I had such a great weekend but weekends become Monday’s and today that is not a good thing.  Not a bad thing but bad enough.

As you know I was looking forward to WrestleMania and it didn’t disappoint at all but I will reserve my thoughts on Mania for the Turnbuckle Trash podcast later this week

So here it is Monday and I need a few days off to recover from my weekend.    I spent Saturday morning doing things around the house nothing too bad but I had stayed up late on Friday and got up early.  The same thing on Sunday.

I should have realized that mania would run late and it did.  I had to take a guest home after and didn’t get to sleep until midnight.

So that is how Monday’s happen too little sleep and planning knowing I had to work on Monday. I am sluggish and tired and have a headache.  Man that kind of sounds like I am HUNGOVER.  One problem with that is I don’t drink alcohol!   So let’s say that I have a too much fun too little sleep weekend hangover.


That and the fact I am not a young as I used to be, but I am as stupid!

Today on the morning show Ajay Salveson from The Fan joined us to update the NCAA championship game, and parfaits.


We learned how to cook the perfect crispy Bacon

Stupid news from the NCAA, toilet paper and mouthwash.


Laff lines:  Patton Oswalt on the Star wars Prequels.


As the weekend gets closer you start trying to plan things you might be able to do.  Some weekends you don’t have anything to do so you plan on doing nothing.


I have three events happening this weekend

Final four in college basketball, it is one of the great sports events of the year.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has its General Conference this weekend and being a member of the faith I know I need to watch that.  (I do admit that I struggle staying awake and joking refer to Conference as my Nap Weekend!)

WrestleMania Weekend.   Oh boy, Oh Boy.

I love WrestleMania Weekend each year.  As a lifelong fan I will admit that some of the matches worry me like the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.  The two goofs from SNL against Braun Stroman (a huge man) has potential to be as bad as the Tag Team championship from last year when Stroman won the Championship with a 10 year old boy.  Don’t get me started on that.

But the main event of the night will be history making and could be something to see.  The main event for the first time ever will feature a women’s Triple Threat Match.  Between The Man, Becky Lynch, The Queen (and Smack down live women’s champion) Charlotte Flair and The Badest woman on the Planet Rowdy Rhonda Rousey.

My only complaint is the length of the show.  They will have 17 matches — 17 the show will go on forever and I am worried that when the main event comes up the crowd and myself will be exhausted.

I guess that is why we have snacks!!!!

So my weekend will be jammed packed.  But it will be jammed pack in front of a TV screen or Computer Screen.

One more WrestleMania thought.   Three years ago I had to watch Mania on a tablet in bed.  Why, I had just had a knee replacement and had some complications where my 3 day stay in the Hospital turned into a 2 ½ week stay.

I hope this weekend goes a lot better than that one

Today we were joined by Ajay Salvason from the Fan to take the Final Four and Mania

Those were the days

Stupid news: Sober doesn’t mean what it used to.  Naked Police and Smart underwear.

Laff Lines:   Flying



Here is the understatement of the year.

I LOVE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But doesn’t it seem to you all the food you love is not good for you?

I must admit that I was a meat and tater man for most of my early years but as I have matured (yeah right) I have branched out to include some foods that just a few years ago I would never let pass my lips.

Food’s like Bok Choy, Arugula, fresh baby Spinach and most recently Kale.   If my sisters are reading this please call 911 because they probably fainted.


But when it comes to food there is nothing better than Comfort food.  You know the food that when you eat it is like a hug.  Comfort food is the best has a great list of comfort foods but there are some that I just am not found of.

Buzz feed comfort foods include Pizza, Fried chicken, Pancakes, Chef Boyardee canned foods, Spaghetti and meatballs, Mashed Potatoes.  Grilled Cheese and tomato soup.  Frozen Lasagna and according to Buzzfeed the #1 Comfort food is Mac and Cheese from the box.

Believe it or not there are two foods on the list that I cannot stand to eat.   Chef Boyardee and Mac and cheese.    Even as a kid I would not eat either one.  Strangely enough if you listen to me a lot you know I am not a fan of cheese but I love grilled cheese with tomato soup!

So before I tell you my top comfort food, I will tell you there is a comfort smell.  One I love better than smelling fresh bread in the oven, or a great apple pie.   The best comfort smell to me is sautéed onions in some bacon drippings with fresh garlic.

Here is my sexist statement of the day:  I think I would give my wife anything she wants if she would just put a little behind each ear like perfume.  THE BEST SMELL IN THE WORLD.

I do have a strange comfort food that is not on that list but when I am not feeling well or I am down in the dumps.  I want to take ground beef add onions and garlic cook all that together drain and add Mayo and maybe a touch of Mustard.   I don’t know why but man I love it.

A close second — BACON

Today on the morning show- from the Tonight show Pro wrestlers taking smack written by kids.  And Lunchables

Stupid news Rednecks and bullet proof vest.  We also have a MAYO-CHUP UPDATE.

Laff line: Flying


I take pride in saying I am an honest man.  I have even quit a job when my supervisor questioned my honesty.  As a matter of fact to be honest with you the supervisor is a very lucky man!  I came very close to taking my fist and changing the location of the man’s nose.  Thankfully, I got a control of my temper and just handed him my keys and told which body parts to shove them.

I had the same thing happen again a few years later when the owner of a radio station in Troy Mo. questioned my honesty!  His son told him a lie about me so he, the son would not get in trouble for what he had done.   No violence or thoughts of violence this time.  I was surprised when in our discussion I said to the owner of the station “I will not ask you to choose between myself and your son”.  I then added “You will come to realize soon enough that you son lied and by the way I quit”

Having a job to be able to live is important but to me being honest means more than eating (Bacon is close)

Not to say I have been an angel all my life.  I have made enough mistakes in my life that I am sometimes ashamed.

One of my slips of honestly came as a child.  I would go with my mom to wash clothes at the laundromat or as we called it in the south a “WASHATERIA” a redneck would say warsh a tear ee ah.

On this particular day mom asked me to go to a nearby store to get change. Two dollars’ worth.  She gave me instructions the change she needed.  Seven quarters, two dimes and a nickel.   I had to remember so I put it to a beat and strutted down the sidewalk singing ‘SEVEN QUARTERS, TWO DIMES AND A NICKLE’

My act of dishonestly came next, while waiting in line to get my change, I spotted some candy nearby and boy it looked good.  I slowly took a piece and slid it into my pocket.  I got my change and it was back to Mom singing ‘Seven quarters two dimes and a nickel” later I ate my candy and then it happened.  GUILT.

Boy I felt horrible, I might have been 7 years old but I still feel that sense of dread and guilt and it was on my mind constantly.  I came up with a plan!  I gathered pop bottles and turned them in for cash.  I stashed a couple of quarters away waiting for the next time we went to the warsh a tear ee ah.

Off to the store I went with a note I had scribble explaining how sorry I was and that I would never steal again!  I took the note and went to the candy area and moved some candy around and slipped in my note and two quarters to pay for the candy I had swiped.  I know I should have confessed to the clerk but in my 7 year old mind I was OK.

I tell you that little experience stuck with me and still does.

I am not sure where I read this but it right on point

Be honest to those who are honest, and also be honest to those who are not honest.  Thus honesty in attained.

Today on the morning show two stories that will amaze you.   Plus getting tickets to Avengers end game is not easy

Stupid news: There is something in the attic.  Snorting sugar and The Flash.

Laff lines; Dogs don’t get depressed

What is so much fun about having a collection?

That is just it ….IT IS FUN!

I have been reminded about how much fun collecting can be after we did some remodeling at our home.  I was also reminded that sometimes it is hard to display your collection.

I kind of caught to colleting bug in high school when a friend of mine let me tag along when he searched for what I thought was strange.  He collected bottles.  All kinds of bottles, but he had a rule it had to look KOOL.

We spent a couple of Saturday’s hiking in the woods looking for dump sites.  My friend had certain types of sites he looked for.   He loved to search in gullies and near creek beds.   He show me a few tips of what to look for and the search was on!   I found a couple of early examples of Coke bottles while he found several colorful glass bottles most were covered in dirt and mud but after we got home and cleaned them up, they were so KOOL.

So for a while I started a collection.  I had some football cards from the late 60’s and early 70’s.   Over the years I have sold most and given some to friends.

My collecting days went to the sidelines for a few years.  During most of my life the only thing I collected was pounds.

But just about 10 years ago I got the desire to start a collection from watching “The Big Bang Theory”.  The guys were at the comic book store and I saw them looking at a comic I used to own.   I was inspired.  I told my wife I would like to start a collection of comic books.

I sat out on my adventures wanting to collect Batman titles and Justice League title.   The 1st full set I collected was the JLA series from D.C.

It took me a couple of years but today I have all 125 comics and most of the off shoot books too.   Let me tell you the value of the books is not what you think.   The value of most comics and cards went down several years ago.

I also collect Super Hero toys and statues.  Batman and Superman are my favorites

I love showing people my collections but I always anticipate the looks and reactions when they see my Professional Wrestler action figure collection.   Hulk Hogan Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and more.  I even have one figure of Rocky Johnson, The Rocks dad.

This is not the Rocks dad it is little ole me THE BOULDER!

As with most collections I really don’t have anything of value just stuff I like to collect and that is enough value to me.

I love to see what other people collect too.   There is no such thing as a stupid collection.  Well maybe one on they showed a collection of TOE NAIL CLIPPINS!  YUCK. The man who collected them said he had samples from almost 25 thousand people!  He added that he was using the clippings for scientific research.   ON WHAT?    WAYS TO FREAK PEOPLE OUT!

Today on the morning show we talked stress and had a montage of some of the jokes on late night TV.

Stupid news. Noodling and Girl Scout cookies

Laff line: George Carlin on self-help books.


Over the weekend I finally got to see the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” the story of the rise to fame and the fall from grace of Freddie Mercury and Queen.

From the start I was hooked as the opening began with “Somebody to Love” one of my favorite Queen songs.

The movie did a great job showing how the band evolved and the brilliance of group.  It also gave an important lesson in life.

 Choices have consequences.

The movie focused on Freddy Mercury and his life and his extreme talent in writing music and performing.  As the movie progressed you saw Freddie taking advice from the wrong people, the people who fed his ego and were out to use him for their own personal gain.

Let me make sure you understand what I am saying.  This has nothing to do with his sexuality but it does have a lot to do with the bad choices he made that lead to his death of H.I.V. – AIDS.

Drug and alcohol abuse led to many bad choices in Freddy’s life.  It was so sad to see this extremely gifted man spiral out of control in a way that making a few better choices could have eased or erased.

I know this is kind of a deep subject matter for me to write about, but we see it too many times in our lives not just rock stars and celebrities but in our everyday lives.

Our choices have consequences some good some bad.

I am not perfect by any means and I have made plenty of bad choices and still do.  Our struggle in life is to make better choices.

I was really sad at the ending of Bohemian Rhapsody. As a fan of the band I kept thinking of the music and performances we missed out on.  I was happy to see that Freddy lived in a loving relationship the last years of his life, but sad that the choice he made cost him his life.

I loved the movie but even as I write this I am a little sad and every time I here “Somebody to Love” I think I will always be a little sad.

Saturday night friends invited us to their home to watch “Auqaman” and have dinner ‘FISH AND CHIPS” get it Auqaman and fish and chips HAHAHAHAHAHA.

It was so much fun to watch this movie with kids in the family and watching the reactions to the movie, but I guess I am a little spoiled.  I had watch Auqaman in 4k on Tuesday night with our sound system too and it added so much to the film.   But we did not have Fish and Chips for dinner so they win.

Today on the morning show we talked winners in the Bracket challenge.

Ajay was back and in the lead for our bracket challenge.

Stupid news had a front end loader and pig and a crook.

Laff lines:  going to dinner





 I admit I am a bit of a procrastinator.  I even thought about doing this as a blog subject last week but put it off until today.

So why do we procrastinate I found this in Phycology today.  I have edited some of the information, because hey it was written by a Psychiatrist and they use big words.

By Hara Estroff Marano, published July 1, 2005 –

Twenty percent of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators. For them procrastination is a lifestyle, it cuts across all domains of their life. They don’t pay bills on time. They miss opportunities for buying tickets to concerts. They don’t cash gift certificates or checks. They leave their Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve

Procrastinators tell lies to themselves. Such as, “I’ll feel more like doing this tomorrow.” Or “I work best under pressure.”  Another big lie procrastinators indulge is that time pressure makes them more creative. Unfortunately they do not turn out to be more creative; they only feel that way. They squander their resources avoiding.

Procrastinators actively look for distractions, particularly ones that don’t take a lot of commitment on their part. Checking e-mail is almost perfect for this purpose.

People procrastinate for different reasons.

Arousal types, or thrill-seekers, who wait to the last minute for the euphoric rush.

  • Avoiders, who may be avoiding fear of failure or even fear of success, but in either case are very concerned with what others think of them; they would rather have others think they lack effort than ability.
  • Decisional procrastinators, who cannot make a decision. Not making a decision absolves procrastinators of responsibility for the outcome of events.

The article ends with this basic bit of advice

 Procrastinators can change their behavior.

That gives me hope I will change my behavior!!!!!!! Starting tomorrow.

Here are some things we put off

Odd jobs around the house.  Going to the doctor.  Bills

That need to be paid.  .  Making a budget, or reviewing

Your finances.

Today on Ajay Salveson from THE FAN and we talked sweet 16.

Stupid News: trying to be KOOL

Laff lines: Living in New York



Growing up I tried to play baseball but I lacked something.


I was big and slow, I could throw the ball far but not accurate. So I went to bench or deep right field.  I was not good.

Today is the opening day for Major Lesage Baseball and no this blog will not be about my love of the St Louis Cardinals (but that is my team).  Today’s blog is all about why I think baseball is such a great sport.

First hitting a major league baseball pitch is so difficult that if you get a hit 3 out of 10 tries you are a star player.

Second fundamentals.  I know fundamentals are important in all sports, but in baseball you have so many players that have to have good fundamentals to be able to put yourself in a winning position.   On defense, not only do you have to field or catch the ball with good fundamentals then you have to be able to throw to the correct base or hit the cutoff man or do you hold the ball and run it into the infield.   Those are all fundamentals and if you watch baseball even major league players struggle with fundamentals at times.

Third the stratagem of the game. The players at bat and the players on the field need to understand the strategy of the game.  That is why the manager and the coaches play such an important role.  There are so many little things to think about and to be on the same page with your teammates that can affect the outcome of each pitch.

Forth the nap.  Yes I said the nap.  I have found over the years watching baseball and enjoying the play by play announcers follow the game and tell stories about the game to be very relaxing and before I know it is nap time.

Fifth following your favorite team and players.  Baseball fans are very loyal to their teams.  Mine is the St Louis Cardinals.  The cards are one of the most popular teams in baseball and when I am out wearing a Card jersey (like I am now) I often get people who just want to talk baseball.

It is difficult when one of your co-workers is a fan of another team.   Here at KOOL, AJ Knight our afternoon DJ is wearing a CUB jersey and you know Cards and Cubs are arch rivals (and it has nothing to do with the St Louis Arch, HA HA HA HA)


But it is ok because its baseball, and it’s back!  So let’s go get a dog some peanuts and soda and watch a couple of game this year.


This I found this about food at the ballparks.   From CBS Sports

It’s opening day for Major League Baseball.  And almost every team is trying to boost ticket sales this year by offering ridiculous food options.  Here’s a round-up of the weirdest new foods you can get at ballparks this season

  1. The Fowl Pole. Rangers games.  It’s a single TWO-POUND chicken tender that comes with ranch and honey mustard.  The Rangers also have Bacon-Wrapped Hot Wings this year . . . and a chicken-and-waffle dish served in a waffle cone.
  2. The Dinger dog at Braves games.  It’s basically a footling pig-in-a-blanket that’s stuffed with cheese.  They also have a “Chicken and Waffle Boat” that comes in a long, hollowed-out waffle bun.
  3. The Coney Island Egg Roll  at Tigers games.  It’s basically a chili cheese dog without the bun, stuffed inside an egg roll, with mustard and onions on top.

4  Twisted Topped Pretzels at Cardinals games.  You get three pretzel twists, topped with pepperoni and cheese . . . buffalo chicken . . . or bacon and cheese.  St. Louis also has a giant, 16-inch-long slice of pizza this year called “The Mega Slice.”

  1. A Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwhich” at Twins games.  It comes with jelly-glazed bacon on toasted sourdough.
  2. AVACADO BITES  , at Yankees Stadium.  Its deep-fried slices of avocado, served with a spicy dipping sauce.
  3. The Pittsburg Cone  at Pirates games.  Kielbasa, pierogis, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing stuffed inside a waffle cone.

8  The Frito pie corn dog  at Astros games.  A foot-long hot dog, covered in crushed-up Fritos, with queso and Texas chili.  The Mets are also selling a “Chili Cheese Crunch Dog” that comes with Fritos on top.

  1. The Donut Burger  at Phillies games.  It’s a bacon cheeseburger with cherry pepper jam.  And the bun is two glazed donuts.
  2. 18 inch hot dogs at  Diamondbacks games . . . because a foot long isn’t enough anymore?  They’re selling three different kinds:  One topped with Reuben mac-and-cheese . . . a bratwurst version topped with fried mac-and-cheese . . . and a breakfast version topped with hash browns, bacon, fried eggs, cheese, and gravy.

The best HEALTHY new option we’ve seen is  THE 32 INGREDIENT SALAD  at Blue Jays games, which is vegan and gluten free.

Oh I could really make a P.I G. pig of myself some of that sounds great but let me remind The Blue Jays

Stupid news had Bikes, socks and the Rock

Laff lines the best of late night:



I was living in central Louisiana when the home TV recording devices were starting to be priced low enough that I could afford one.  I wanted one, I needed one, and I thought if I didn’t get one my life would be over.  So what home TV recording device should I get Beta or VCR?

My answer came from a friend who owned a small store that sold TV’s home audio equipment rented movies and sold home recording devices.  So I went to my friend and he was showing me all the features of the Beta max and the VCR.  I was convince Beta Max was the way to go.  Better Picture quality and smaller tape size.  Yep Beta Max was KOOL.

I guess I was wrong because in just a few short years Beata Max was not to found any more.  So I dig into my wallet to purchase a VCR.   I kept my Beta max for a few years until it wore out.

The one problem that I found with both formats was HOW IN THE BLANKETY BLANK BLANK WERE YOU SUPPOSED TO UNDERSTAND TO SET UP A RECORD TIME.   The manufactures must have sat in board room having a grand time thinking about how to make the instructions harder to understand.  I am a visual person so reading directions is not a something I am good at.

Now you have a DVR or you use a streaming service or on demand to watch programs that you are not home to watch.

What made me think about this well yesterday I purchases my very first 4k movie.  “AQUAMAN”.

Yes we have come a long in technology but I kind of miss my Beta Max.  Why?   I had recorded WrestleMania # 3 on a Beta Max tape!  I guess I will just stream it on the WWE network.

Today on the morning show: A perfect bracket.  Fashion goofs.

Stupid news a wall will be built and NASA makes a DOH

Laff lines: Organic foods




There is a reason I don’t golf anymore …… I am terrible at golf.  I played even took lessons but I sucked at golf.

I could always hit the ball a long way, but in golf if you hit a shot say two hundred yards but it goes way left…. That is not good.  The person who hit 150 straight is probably in better shape for a good score.

When I first started golfing with my cousin we carried warlike talkies on the course because I was so far off course you couldn’t shout.

However one day my tee shot went far out and too the right almost ( probably ) out of bounds and my cousin hit a little left so we were far apart on a long par 5.    We were talking to each other on our warlike talkies about what we should do and who should hit first.  I took the honors and pulled out a fairway wood and blasted one of the best shots of my life.  The ball flew straight and true toward the green.  My shot got even better when the ball hit the paved cart path and flew even closer to the green, barley missing a huge sand trap and coming to rest on the fringe of the green.  I am on the green in two shots on a par 5.  I was so happy thinking I am going to get an Eagle on a par 5!  I got out my putter and let’s just say no Eagle, no Birdie, and Par ……. I don’t think so.

Like I said.   I suck at golf.

I came close to a hole in one twice.  Once on a par three course on a whole about 75 yards long.   My shot just missed the cup not because of my great shot!  No my shot was strong but was barley off the ground struck a very large water hose in the fairway the ball hit it bounce straight in the air and landed near the cup.    I came close.

I also had a legit chance at an ace on a legit par 3 with a slight dog leg left.   There was also a slight slope down on the green.  I hit a very nice shot that landed just at the right spot.  The ball hit the slope and slowly rolled towards the cup and I saw some men at the next tee shouting and clapping.   They waited to see my reaction because my shot had stopped about one inch from the hole.

So why did I give up golf.  It was because of an old elbow injury.   Every time I would golf my left elbow would swell and would hurt for weeks.  Then I would go out and golf again.

I finally said I love the game but the pain is not worth it.   Golf is one of the most underrated sports in the world.   Tyrin to hit a small ball with a stick and aim it 250 to 300 yards towards a tiny hole and the only reason you know where you target is, is another stick with a flag on it.   That is if the foursome before you remembered to put it back.

So golfers you should be happy I don’t tee it up anymore, because the way I hit I would be screaming FOUR a lot.  Or I would just use a warlike talkie.

Today on the morning show slang words I am too old to use and Ron Howard says acting on the Andy Griffith show was difficult when there was ice cream involved.

Stupid news goes to the birds.

Laff lines:  Bank passwords