Getting ready to go back to school is a stressful time.  Parents have to make sure the kids have the gear they need, and the kids are begging for new devices.

Oh how things have changed.  (Old man remembering things)  Why when I was a kid we had to make our own pencil and milling our own paper.  Computer, HA! Back in my day if a math question went past ten it was time to take our shoes off.

Back to school never was a time I looked forward too.  I just never was a good student.   I think I would have been tested for learning difficulties if those test existed back then.  I didn’t mind learning but I hated studying, homework HA!  I had a dog if you get my drift.

It didn’t help that my next oldest sister was practically a straight A student.   I hated that (but don’t tell her I was secretly proud of her being so smart).   She went on to become a teacher and me ……I talk for a living!

Most of the blame for my bad grades rest on me.   I was a little lazy.  Spicily in subjects I didn’t like.  My best subject was History.  I was totally lost in math.

When I was a high school I was taking Algebra, and boy was I lost just didn’t get it.  I was talking to a friend who went to different school and had taken Algebra the year before.  At his school they would let them use that answer book to help them understand it better and he lent me answer book.  I worked, I used it the correct way to and I started to catch on to Algebra.  Well to make a long story short I got caught with the book and I was almost kicked out of school.   But honestly I am here to tell you I did not cheat I used the answer book the correct way and started to understand   MATH! ME!

As the teacher and principle were discussing the many options on what to do with me, I proclaimed my innocence. I came up with a plan to clear my not so good name.  I said give me a test right here right there right now and they agreed.  Watching me like a hawk.  I passed not just barely but with a B plus.   I escaped punishment but they took my book and I went back to getting a D.

Looking back should I have spent more time on my education?  Probably, but I will tell you this I never cared about awards, and I felt like grades were like an award.   I didn’t want to fail but for some reason a C was good enough for me. Much to the frustration of my mother.

I am not book smart and I am not street smart.  I guess you can say I am just a SMART %$#.

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Today is a very important day for me!  No not because it national Bacon Lovers day.   But oh yeah that is important to me just not as much as this


For some reason this is very important to me.  Radio help but food in my mouth (see National Bacon day later in this blog post).

I have had people ask me why I chose radio as a profession. Here is the answer.  I was a Nerd in high school and there was an opportunity to take a radio class so I said ok and look at me now I am now a KOOL Nerd!

Actually my love affair with radio started early in life.  I would sit with my radio listening to my favorite stations. WHBQ, WMPS and WDIA.  Later when FM started to play rock I listened to FM 100.

The high school station was WQOX-FM where I was the first 1st year student to be do an on air show.  I was horrible but I felt like hey I am KOOL

My first commercial radio job was at KRXK in Rexburg Idaho.  I started in March just a few months after the flood.

My radio carrier has taken me many places.  After KRXK, there was WTPR in Paris TN.  Back to Rexburg, Blackfoot, Stamps Arkansas, Back to Paris TN then Avoyelles Parish LA, Baton Rouge, Montgomery city Mo, I did a little work in St Louis, Columbia and Troy all in MO.

I was out of work when I came to Utah and met my wife the 1st full day I was here.   That was a long time ago I found work in Salt Lake City and eventually over 23 years ago Logan Utah.

I love being able to be a part of you morning routine.  The three sss’s   Shower Shave and …… Shampoo.

But I always try to honest with you.  This is a great job and a great job but ……..sometimes.  This job becomes a job, and is usually after I finish posting my blog.   There is a lot of behind the scenes stuff that are as Harley Quinn said in the movie Suicide Squad FEXING.  We deal with constant deadlines and just today there were times that I would be working on something like Stupid News and I am actually finishing just seconds to going on the air. But I will say this I LOVE MY JOB. 99.99% of the time.

 I thought I would come up with some favorite TV and Movies that are about radio.

FM, Airheads, Play Misty for me, Pirate radio, Good Morning Vietnam.  And remember American Graffiti with Wolfman Jack, Talk radio and more

TV has used lots of radio stations but the best was WKRP IN CINCANATTI

And don’t forget that WKRP had a rivalry with another station which was WPIG — The swine

Other TV programs that used radio include Frasier, Sports Talk, The Simpsons, Norther Exposure, Full house, Hello Larry and I am sure there are lots of others.

So as you can see radio is such an important part of my life.  I love what I do and thank you for listening, and really love when I get to meet you and we get to share a few laughs.

Today on the morning show we talked about NATIONAL BACON DAY and The Reverend Shaprton having one of those moments, well call it what it is a Brain Fart. (I am a pro at that)

Stupid news.  A Scientist gets paid to do this, and police in Florida arrest a topless woman.

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Sunday is National Potato Day!



Like most kids I was a picky eater and that drove my Mom bonkers.   She would say, “You are just like your Dad, a meat and potatoes man”.   Yep I basically would only eat meat and potatoes along with bread as a young kid.   But my Mom was a tricky woman.  MOM LIED TO ME!

I remember when she put something on my plate and said they were little potatoes.   I gobbled them up and YUM!   Those tasty little morsels were on my plate quite often after that.   But wait!   THOSE AREN’T POTATOES!  They were Hominy.  I had to look it up today to find out what Hominy is.  According to my Google search Hominy is a food produced from dried maize kernels that have treated with an alkali, in a process called nixtamalzation.   In other words I still don’t know what it is but I know you can buy it and because of the lie my Mom told me it opened the door to eating veggies.   Except Brussel Sprouts they still suck!

When I graduated from high school I left for more education and potatoes in Rexburg Idaho.  I lived in the dorms and ate my foods at the cafeteria where we had potatoes every meal.  Idaho potatoes every meal, who would have thunk it!

I remember during potato harvest how the high school student would get out for potato harvest.  Sometimes during the harvest you would see where the trucks would lose some of their load and it was not uncommon to see people stopping to pick up the scrapes.   Of course I would not have done that!  NOOOOOOO! Not me!

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When I was in Missouri I had a listener get upset with me because I had been to  a pot luck dinner where someone had brought  an tasty potato dish and I was talking about it on the air the next morning wanting to know who had brought the  dish and I called them Funeral Potatoes.   The phone lit up with a woman upset that I would make fun of Funeral’s.   I calmed her down when I told her that in Utah the dish was at almost every Funeral and it was common to call the Funeral potatoes and I just didn’t know what else to call them.

I also had people look at me at a restaurant and would make my own Fry Sauce!   I cannot tell you how many times I would dip a fry and try to get someone to just try one.  BUT NOOOOOO!  They would rather dip there fries in Ketchup or even in a Wendy’s Frosty.  Ketchup yes!  But a Frosty?  I tried it once, and only once.

So on Sunday August 19th it Hash browns for Breakfast, Mashed at lunch and dinner a big old Idaho Russet baked with butter, butter and more butter!  Don’t forget to eat the skin!

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Today’s blog post will be one that I do with a heavy heart.  Shortly after 8 am this morning we heard of the death of Aretha Franklin.

This is also the anniversary date 41 years ago that Elvis died.  So today is a day to remember two originals.

1st The Queen of soul, Lady Ree, Retha.  One of those unique talents that take any song and make it her own.  Such was her talent.

Aretha was born in my hometown of Memphis TN but her family moved to another hot bed of R and B Detroit where she grew up signing in her father’s church.

Her signature song is R-E-S-P-T, which became an anthem of sorts for the women’s movement.  Ironic that the song was written by a man.  Otis Redding said that even though he wrote it the song belonged to Aretha.

Over the year’s songs like Think, Rock Steady, Freeway of Love and This is the House that Jack Built were always favorites.  But the use of a song recorded by Aretha in the TV show Murphy Brown added one more note to her legacy.   On the show Murphy Brown had just give birth and sang to song to the child.  After that the song became a hit all over again.

If you asked me about my favorite Aretha song it would be this one “Daydreaming”

It was 41 years ago today I was living in Rexburg Idaho and working at KRXK.  That afternoon I was in the parking lot of the station cleaning out the inside of my car when my friend and co-worker Joni Jones started taping on the window trying to get my attention to listen to the radio closely as she announce the death of the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley.

Growing up in Memphis I never met Elvis.  I did know a couple of men that went to school with him and you were always hearing Elvis stories all the time.

I will share one my mother told me.   A co-worker at the hospital my mother worked at (by the way the same hospital where Elvis was taken) was looking to buy a brand new Cadillac on a Memphis car lot when she got a tap on her shoulder and it was Elvis who offered to by this woman any other car on the lot if she would let him purchase the one he wanted for himself.

A few years after his death I was at the Liberty bowl stadium watching a soccer match when a familiar face sat a few rows in front of me.   It was Dr Nick the man a lot of people blamed for Elvis Presley’s death.   After a few minutes security had to escort Dr Nick out of the stadium because fans where harassing him cursing and throwing things at him.

I can’t say that I grew up a huge Elvis fan.  Yes I liked his songs but as a grew older I realized what an influence he had not only on Rock and Roll but our culture in General.

So if I was asked what my favorite Elvis song is I would say this one.  An American Trilogy.

To have this date now associated with two legendary singers is mindboggling.    As the song say’s “If there is a Rock and Roll Heaven they sure have a Hell of a Band”


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I am a man who likes CHICK FLICKS.  Now before you tell me to turn in my MAN CARD.

I still love a good shoot em up action adventure, superhero flick.  But I really do like some chick flicks- some- The real mushy make you cry chick flicks not so much..

Can I have my man card back?

Here is an example that happened with my wife a few years ago.   We were taking a getaway weekend and knew the Hotel had DVD players in the room so we decided to each pick a movie to take along to enjoy.  Teresa chose an action adventure (Crimson tide I think, a great movie by the way) but the movie I chose had nothing to do with Batman, Superman or even Pro Wrestling!  I chose you’ve got mail” CHICK FLICK.

I guess I should say romantic comedy more that Chick Flick.  But a funny movie about relationships are pretty cool and Vanity Fair just came out with a list of the best Romantic Comedies

Here’s the list:

  1. “When Harry Met Sally”, 1989
  2.  “You’ve Got Mail”, 1998 (see I am not the only one)
  3. “Clueless”, 1995
  4. “Bridget Jones’s Diary”, 2001 (I wasn’t fond of this one
  5. “10 Things I Hate About You”, 1999
  6. “Groundhog Day”, 1993(it’s Bill Murray —-Again)
  7.  “Notting Hill”, 1999
  8.  “It Happened One Night”, 1934
  9.  “Broadcast News”, 1987
  10.  “Sleepless in Seattle”, 1993(I love the soundtrack)
  11.  “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, 1997
  12. “His Girl Friday”, 1940
  13. “Down with Love”, 2003
  14. “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”, 2005
  15. “Moonstruck”, 1987
  16. “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, 1994
  17. “The Apartment”, 1960
  18. “Amélie”, 2001
  19. “Much Ado About Nothing”, 1993
  20. “Annie Hall”, 1977
  21. “Some Kind of Wonderful”, 1987
  22. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, 2003
  23. “Kissing Jessica Stein”, 2002
  24. “Something’s Gotta Give”, 2003
  25. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, 2002 ( did they say OPHA or OPRAH)

One I can think of that didn’t make the list is 50 1st dates!

I have not seen all of the 25 and some of them I never will.

Just give me romance movies like Batman and Cat woman- Superman and Lois Lane. Wolverine and Jean Grey.  Heck even Peter Parker and Mary Jane.   Now that is romance!

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Sometimes a job is tough.

I have had people say to me “ You have such a great job,  all you have to do is talk a little and listen to music all day”  And they might be right but no they are mostly wrong.    A study was released saying that a broadcaster was one of the most stressful jobs out there.  Why? Time!

Yes I deal with deadlines all the time.  I have to have certain things on at a certain time several times each hour and those deadlines to really stress a guy out.

I start my day when the alarm goes off at 4:15 then it is time for the three S’s!   Shower, Shave and …………. Shampoo!  Then it time to shovel in my Cheerios and off to work arrive at the station 5am to start getting ready to go on the air at 6am.   I spend that hour yawning and trying to stay awake!  No that is the time I am looking for things to help you start your day.  Those things must be fun or information that you should know about.

Like I said I deal with deadlines several times each and every hour and that can really become stressful if you have some issue’s that slow you down from what needs to be done.   Technical issues are the worse!   I wish I could count up the times in the past year alone that little glitch has thrown me like a big Brahma Bull at the Cache County rodeo.

I did have one of those issues early this morning which took me quite a while to figure out how to deal with it.  But since I am a computer genius I figured out all by myself that I needed to take my hand ball up my fist…..not to hit the hit the computer…. I flexed the mighty muscle in my index finger and pushed a button!   It worked I fixed the computer… well kind of.  I did get it so it was functioning about 60 percent.  There were certain things I could do and certain things that if I tried to do led to a CRASH!

I love my job!  But there are stresses dealing with all those deadlines that can really stress me out.  Then the hours are kind of hard.  The saying “Early to bed.  Early to rise.  Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”   What a load of ……   I go to bed early, wake up early and it makes me sleepy, I am broke and I ain’t that bright.   But what I am is happy.  I love what I do!

Beside that what is a little stress amongst friends!

American Pickers found something KOOL

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When I was young I wanted to be a “G-MAN”.   Being a G –man had nothing to do with Eliot Ness and the Untouchables.  I wanted to be a Garbage man.

Now before you go eww, let me explain.   And sanitation workers don’t take offense remember I was a dumb kid.   When I was in school Sanitation (G MEN) workers made more money that the teachers at our school.  I won’t go into the reasons why but my friends and I used that fact to tweak the teachers.   Remember I was a dumb kid.

We would think of situations that require skills to do our job as a G-man and would act them out on the playground.  Remember I was a dumb kid.   We even had our own Flag!   A rippowam # 2 pencil.   Yes there was a brand of pencils name Rippowam.   Then on a field trip as we passed the largest landfill in Memphis we stood up on the bus and saluted!   Like I said I was a dumb kid.

All this silliness lasted about a month but when I message a friend of mine we always seem to talk about the Rippowam pencil.

What brought all this on was some information I received about recycling in Logan.   The role of a sanitation worker has changed so much since I was a dumb kid.  Now we different cans for our trash.  There is garbage that is put into the land fill.  Then there is green waste and recyclables.   Why has so much changed?  Because we as humans need to be better in how we treat our planet.

I am not some radical tree hugger, but what I am is realistic.  Our landfills are overflowing and anything that we can to do to lessen our impact we should do.  I hope this dumb kid has grown up enough to want a cleaner environment and but less strain on our resources.

So I thought I would share with you the Recycle tips I read.

 **Logan City Environmental sat down with the company that processes their recycling to ask them what information can be shared with all Cache County Residents to improve the recycling process.  The bottom line:  contamination and “aspirational recycling” needs to stop.   Here is what CAN be recycled:

  • Cardboard (not greasy pizza boxes or plastic lined cardboard)
  • Paper (not paper dishes)
  • Aluminum & Steel Cans
  • Empty Plastic Containers labeled #1-#7 (no bags, no Styrofoam).  Containers need to be empty, the lids removed (and thrown away), and rinsed.
  • Here is what needs attention:
  1. CLEAN (uncontaminated) recycling is more important than the quantity of recycling.
  3. DO NOT PLACE plastic BAGS, FILMS, or WRAPS of any kind in the blue container.
  4. NO Styrofoam.
  5. NO disposable dishes.

So think a little bit more about your recycle bin and what you put in it and if you want you can salute Rippowam pencil.  Boy was I a dumb kid.

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Let me introduce myself, I am David Louis Buford Earl AKA the Radio Guy, Doctor of Rock Denton.

So what’s in a nickname?


A nickname is usually a name that you are known by only to close friends and family.

So me I am David (Dave), Buford a nickname I picked up in college most of my close friends and my wife calls me Buford.  Earl, one of my sisters calls me David Earl what a pearl.  Why?  I have no idea.  Radio Guy, a name I used on the air in Montgomery city Missouri and Doctor of Rock, another radio name and Denton my family name.

I love the scene in Animal house where the Delta House pledges get there nicknames.  Flounder and Pinto of course there were others day, Boone, D-Day and Bluto.

There are great nicknames I met a guy last week with the nickname Bruno.  Friends I have are called Bear, Shultz, and Grunyon.

In family’s you have Mom,  Dad , Mommy, Daddy, Ma, Pa  Grandmother, Grandma, Grandfather, Granddad, ME Maw, Papaw,  these are endless.  Of course Grandparents give nickname too like MOONPIE


Spouses have nicknames of endearment.  I call my wife T-Girl and we call each other Smoopie (we watch a lot of Seinfeld).   Spouses call each other names like Dear, Honey, Snuggle Bunny, and of course Godzilla, (they might not be married long after using that one)

So what is in a nickname, I think a lot of fun and can really show how much you know and love someone.

So now I David Louis Buford Earl Radio Guy Doctor of Rock Denton would like to give you a nickname because you read the blog and listen to me in the morning.  So I will call you KOOL!

Today on the morning show: A piece of Rock and Roll history has been found, a news that is a Croc


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I don’t know how people who live in Phoenix or Vegas do it.  How do they keep from melting in the heat?

I have a cousin who lives in Vegas and recently he sent me a picture of a thermometer in his back yard that read 118 degree’s.


My cousin told me once that you stay inside and schedule things to do early in the morning or late at night.

But at least it’s a dry heat!

Here I am complaining about 95 to 100 degrees.  I am so soft yes SWAFT!

This morning when I get to the radio station there was information about Logan City light and Power asking people to set the Thermostat at 78 degrees from noon until 8pm.  The measures should take some pressure off of the electric grid.

So I thought today’s blog I would attempt to give you some tips on how to stay cool and save electricity.

Some tips from Web MD

Wear loose fitting clothing light in color and use cotton clothing.

Fill a spray bottle with water and keep in in the fridge for a cool down spray.

Use a fan to help circulate the air which will keep you cooler

Take a cool shower. (Cold Showers for teen age boys, but that is for another blog)

Baseball players have been known to take lettuce leaves and freeze them and then put the frozen salad on their head before put their caps on.

And finally from WEB MD use common sense, avoid activities in direct sunlight or on hot asphalt surfaces.  Check on Elderly family and neighbors.  And don’t forget your pets

Now some tips to save energy during a heat wave from

Try not to use you oven, use a microwave or grill outside.  If you need to use your oven try to use it in the morning hours.

Use a programmable thermostat.  Set it higher when you are not home and in peak use hours 

Have your air condition unit serviced for peak performance.

 So finally stop asking “Is it hot enough for you?” I might just snatch and punch you in the face.   Who am I kidding?  It is too hot to punch


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I think I have told you I DO NOT LIKE HOT WEATHER.

When I was a kid in Memphis I remember that during a hot muggy time our air conditioner decided it didn’t want to condition anymore.  Dang it was hot.  We got out all the fans we could opened every window and door hoping the mosquitos would find their way through the screens (they did).  We were miserable.

When it was bed time my sisters and I fought over who would be closest to the fan, and the few times the wind shifted to bring a little cooler air into the house we would all shout.  AHHH!

In Montgomery city Mo. I was helping at an Ice Cream social and it was about 103 and humid.  As I was dishing out the Ice Cream and cold drinks, someone asked for hot coffee.  It is 103 degrees and they want coffee?  HOT!!!!

Well shut my mouth and sit me on a block of ice!  They told me the Hot Coffee tricked the body and made the outside air feel cooler.   YEAH RIGHT!

Well today I am reading they were right!

According to the article on SWNSDIGITAL.COM here are 3 foods to help you cool off.  


  1. Something with chili peppers in it.  It might make you feel hot at first.  But chili peppers trick your body into THINKING it’s hotter than it is.  So they make you sweat, which ultimately causes your body to cool down.
  2. Spinach.  It helps level out your blood pressure, which helps keep you feeling cool.
  3. Soup.  Again, it tricks your body into thinking it’s hot, so you start sweating.  And the moisture on your skin ends up cooling you down.

But for me I will stick with watermelon because it is mostly water and also contains an amino acid that helps cool you down.

Just remember two quotes about hot weather

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

It’s a dry heat!

For me I quote Randy Quaid in the movie “Vegas Vacation”


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