fred but our relationship went sour when I was as the song say’s “Tempted by the fruit of another” a 72 ford which I got for a screaming deal.   But I had a dilemma on my hands.  What was this cars name?  Junior!   He was Fred Jr.  My 2nd car Jr. was his name.

Then Jr and I had a wreck!  No injuries, but Jr started having issues.  The gas gage stopped working and I didn’t realize it until…..  Well you know.

Then one horrible day I had a double date, my date was a great girl and I think I had fun on the date.  But like I said, I was having a bad day and probably it probably wasn’t a good date for the lady.

After dropping off our dates my friend and I were on our way.  I started up Jr. shifted into reverse and the entire gear shift lever came off!    I remember saying “What the _______    Oh the language that came from my mouth.  My friend thought I was having a breakdown and was actually worried about me.   He shouldn’t have worried because having the gear shift come off in my hand was just what I needed!  A bad day ended in laughter.   Thanks Jr.

I needed a car to replace JR.   That car was another Le Mans I think a 78, nice care, red with a white vinyl roof and white interior.   That car was not a Fred or a Jr.  I named it Fredrick!  A great car but one problem.  One day I was at work when the county sheriff came in for an interview with the news department and then he hung around for a purpose.

He asked who owned the red Le Mans.  I sheepishly raised my hand and asked if there was a problem?  His answer, “Not really, but that car is the same kind of car that was driven by the biggest drug dealer in Blackfoot Idaho” What a cowinky dinky.

After Fredrick, I stopped naming my cars.  The three best had been taken

Today on the Morning Show: The World Cup and Burger King

Stupid news;   A Hot Dog with and Pokémon go

Laff lines:   I don’t trust Hotels



We all have them, something we enjoy that some people “REALLY YOU LIKE THAT?’

I say stand up and be proud of your guilty pleasure!

*****DISCLAIMER**** your guilty pleasure should not be against the law and not ikky.

Here are some guilty pleasure that you might enjoy.

Pretending you are the star of you own cooking show on Food Network, this could be any profession or activity that you enjoy but know you aren’t that good at.  Like throwing the winning TD in the Super Bowl.

Have an imagination is KOOL

Singing in the car and thinking you could be a rock star!   I do that all the time, when I was a kid I wanted to be a Temp, Top or a Pip.  (Temptation’s, the 4 Tops, Or Gladys Knight and the Pips)

FOOD.  Oh the guilty pleasures there, Warm donuts, Warm Bread, Chocolate.  Your favorite Ice Cream (mine is cold)  But a real guilty pleasure for me would be admitting that you love a Health Food, any food will do as long as it is healthy and not rice cakes

Guys do you secretly enjoy a trip to the Pottery Barn.  Pier 1 Imports or heaven forbid HOBBY LOBBY.   Don’t worry I won’t take your MAN CARD.    I secretly go into Hobby Lobby and stare at all the Super Hero items.

I enjoy Chick Flicks,   Movies like Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve got Mail, 16– 1st dates.

But I find a lot of people just don’t like to admit that they have a guilty pleasure until they find someone who has the same Guilty Pleasure.  Pro- Wrestling.

Admit it pro Wrestling is entertaining and that is what it is all about ENTERTAINMENT.  I will have someone act like they know the big secret ‘YOU DO KNOW IT’S FAKE?”  I always say “NOOOOOOOO!  Did you know that Star Wars is fake?”

Watching the WWE superstars is not for everyone, but that is OK.  I don’t watch American Idol, The Kardashians or Dancing with the Stars.   I tried to watch “Survivor” once and now I wish I had that hour back!

The world of Pro Wrestling has changed so much over the years, from its roots at Carnivals and county fairs to the days of trying to fool everyone to today where most of the fans love the athletic entertainment the pageantry and chance to yell to the top of your lungs for a few hours.

Now I will talk to someone about Wrestling and they will say I used to watch it but I don’t know”.   Then they start talking the stars of today and I say know they watch or at the very least follow closely Pro Wrestling.

The WWE is the largest promotion in the world and they will be at the Maverick Center on Saturday night and thousands of fans will be there to Chant, cheer and boo all night long.

I could talk Pro Wrestling all day long and sometimes have.  I do a Pod Cast about it Turnbuckle Trash.  A link is on this website.  I am joined by a host of Trash Heads like my two no – host Ajay Salvador and Zane Petersen.  We love talking to other fans and often will have them join us on a pod cast.   Last week we spoke with the C0 Founder of a popular Wrestling website called


Embrace and be proud of yours!  As long as it is not IKKY

On today’s show: King James coming to Utah to play with the Jazz.  Along with near naked atheltes

Stupid new:  Don’t put that there, Donugs and I can’t drive 55

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Know who you are and what you stand for.   This advice came to me from my mother almost every time I walk out the door.  Of course me being the smart —— aleck that I am I would reply I am David Denton and I stand 6 ft. 1 and want to Party!

No wonder I was grounded so much.

This morning one of the things that inspired me was from The MTV Movie awards last night.   NO, I didn’t watch it, I think the last time I watch MTV was well before MTV became More Tasteless View.

However actor Christopher Pratt had some advice that was really good advice.

DON’T BE A TURD!   Words to live by and his bathroom advice is HUH.

But good advice is good advice.

I found some good advice on and that is also sound

“Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he’ll believe you.  Tell him a bench has wet paint on it and he’ll have to touch it to be sure.” –Murphy’s Law

“Anything you lose automatically doubles in value.”  -Mignon McLaughlin

“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.” -Brian Gerald O’Driscoll

“The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one.”  -Erma Bombeck

“Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong.” -Unknown

Have the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you.

Don’t make decisions when you’re angry. Don’t make promises when you’re happy.

“Never argue with a stupid person, they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” Mark twain

If the grass is greener on the other side, there’s probably more manure there.

Happiness is a choice and everything else is a matter of perspective.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.” -Abraham Lincoln

I have two more pieces of advice

  1. From Bill and Ted “Be Excellent with each other”
  2. Then from comedian Richard Jenny


Today on the morning show.   Fiding 50 thousand bucks in jewelry.

Stupid news:  I can do that better and don’t trust your salad

Laff lines: Catch of the day




A news item over the weekend really made my Spidey sense tingle.   You know me when something happens that is comic book related I get all geeky and this has me kind of geeky today.

Scientist at Utah State University received a grant of 420 thousand dollars from the U.S. Navy to make synthetic spider silk!  Peter Parker would love it!

There are storylines in Spiderman that have Peter’s body to manufacture his webbing (EWW!) or the story’s that have Peter creating a synthetic spider web so he could do some Web Slinging in NYC.

If a way to create this can be found the possibilities are limitless.  It would be of less weight and strong.  Which could lead to commercial and military uses, including making life saving vest out of the “Spidey Silk” instead of using Kevlar.

All this geeing out I am doing on this made me wonder about other things we use every day inspired by Sci Fi.

In one of my 5th grade classes we were assigned to write a Sci- Fi story of our and I had an idea.   Quadraphonic sounds was all the rage then and my story took Quad sound and increased to over 50 speakers so you could have each instrument have its own speaker to engulf you in sound.  Today we have surround sound.  I am not taking credit for surround sound but I wish I could.   My surround sound Idea would have be being surrounded by money instead of bills.

.I found a website site where they looked to see items we use every day that were inspired by Sci Fi.   I will just use a few here but it really is cool

THE CELL PHONE.   Martin Cooper, the inventor of the first mobile phone, got his inspiration from a Star Trek Communicator .

SELF DRIVING CARS have been in movies for years and the tech is here and is being used

HOLOGRAPHIC PeRFORMANCES.  From Star Wars: a New Hope, performers are using Holograms in concerts and more

The Universal Translator:   from Star Trek to Google translate.

Bluetooth Devices from Star Trek to your ear.  I still freak out when I hear someone “Talking to themselves.

Voice activated computers from Sci- Fi movies to Alexa and Google assistant and Siri

Smart watches: have you ever watch Dick Tracy?

Handheld Medical Diagnostics.  I see this being used every time I go to see a Dr.  Which I have done a few times.      “Dammit Jim, I’m a Dr, not a radio announcer”

The creators of Sci- fi inspire so many scientist who watched the shows or read the stories growing up, so what is in our future?  Only our imaginations limit us.

How about a light system for the front of our cars that would show when brakes are being applied so at a four way stop you can be really sure that the idiot , I mean driver is going to stop?    Could it be I will eventually be surrounded by money?  NO, we will all be using Bit coins by then

Today stress and sleep

Stupid news; The Honeymoon is over.  Don’t mess with Granny.

Laff lines: The Old Days



As a child I had to grow up without my Dad who passed away when I was just 4 years old.  I can tell you now I love my dad even if I didn’t know him.  So a lot of what I learned about being a dad came from Watching TV.   The only problem is over the years Fathers on TV not the same as when I grew up. Yes the days of Ward Cleaver coming down the stairs in hi Cardigan sweater to dole out Fatherly advice on the latest exploits of THE BEAVER

Back in 2014 TV guide had an article about the top 50 TV dads and Cliff Huxtable portrayed by Bill Cosby.  NOPE that wouldn’t be the case today.

So here is a list of some of my favorite TV Dad’s.

The list includes.  Ben Cartwright, Andy Taylor, Howard Cunningham, Ray Barone, Mike Brady, Tim the tool man Taylor.  But my two favorite TV Dads are ones that might surprise you or then again probably not!

HOMER SIMPSON AND OSCAR MADISON.    Every day men who are probably more like me than any other TV dads.


And Now a Father’s day song form Groucho Marx

On today’s show Pro sports and Dave’s Matter of perspective

Stupid News L   Baking a Cake, and finishing of your beer.

Laff lines several stand- up routines about Dad

i also would like to wish my wife Teresa a Happy Birthday today,  How old is she you ask?
I might be dumb but I ain’t stupid.  REALLY  —- REALLY’

This Sunday is also our 23rd wedding anniversary  and let me just say that for 23 years Teresa has put up with all of my *&^% .  She makes me a better person and I can not imagine what life would be without her.



Am I bitter, kinda, sorta, and kinda sorta almost?


It was 20 years ago like most of Utah and southern Idaho I was glued to the NBA Finals rooting for my beloved Utah Jazz to win game six against the Chicago Bulls and the greatest of all time Michael Jordan and then IT happened.  Watch this and you will see IT.

Did he push off or did he not?  It’s 20 years later and the debate continues I say yes he did.  His hand clearly on Russel’s butt pushing him away and he hit the shot that won the game and championship for DA BULLS   Congrats to the Bulls and the Bulls fans.

The push off bothers me to this day.  Why?  The NBA to this day gives NBA stars the benefit of the doubt on lots of calls.   Jabarr and his hook show that could have been called traveling most of the time.  How many times did Shaq take 4 and 5 steps to the basket and to be fair a bunch of NBA stars back in the day said Stockton and Malone played very physical games?

There is another IT.  That was not the biggest call in the game.  Last year in the USA today wrote this

“The most underrated aspect of this sequence is Jordan’s steal. He doesn’t hesitate to double Karl Malone and pries the ball away form that year’s league MVP without fouling.

The most overrated aspect of this sequence? Jordan’s supposed push-off on Bryon Russell. A slight nudge? Maybe. He definitely did not push Russell.”

I agree the steal was the play of the game and it was a great steal but I still say MJ pushed off and it should have been called.   I don’t think it would have made any difference but it needed to be called.

I still am a basketball fan and yes I am a Jazz fan.  But do I watch much, NOPE.   The officials do a thankless job, but holy crap they miss a lot of calls.  They are human I know but when a ref becomes the story of a game something is wrong.

So NBA I still love ya, I still follow you, just not as much as I used too.

At least in the WWE the refs are supposed to miss the call.


On today’s show – working at home, the push, and Veggies

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Technology has changed the way we get our entertainment.  Now with cable on demand, Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services we can pick and choose when to watch our favorite TV programs and with the advancement it tech a word has become part of our everyday langue.


It is the norm now to a least a few times a year to binge on our favorites from the past or a new show that we just discovered.  Rotten tomatoes recently added some binge worthy shows for us to watch.   Some are not my style and to be honest some I have never heard of.  I will tell you what I have binged on lately later.

The Good Fight on CBS all access.  Jessica jones on Netflix. Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime.  Timeless on NBC. Silicon Valley on HBO. Billions on Showtime.  Legion on FX

I am sure that these shows are great, but don’t take my word for it I have never watched on of them.   Why?  Because I was Binge watching something else.

Recently my wife and I have been binge watching a lot of shows about WW 2 and law enforcement shows I do think I could watch 24-7 Live PD.   This show gives me more respect for our Police every time I watch it.  You would not believe the lies police are told.  It gets comical when an officer ask ‘How much have you had to drink tonight?”  The person will usually two beers.  Last weekend a man said a few beers and the officer asked how many is a few and he say 10.   Or another line the officers always here.  “These aren’t my pants”  “That’s not my car” and here is a goodie “THOSE AREN’T MY DRUGS” 

Live PD is binge worthy.

Of course we binge watch other shows that aren’t reality based.    We have binged Gotham, The Flash, Green Arrow, Big Bang Theory and more recently we have been watching 3rd rock from the sun”   This show is so out there with great acting and writing and of course THE BIG GIANT HEAD.  We found a box set of the complete series at a discount store for 5 bucks.  That might be the best 5 bucks I have every spent.

I think anybody can find some sort of Binge worthy show to watch from any genre of entertainment you enjoy.   Just remember not everyone has the same taste in shows.   One example, a friend suggested watching DOCTOR WHO, which is extremely popular but after about 6 shows I said ‘BRING ON THE DANCING GIRLS’   Really I just couldn’t get into it.  Believe it or not some people don’t like Batman shows………I KNOW!

So some weekend or some night when it is a binge worthy night or day.   BINGE ON UNTIL YOU CRINGE!

Today on the morning show have you ever been Hangry?  And who is the most popular TV dad

Stupid news – We get an assist from the band STYX

Laff lines Elvis Songs




 We carbon based life forms of planet earth can do some really strange things and sometimes those things hurt.  I was looking at and they had a list of some really unusual way people have hurt themselves.

Here is some of the strange ways others have injured themselves then a list of strange ways I have hurt myself


I dislocated my shoulder after me high fived a friend because we had both just dropped a class.

I had to go to the E.R. because I fell asleep on the toilet and hit my head on the bathroom floor, my girl, and family found me on the floor without pants

I mistakenly used superglue instead of eye drops

Those are pretty bad but a friend once told me I could hurt myself just walking!  He was right!   4 years ago at a remote I was walking and SNAP!   Had to have surgery which and a walking boot which put too much pressure on my right knee which went on to become a total knee replacement

As a child I was jumping on the couch during a Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan show hit a vase and cut my hand.

I cut a finger very badly trying to open a can of Tuna fish.

I broke a bone in my foot playing dodge ball in gym class.

I wrenched my back playing foosball. (I am quite the athlete)

I broke a bone in my ankle waling of the Frontrunner when a woman stepped in front of me and trying to be a gentleman I stepped backwards them forwards and SNAP!

My most stupidest ( is that a word?) came when I was in the 11th grade and while at a Church function a man I had known most of my life broke my elbow.

Buddy was training to be a Pro Wrestler and since he knew I loved wrestling was trying to show me a few tricks of the trade.  Well one trick led to me falling (not his fault) and landing wrong and breaking the bone in my left elbow.  I declined surgery but the elbow will not completely go strait.  It is hardly noticeable but on my wrestling Podcast Turnbuckle Trash I get to say that is my injury in the Pro’s.

By the way Buddy quit the wrestling business after a few months.   He took a chair shot to the head and got a concussion and said to me “THOSE METAL CHAIRS HURT”

On the Morning show Dave’s matter of Perspective and a story that will make you feel good.

Stupid News.   A reality show mishap and if you were a world leader and was heading to a summit what would you pack?

Laff lines all about emoji’s




 According to a new survey, the average person doesn’t think they’re grown up until age 33.  And here are the top 10 signs that you’re right . . . you’re NOT grown up and you’re still an “adult child” . . .

Binge watching an entire season of a TV show in a weekend.   Do it a lot this past week 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Getting a tattoo.   NO NOT ME I am sorry but I don’t like ink.  Just not my thing.

Going to a music festival. Give me a break I think a music Grinch set this up

Regularly raiding your cupboards for cookies. I DON’T DO THAT.  You can ask my wife, if I want cookies I go to the store and buy them because I work hard and if I want cookies that is what I do.

Using a “funny” phone case.   Well my case is not fun at all but my screen has the batman logo, and ring tones come from Super hero shows or sitcoms

I guess I am an adult child I collect and read comics and toys I love cookies and music festivals I guess the only thing that makes me somewhat an adult is the no Tattoo thing.   Nope I am an Adult Child and proud of it.

Now the tale of TWO DAVE’s

My weekend started off normal enough, my wife and I went to celebrate a Birthday with a good friend.  (I got a present, the t-shirt they ordered for me came in late)  Here is a picture any guesses why I love it?

Saturday morning I went out looking for Yard sales but didn’t buy anything.   However I did notice one sale who did the signs right   BIG OLD LETTERS, no address but a BIG BOLD ARROW.  These made it so easy to find the sale.  Good job.

Sunday morning came and so did the second Dave of the weekend.    The sick Dave.

I had told my wife that my stomach was feeling kind of strange but didn’t think it was a big deal.  Two am on Sunday morning I found out different.  I was one sick pup.  Of course being a man I thought I could tough it out.  WRONG AGAIN.

I had to cancel plans for the rest of the day and stay close to home —– IFFIN YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

I was hopeful of feeling a lot better this morning.   I would say the improvement is noticeable but not by much.  I am here because I am one who very rarely would call in sick.    Work happens!

Stupid news has a statue a news interview and MAN PAIN!

Laff lines:  Marriage Proposals





Wow what a Friday morning this has been.  I started my day as I usually do yelling obscenities at the alarm clock!   I stumbled out of bed and got into the shower. (OK ladies avert your mind’s eye for decency sake)  As the warm water cascaded all over my very large body my mind started to wake up and thus the problem.  My mind was racing thinking of what I could do today and how I should approach the day, but my body wasn’t co-operating.

Every action I took seemed to be in slow motion.   While I dressed for the day it seemed like I would never finish, Breakfast for me was a stop at a Fast Food open at 5am and the fast food was really slow. Driving to the station seemed to take an eternity.   Let me tell you it was a strange way to start the day.  I told my wife I have a split personality today my body is the Tortoise and my mind being the Hare! I felt like I was living a Bugs Bunny Cartoon

Friday June 8th is also National friendship day so I just wanted to take some time to talk about friends.  I have been a lucky man to have several people I consider my best friends.  As people come in and out of our lives and friends come and go there are always those in your lives that you have that special bond with the ones you can talk to about anything and everything.  They know our secrets and you know there’s a no matter what you have that bond that can’t be broken.  They are your BROTHER FROM ANOTHER OR SISTER FROM ANOTHER MISTER.


I am so lucky to have 4 people in my life that I consider best friends.   In no particular order and I won’t give last names so as to protect the not so innocent, they are Lary (yes I spelled it right) Ken, Randal and finally my wife Teresa.   We are just like Forest and Jenny we are Peas and Carrots…  Thanks to all my friends you are the best.  And a big thanks to all my KOOL family.  When I get to talk to you on the phone or see you out and about it is always great to see you.    WHY?


Here is something I put together this morning a mix of Queen.

This morning: Money, Mars, Disco Balls and Creative financing

Stupid news: Ketchup and a Hatchet

Laff lines: Picking on Florida