Here is it time once again for the TOP OF UTAH MARATHON.  I remember being so excited for the very 1st one.  The route ran right past my in-law home so my wife and I decided to watch the runners from the front porch.  We did so , IN THE SNOW.  Yes it was cold and snowy that morning, but what fun I had as the runners went past.  I have a lot of respect for the people who can will themselves to run 26.2 mile.

A few years later I was asked to be the announcer at the finish line of the run and to see those who could barely finish or the ones who had ran for personal reasons celebrating with loved ones.  I t was an experience that I will never forget!

At the end of each week I try to find something to blog about and hopefully find something fun for you to read and hear.   So away we go!

Have you ever embellished a resume when looking for a job?  A new survey had HR managers list the dumbest things they’ve seen on résumés.  Some are lies, and some are just stupid.  Here are the top nine . . .

  1. A guy claimed he’d personally studied under the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who died over 100 years ago.
  2. Someone claimed they’d written a set of computer code that the hiring manager had actually written.
  3. A guy included a picture with all of his pets for no apparent reason.
  4. Someone listed Microsoft as a previous employer, and then didn’t know who Bill Gates was.
  5. Someone sent in a résumé that obviously wasn’t theirs.  So the HR person googled it.  And it turned out they just lifted it straight off the Internet.
  6. Someone claimed they had a specific credential they didn’t really have.  And they were applying for a job at the company that GRANTS that credential.
  7. A guy included a lengthy description about his family members.
  8. Even though it had nothing to do with the job, a guy included the fact that his favorite hobby is to watch horror movies.
  9. A guy claimed he was a former spy for the CIA.  But the dates he listed were when he was in elementary school.


If you miss the show here are some clips of some of the things we do in the morning including STUPID NEWS at 7:15 each morning .

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I know we have all been shocked to see the news out of Huston and Hurricane Harvey.   It should make us think about how well we are prepared for a disaster that could hit at any time.

On our morning show we talked with 2 women about Harvey .  Esther Wheat who recently moved to Texas, and has family in Cache Valley.


We also talked with Kayleen Barton a graduate of Mt. Crest who has lived in the Houston area for the past 6 years.    You might remember her voice on the radio on KIX 96

Not everything we did this week was Harvey.   Here are some of the fun things we did



As news of Hurricane Harvey and it’s destruction of Huston Texas, I was thinking of friends who lived there.  Yesterday we spoke to Eshter Wheat and today we talk with Kayllen Barton.  Kayleen is a Cache valley native who graduated from Mt Crest High School.  That is when I got to know her when she started working at our radio station.  She married another Mt Crest alum Corey and now they live right outside of Huston.

Here is our conversation


August  25 2017

Where does the time go?  Summer is almost over, and I still haven’t taken down my Christmas decorations.    Not really, but man time has flown this summer.   Kids are going back to school and the football season is here.

I had to look twice at this  survey found the Internet is the number one thing we’d REFUSE to give up, even if we were totally broke and couldn’t really afford it.  Here are the top ten things we wouldn’t give up .

1.  The Internet.  54% of people said they’d never give it up, no matter what.

  1. Your phone, 53%.
  2. Driving, 48%.
  3. Your pets, 37%.
  4. Cable TV, 21%.
  5. Going out to eat, 19%.
  6. Traveling, 17%.
  7. College courses, and other things that further your education, 13%.
  8. Buying gifts for people, 13%.
  9. Alcohol, 11%.

The total eclipse was on everyone’s mind this week  as we  took in this beautiful sight.     Traffic problems did not happen on Saturday or Sunday but on I-15 Monday evening it was bumper to bumper and a 2 ½ trip from I.F. to Logan grew to 6 hours, but most people who went said it was worth it.

A new feature on the morning show is called “Stupid news”  where we talk about some bizzare things you won’t hear about on CNN.  You can listen to it here and also some of the other fun things on the morning show


Friday July 28th



Did you know that you are eating your food wrong?   WHAT???????  I saw insert mouth and injest!

In college a friend of mine was in a hurry while eating breakfast in the cafeteria and a lady asked him “Do you breath when you eat”.

There is a family joke that says “My favorite kind of Ice Cream is COLD”

A few months after I was married at a radio station party we were playing a Newlywed game and my wife was asked that question about me.  When I answered COLD and she flipped over her card and it read COLD we were accused of cheating some how..

A recent article in the Huffington post article it showed how we are eating certain foods!

Here are some of the things what we did this week,





July 21st 2017

Theirs is a lot on my mind today.   It’s back to school time, and it might seem early to be thinking to some, to others is a wonderful time of the year as in this classic commercial

A recent survey of 1000 parents wanted to see what back to school shopping trends would be for 2017.

  1. Back to school spending is up nearly 18% from 2016, with the average family spending about $428 dollars on the family to prepare for back to school
  2. 36% of consumers hate having to spend money on school supplies.
  3. 21% say it is difficult to find the items they need
  4. 13% said they don’t like the hassle of taking the kids shopping.
  5. 65% of consumers look forward to sending their kids back to school.


This Monday July 24th we celebrate Pioneer Day in Utah.  The day the Mormon settlers came into the Salt Lake Valley.  Recently I took a road trip with my wife and went   and joined the trail through the Mountains near Henefer.  I came away with a new awe of the grit those pioneers went through to make it to the valley.    I was driving in my car and I was wore out.    I have great respect for those who came here before all of our modern day conveniences.

So as I close, I thank those who came before us.   I also thank you for letting me do what I do.   I tell people all the time I have a wonderful job.   I get to play RADIO and that is something to be thankful for.

Here is some of the fun we had this week

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July 7 2017

I was at the Cruise in getting ready for the Cruise in Concert with Night Ranger and I started thinking about how nice the weather was that night!  Earlier in the week it was HOT, but on Friday June 30th it was AWESOME!

Now that brings us to this week, and all I can say is MAN IT IS HOT!  I found this video with some ways to stay a little cooler.

So Stay KOOL this summer!

here is some of the fun things we did this week!