There a moments in each of our lives that stand out and I get to celebrate one of those moments this weekend.

25 years ago I had my first day on the radio in Cache Valley.

So how does a Memphis Tennessee redneck make his way to Cache Valley?  It is a Journey that began 27 years ago.

I was part owner of a radio station in Montgomery City Missouri (loved that place and it was so hard to leave)

I helped a man put on a radio station in Troy Missouri which I have said many times was the worst mistake in my life but it did lead me here after co-workers lied about something that happened I told the owner that I would not have people or him lying about me and I quit.

Thanks to the generosity of my cousin Randall and his wife Laurel, I was able to move to Utah to begin a search for work.

On June first 26 years ago I drove into North Logan with my trailer behind and went to see my best friend and college roommate Lary Jones and his wonderful family including his wife Patty who the next day invited a young lady to dinner to meet me and that young lady and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary June 17th of this year.

So how did I get to Logan?  My then fiancé Teresa had a friend ask for help putting together a resume and she told him to be on the lookout for any radio jobs.   Just a short time later he calls about a job listing, Teresa calls me, I call for an interview the next day and was offered the job right then and there.

So 25 years ago this weekend I started my job at the COUNTRY GIANT.  IN 2002 a change in ownership brought me to “The Cache Valley Media Group” and on Black Friday 2002 the Country Giant became KOOL 1039.

I have had a few bumps along the way.  In 2002 I was being treated for complications of Kidney stones which required 11 procedures in 18 months’ time including a major surgery at the U of U hospital the same day that the station was moved to the Cache Valley media group

A broken bone in my foot caused a lot of pressure on my knee which led to a knee replacement.  The 3 day stay turned into 2 and a half weeks.

Eight years ago I found out I had prostate cancer (I am a survivor) I told you about it as I was on stage at the Cruise in getting ready to introduce the Beach Boys.  There is a story with in the story there because I had been working on a fundraiser project for the American Cancer society when I found out.

Then last year while testing for a hand problem that led to a wrist surgery but those test found out I needed neck fusion surgery.

Life is full of bumps but I also have great memories including being asked to be part of the torch run in Box Elder and Cache Valley for the 2002 winter games.

Working with the Cache Valley cruise in and getting to introduce the concerts.

I was the stadium announcer for the USU Aggie football team for one season.  I stopped after one season because of time constraints.

I have had the opportunity to interview several celebrities but my favorite was TOMMY SMOTHERS of the Smothers Brothers.

But I think the best memory is several wrapped up in one.  That would be you!   Over the years I have talked with you on the phone or in person and shared many great moments.

I am a blessed man to be able to do a job I love.  (I often tell people it is not a job but I do get to play radio).  As with any job there are times it feels like a job but I can honestly say I love what I do.

I cannot stop without saying thanks to you for letting me in a small portion of your life.   I try my best to play great music and hopefully bring a smile to your face every day.


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I did something I thought I would never do yesterday…..  Sort of ………  I did it but was talked out of it.

I went for a haircut and when the lady who has cut my hair or the past 25 years asked. “WELL, HOW BUCK DO WE WANT TO CUT OFF TODAY?”

My response was,” I want a buzz cut.”

The look on her face was priceless, because she knows how much I hate getting my hair cut.   All my life I have hated getting my hair cut.  Mostly because of the time I grew up in was at the end of the hippie era.  My mom and I would argue about my hair and about the time of my senior year in high school I won out and let my hair fly in the breeze!  That is until I decided where I went to college.

Wouldn’t you know Ricks College in Rexburg said hair above the collar and over the ears and NO LONG SIDEBURNS!

So the day before going to Ricks my long flowing locks became a haircut so short it looked like I had whitewalls above my ears.

My years at Ricks the hair was short but after the hair came back.  At one point down to my shoulders with a beard that ZZ TOP would have been proud of.

Over the years I have had medium length hair and beard but would tell all that listened.  I wanted hair long enough to put into a pony tail.

Now men with longer hair might have a pony tail but a newer hairstyle called the man bun has been popular.  Maybe I can blame the “MAN BUN” on cutting my hair. I do not like that style at all.  But a skin care Doctor suggested the shorter hair as a way to control a psoriasis condition I have.

That is why I asked for the BUZZ CUT! That and I hate “MAN BUNS”


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Do you have a “BUCKET LIST”?

I don’t, but there are things in my life I thought I would never do.

“You don’t tug on Superman’s cape”… or Batman’s either

“You don’t spit into the wind” … There are other things I wouldn’t do into the wind or even a stiff breeze.

But today I find myself getting ready to do something I thought I would never do.   No it is not a diet.  No not an exercise program and no it is not eating an impossible burger either.

I kept waking up in the middle of the night thinking about it.

What is it well ………..  Come back on Thursday to find out


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When you go to a Family reunion do you have any famous people come?   Who are you related too.  If you dig deep enough you are likely to find someone who is famous or maybe a historical figure.

The only ones I know of are the man Denton Texas was named after and another Richard Denton who was an early settler of New Hyde Park on Long Island and help solidify the Presbyterian Church in the new world.   The Denton house in New Hyde Park actually has a McDonalds in it.

I guess that is why I crave Big Mac’s …. And you would think I could get a few comps thrown my way with the name Denton   BUT NO!  Not even a fry!

I know that there is a dark side to the Denton name in west central Tennessee!!!

Once here is Cache Valley a man who shared my name made the news but not in a good way…

My sisters Judy and Sandra can probably come up with a few more famous Denton’s than I could.

So who in your family tree is famous?  People Magazine has some relatives of names we all know

  1. Keith Morrison from “Dateline” is Matthew Perry’s stepfather.  Matthew was only 10 when Keith married his mom.  And they’re pretty tight.  Matthew even bought his stepdad a Porsche 911. (And I can’t get a Free Big Mac)
  2. Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance and Joe Rogan are distant cousins.
  3. Melissa Gorga from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and “Karate Kid” superstar Ralph Macchio are cousins.
  4. Elle and Dakota Fanning are related to Kate Middleton.
  5. Al Roker and Lenny Kravitz are distant cousins.  You probably never thought about it, but it makes sense.  Remember, Lenny’s mom was Roxie ROKER from “The Jeffersons”. His daughter Zoe is and actress who has been in several movies.
  6. Halle Berry and Sarah Palin are distant relatives.
  7. Singer Elle King is Rob Schneider’s daughter.
  8. Denis Leary and Conan O’Brien are third cousins.

The list also includes some connections that may NOT be all that surprising.

Like the fact that Tom Hanks and Mr. Rogers are related . . . which came out during the hype for the movie “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”.


Today is national Pancake Day!   Here are some pancake facts

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A friend of mine texted me this weekend just to check up with me.  Well I texted back ‘ DOING OK AFTER A FEW WEIRD MONTHS WITH 2 SURGERIES ON MY WRIST, GETTING A WISDOM TOOTH PULLED , NECK FUSION SURGERY AND NOW I HAVE THE FLU”

Thankfully, I’ m feeling better today, but to be honest with you I am a little down with everything that has happened in the space of a few months.

Getting that text yesterday from an old friend was a pick me up and today another old friend texts and says he is in town!  That was a huge pick me up. We will catch up today at lunch.

So the moral of this little story is ….. Well there is no moral to this story!   I just love hearing from old friends


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I will admit that I need a haircut and I will look in the mirror after the haircut and I will say.  Yep you look better with a haircut.

That doesn’t mean I have to like it!  I am an old hippie and I hate getting my hair cut!

So I just get the basic cut nothing fancy or too stylish.  Do I want a mullet?   How about a “MAN BUN” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Image result for NO

How about just shaving it bald.  Well I guess I would shave it before I had a “MAN BUN”

Here is a Poem about Hair from George Carlin



I’m aware some stare at my hair.
In fact, to be fair,
Some really despair of my hair.
But I don’t care,
Cause they’re not aware,
Nor are they devonaire.
In fact, they’re just square.

They see hair down to there,
Say, “Beware” and go off on a tear!
I say, “No fair!”
A head that’s bare is really nowhere.
So be like a bear, be fair with your hair!
Show it you care.
Wear it to there.
Or to there.
Or to there, if you dare!

My wife bought some hair at a fair, to use as a spare.
Did I care?
Au contraire!
Spare hair is fair!
In fact, hair can be rare.
Fred Astair got no hair,
Nor does a chair,
Nor a chocolate eclair,
And where is the hair on a pear?
Nowhere, mon frere!

So now that I’ve shared this affair of the hair,
I’m going to repair to my lair and use Nair, do you care?

I get a haircut next week

Harrison Ford say’s no meat . Social media is affecting break ups

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The inspiration of today’s blog comes from Elton John who over the past 2 weeks has performed at a concert where the temperature was 104 when he started and then an hour later the show was stopped because of a severe thunderstorm.   Then last weekend at a concert in New Zeeland Elton lost his voice during the show and had to be taken off the stage.

Whenever you are at a live event just about anything can and will happen.  I have seen a few myself

While at an Eddie Rabbit concert in Missouri just as Eddie started singing I love a rainy night a huge thunderstorm hit.

I was a guest judge for a BBQ contest with the judging taking place as Lacy J Dalton was performing in iffy weather conditions when a Tornado siren went off!  As part of my job I also worked with law enforcement during emergencies so I left my judges post and went to a meeting with the County Sherriff, City Police chief and the Mayor on plans to try to evacuate the 15 thousand people on the fair grounds at that time.. Luckily the Tornado that did touchdown was miles down the road and moved away from the fairgrounds.

I was at a Guns and Roses concert that broke out into a riot just because AXL Rose didn’t want someone to take his picture.  On a side note. A few night later I had been asked to MC a country concert with Mark Chestnutt and before the show Mark was kind enough to ask us to join him on his tour bus.  Mark then asked me about the riot in St Louis and the look on his face when I told him that we were there.

I was at an outdoor Lynyrd Skyrynd concert where the concert crowd was building bon fires out of the paper cups that came with beer.  Some of the fires were huge and the people who were drunk or otherwise chemically out there started dancing in and out of the fires.

At the cache valley Cruise in concert with Styx a man sitting in front of me on the 3rd row though it was too loud and stuffed candied almonds in his ears as ear plugs.!   I was hot and you can just imagine.

Finally a touching moment with country singer Mark Chesnutt once again.  A few after my first encounter with Mark I was invited to a Columbia Mo. concert by a friend who ran the fairgrounds there.   After we arrived my friend gave us credentials to be back stage and told me that he was going to tell Mark that his Grand Father had passed away.

After Mark had taken a few minutes to call his family and have a few alone minutes, he came to do a meet and greet with fans and others backstage.  As I gave my condolences to mark for the loss of his grandfather I told him “no one would blame you if you cancelled the show” Mark looked at me with a tear in his eye and said his grandfather would have wanted him to do the show and not disappoint the fans.

A very touching moment happened about half way when a small rain storm hit and Mark walked out to the edge stretched his hands towards the heavens and let the cheers of the crowd envelope him.   After a pause he said ‘THANK YOU GRANDPA” most of the people in attendance had no idea about his loss that day but I did.  And as I write this a tear comes to my eye



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Before I get too involved in writing my blog post today I think I need to tell the love of my life Teresa a Happy Valentine’s day.   We met almost 26 years ago on my first day in Utah at a time in my life that there is was so much uncertainty in my life and without her I am not sure where I would be at this time in my life.  No matter how many curve balls life sends our way she is the one constant that keeps me grounded.   This June 17th we celebrate our 25th anniversary and I couldn’t be happier.

So now the sappy stuff is out of the way, let’s get on with it.

I am here this morning operating on about one and a half hours of sleep.  I over did my home therapy for my left hand and wrist so that was hurting and then my neck was hurting and I just could not get comfortable and kept looking at the clock …. 10:35… 11:15…. 12:20 ….. 2am… and so many games of spider solitaire and phone games, I thought I would never get to sleep.  The last look at the clock was 2:38 am then it happened……. 4:15am stupid alarm clock.

But I get to the radio station at 5am and start getting ready and got my second wind.   And the show seemed to fly by with lots of Valentine fun and a great guest.   I seem to have a sleepless night 2 or 3 times a year and more times than not that second wind kicks in and I get to have a fun time being with you.

There is always an exception to the rule.

Two weeks ago I wasn’t feeling well and thought I was getting the flu… I had a sleepness night, thought    about not coming in but did and I should have.  I never got really sick but man I felt lousy and felt like the show wasn’t very good that morning.

So now the second wind is getting winded and I need a nap.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and great weekend

Today at 745 I was joined by The M.K. Bandit a professional wrestler from Utah and we talked about a local promotion “Devotion Championship Wrestling” now going to provide a Pro- Wrestling show on CW 30 every Saturday morning at 11:30.

I got excited about the announcement and wanted to share it with you that I invited MK on the show.  This was a grate interview with a very entertaining man who has a love for the sport of professional wrestling.  Listen to the entire interview here

Rejected cards

Stupid news had dogs cussing and a mom not being a good mom.


Laff lines of course is about Valentine’s Day



I had a conversation with the man who is helping me with my therapy on my left hand.  He said that he noticed I was always early for my appointments.

That’s true


My mother  gave me some advice  when she said “that when you go to work show up early so you can be ready for work when you shift begins”.

Once or twice a year I forget to set my alarm clock!  I came close last night  as I started to get that sleepy dust in my eyes  I realized I had not set my alarm

In Missouri I was late my 1st day of a new job, why it was icy and I slid off the road!  True story and it was on a dirt road in the county so I got out of my truck said a few of those words and promptly fell on the ice and heard every vertebrae in my back get readjusted!  As I lay there trying to catch my breath I started to laugh.  Yep falling on ice is funny especially when you don’t hurt yourself.

I worked for a man who was late for everything, I mean everything, HE had called for an employee’s meeting one morning and he was on time!  I was shocked!  However most of the employees knew he would be late so they were late for the meeting.   The steam coming out of his ears was hilarious as he saw how being late can really ruin a plan.   As he complained to me I felt it only right to tell him that the rest of the staff was late because they thought he would be late.   At that time his anger became embarrassment.   He was still late all the time.

Before the days of assigned seating at movie theaters I went to see a film and showed up early so I could pick the seat I wanted.  I got my overpriced popcorn  and giant overpriced soda ( hoping that the movie wasn’t too long if you know what I mean)  I sat down and watched the coming attractions and it was almost time for the movie.  It was a  crowded theater when an usher asked me if I would move so a late comer could get my seat.  I almost got removed from the theater when I refused telling the usher that I came early so I could get the seat I wanted and that I should not have to move because this person showed up late.   The theater started clapping.   I didn’t move and watched the movie and wished the usher would have tossed me out it was really bad.

I found some excuses people use for being late from  Career Builder’s annual late-to-work survey, 25% of us are late at least once a month . . . and 12% said they’re late at least once a week.  37% of people between 18 and 44 are late at least once a month, compared to just 14% of people over 45.

The most common excuses we use are, “I got stuck in traffic” and “I overslept.”  But when you’re late all the time, you’ve gotta get creative.  Here are some of the t DUMBEST excuses bosses said they’ve heard . . .

“My coffee was too hot, and I couldn’t leave until it cooled down.”

My fake eyelashes got stuck together.

I was here, but I fell asleep in the parking lot.

My dog ate my work schedule

And if you are a guy don’t try this one “I am late because of morning sickness”   No dude you are not preggers you are Hung over!

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