The big question of the past 24 hours has been, “Did you feel the Earthquake”  The was what one news outlet(AP) “a light but widely felt earthquake”  the quake was a 4.3 and centered 8 miles south of Soda Springs Idaho at 8:32pm.

I was watching “Arrow” when it happened.  I felt it in my ….. For lack of a better term BUTT!  Really my seat was shaking and I looked at the ceiling fan swaying.

I had heard that you can become disoriented after a tremor and I did for about 20 minutes I felt like I had Vertigo.

Several years ago there was a quake that hit in Nevada causing some damage.  It happened about 7:15am why do I remember the time?  I was on the air and my microphone started moving here in Logan.  It moved enough that it hit me in the mouth.  But not everyone here at the radio stations in our building felt it.

The tremor made me remember a night way back November 16th 1970.  I was watching Monday night football when I felt a small quake that had hit the New Madrid fault.  Why would I remember a night like that? Damage? Nope.  Was I scared?  Of course not I was a teenager full of hormones!    It was the game itself!

I was a rabid fan of the Cardinals and hated the Cowboys and my team shut out the boys 33-0 that night.  Dandy Don Meredith was beside himself angry and letting everyone know he wasn’t happy!  Because he wasn’t happy I WAS!

Friday January 26, 2018 was National Spouse day.   So I say “HI Spouse to my wife Teresa!

Anyway, a new survey found the 10 things that annoy us the most about our spouses.  Check ’em out . . .

  1. Selective listening, 40%. 2.  Snoring, 39%.   3.  Being a control freak, 26%.     4.  Not financially responsible, 20%.
  2. Gross habits like nose picking, flatulence, and burping, 19%.
  3. Not contributing enough to housework, 18%.
  4. Messy habits like leaving dirty clothes on the floor, 17%.
  5. Works too much, 16%.   9… Doesn’t get along with your parents, 8%.   10.  Always forgets your anniversary, 5%.

The survey also found the 10 things that we actually APPRECIATE about our spouses . . .

  1. Hard working, 60%. 2.  You can be yourself around them, 56%.    3.  Makes you laugh, 56%.    4.  Smart, 52%.   5.  Supportive of your goals, 48%.   6.  Great parent, 45%.
  2. Sexy, 44%. 8.  Good with money, 31%.    9.  Does the dishes, 29%.    10.  Buys you things, 28%.

Now I am sure that my wife doesn’t find any of my idiotic synchronies annoy her!  And the Top 10 is ME!  #7 is all about ME!

NO really, I am a lucky man.  I often say “I would take back everything I said bad about my wife, except I can’t say anything bad about her”.  That is not my way of getting on her good side it is the truth.  And if I get on her good side all the better!!!!!!!!


Today we talked the XFL

Stupid news, Had a wedding, a world record and Oprah loving pooh:

Laff lines: Jeff Herfron on marriage







This morning I read a story in the New York post that one In three of use can’t go through a meal without their phone!   I couldn’t believe it

I DO THAT!  You would think someone my size wouldn’t let anything distract him when there is food around.  However I am guilty!   I play games, I check Facebook, and I even eat.

On Wednesday afternoon I was playing a stupid game on my phone and thought “I am so lazy. I have things I need to do, yet here I am trying to get little colored shapes to match up and uncover the gold! So what am I going to do about it?  Probably nothing!  No really I am going to make an effort to cut back on the use of the device and work on other projects.

If you want to tell a bad joke to your kids about their use of phone here goes. “You kids and your phones, why back in my day the only apps I cared about during dinner were the appetizers!

Notice Fozzy is wearing a St Louis Cardinals baseball cap.  GOOD MAN!

In the stupid news this morning there was a story about a man getting stopped by the cops in North Dakota and for some reason it caused me to remember something that happened to me years ago on I-40 in New Mexico?

I was helping my sister move to Salt Lake city and was driving a van full of her stuff when traffic came to a standstill about 15 miles east of Albuquerque New Mexico because of a major accident.  So we wait for traffic to start moving along very slowly.  It was stop and then move a few feet, this went on for about an hour.  One of the times when we were inching our way along a Semi pulled up next to us and it was hauling PIGS!  I probably made come Convoy jokes about those pigs getting intense.

As I sat there , with the window rolled up for obvious reason one pig got his rear end an poked his little curly tail through one of the holes in the trailer.  Yep my view for about 5 minutes was a Pig Butt!  Then Nature called and this pig didn’t have call waiting and YUK!  Boy was I glad when traffic started moving again!

On the morning show today I found something that will improve my health without exercise or veggies.    Plus we talked New Year’s Resolutions and the Tide Pod Challenge

Later in the morning I realized I was wearing a Shelby Mustang Shirt today!

Stupid news:  Don’t drive too slowly, the mail must go through and Big Mama is dead!


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Something unusual happened to me last night.  I sat down after dinner to watch a little TV.  On DVD we watched 2 episodes of Agent Carter a show that lasted only 2 seasons on ABC but is was very good.  It was a show that took place after Capitan America had crashed his plane and the girl Agent Carter was left behind to carry on her work as a secret agent.   It was such a fun show.

Then it was time for the FLASH.  One of my favorites on current T.V.  And on that show I noticed someone a lot of people might not have known.   Bill Goldberg.  Bill played in the NFL and became a Pro Wrestler who is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in March.   It was a fun show to watch even without GOLDBERG!

Ok now it is 8pm and a new Super Hero show is on. “Black Lighting” I watched it last week and said “it is ok”, so I was ready for the story to continue, should have known better.  Not so good acting bad sxf and the story line that turned in social commentary.  I don’t watch TV to be preached at, but that is OK I have a remote that works and a delete button on my DVR.   Can’t wait for the return of” Legends” to return.

That made me think of the few times I either walked out of a movie or turned off a show.   It hasn’t happened a lot but it has happened.  There was a rip off of The Bad News Bears called Here Comes the Tigers it was so bad that out went Dave.  Even the guys at MST 3000 couldn’t make that show enjoyable.

I walked out of “Looking for Mr. Goodbar”  one of the stupidest movies I have ever seen and I wished I had walked out on 48 hours with Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte.  I think Eddie Murphy is such a talent I love him in some of his movies but I can only take the “F bomb” so many times,  I was sick when I left that one.

One more item about movies I wish I had walked out on.  Any movie with Ben Stiller in it.  I don’t know why people think he is funny because to me he isn’t.  Yes I have seen the Night in the Museum movies which to me are barley watchable.   Maybe I am just too old to get Ben.

My Hero’s watching over me every morning

So that is my rant for today. If you don’t agree with me that is fine because as a friend of my said to me one time “If we all had the same taste, this would be a very boring world”


Is it Rodney or President Trump :

Stupid 911 calls

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Happy National Pie Day

One quick observation about Pie.   Village Inn is known for Pie and yes I will order some when I am there.  But if you want to see something unusual go to a Village Inn on Wednesday.  Why?

IT’S FREE PIE DAY!  I recently went to the Village in forgetting that it was Free Pie day.   I found out something, the older you get the more pie you love!  The place was full of mostly older people there to get the FREE PIE.

Now I am 60 years old, no spring chicken but that made me laugh to see it packed with people for the pie.   I knew a lot of them too.   I think I spent more time talking to these great people than eating.   That is until my pie arrived!  I have priorities.

Listen here


I am a TV junkie, I love to watch television.   Always have always will.  Today my wife and I find ourselves watching a lot of history shows and shows about cops!  Oh yes you know I watch my Super Hero shows.   The Flash, Arrow, Legends of the DC universe and Gotham.   I also will watch Supergirl and Marvel’s agents of SHiELD.  But if I miss one, no prob.

Sitcoms have been my go to shows over the years, here is a list of 10 sitcoms I can and have watch over and over again.  In no particular order.

The Odd Couple:  Oscar Madison is my hero!

Lavern and Shirley:  this could be number one on my list just because of Lenny and Squiggy, especially when they did Lenny and the Squigtones.

Seinfeld: the show about nothing, the soup Nazi, the contest, the marine biologist and SHRINKAGE!   Do women know about that?

The Big Bang Theory: Nerds and Geeks, I enjoyed the show so much that watching the scenes at the comic book store inspired me to collect comic books and super hero toys!  I might be a Geek but I am not a Nerd

The Andy Griffith show, timeless comedy and clean too!  During the holidays we watched a lot of Andy.

Everybody Love Raymond.  Sibling rivalry, families and a meddling Mother in law.  Makes me appreciate my Mother in law so much.

The Simpson’s.  At 1st the show focused on Bart, but I am a Homer man because “I am so smart, S M R T”

Both Bod Newhart shows: These ensemble shows are classic.  And I had a big crush on Susan Plehette.

The Wonder Years!  I lived it,kind of.

But there are some shows that some people love that I just say “ I don’t get it”  Shows that I tried to watch but  just aren’t for me.

Two and a half men, a one joke sitcom and I didn’t get the joke

Survivor:  I survived watching one show and that was enough

American Idol.  Why? I just don’t like it

Rossane:  I liked it a little when it came out but now I don’t.  Nope I will not be watching the revival on ABC.

Sex in the City:  Beautiful women, Ok story lines, but it bored me.

South Park:  They should have Killed Kenny a long time ago, I don’t like gross out humor so add Beavis and Butthead to the list.  However I did laugh a few times at how dumb these burn out teens were.

The Daily Show; Clever political humor that just turned cruel and not funny to me

If you enjoy some of these shows and don’t like my favorites that OK we all have different taste.  And as Bruce Springsteen sang “57 channels and nothing on”

Stupid news:  Include a pot bust, a candle light vigil, and stupid people doing a stupid thing and making retailers change the way they do business because of Stupid People

Laff Lines:  Sports and Steroids




One of the great things about being on the radio is some of the fun things you get to do.  Over the years I have been in a Helicopter with Santa Claus that almost crashed.   It was foggy and the headset I was wearing wasn’t working so I was blissfully unaware until we landed and the piolet landed got out of the chopper and promptly tossed his cookies and almost fainted.

I had the opportunity to be a part of the 2002 winter Olympics torch relay.  NO I DIDN’T RUN, I don’t run.  I was asked to be in the truck ahead of the Olympic flame announcing have far back the torch was.   I was really fun but in Cache valley it was well below freezing and I was in the back of a moving truck!  Can you say wind chill.   I will have more on my experience on that as we get ready for the winter games.

I have had the opportunity of interviewing several celebrities I think my favorite was Tommy Smothers of the Smothers Brothers.   I have met several major music acts, Rock and country music too.

Alex Boye came to the studio one morning for an interview and we joked and laughed so much that his manager had to drag him out of the studio.

Yes this job can be fun!

This morning an item in Stupid news reminded me of a time that I think I had more fun on the air than I have ever had.   Several years ago a traveling marketing van  came to Logan.   IT WAS THE OSCAR MYER WEINER MOBILE.

They were touring the country videotaping kids singing the Oscar Myer song for possible national commercial.   The drivers on the Weiner Mobile came to our studios for an interview.

You know me I love to have fun so I had everyone in the station come into the control room along with the Oscar Myer people and we sang live on the radio.  OH I WISH I WAS AN OSCAR MYER WEINNER”   Oh I wasn’t finished yet I asked them to sing again. “MY BOLAGNA HAS A FIST NAME “then I asked if I could check out the Weiner mobile.  And got to sit behind the wheel.  Here is a picture of the Wiener mobile at our studios.

The picture of me behind the wheel did turn out.  DRATS!

After the Weiner mobile left to go do tapings the entire station was still laughing about how much fun that was.   Later that day a co-worker had her grandkids at the taping and the Drivers told her it was the most fun they had on their tour.  It was the most fun I have ever had at my job, why?   I am a big kid who loves hot dogs and some people say I am a Weiner!   I accept that with pride!

Here is the Stupid new that brought back the memories of the Weiner mobile, m along with some fake news and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.

The Government shutdown

How old will you be when you are an adult?

Laff Lines: Mellinals are sof






   It is so hard to eat healthy!  When you have that nagging feeling that tells your body “I FEEL THE NEED TO FEED”.   Snacks are really hard to make healthy but I hear Pop Corn is a healthy snack of course if it prepared properly.  I love popcorn especially movie popcorn with the butter or is it a butter like substance on it.   My wife and I will finish a big tube before the movie starts then get a refill on the way home.   I know some people even just go the theater to buy popcorn and then just go home.  We tried that one day but it was a movie opening and the snack counter line was out the door so we went home and broke out the microwave popcorn.

   We I was a kid my mother had a pot that we used to make popcorn on the stove it had a small cup in the bottom that you  would fill with the oil or butter then put in just the right amount and then wait.  Oh the smell of fresh Popcorn.   My mouth is watering right now,

    So what started all of this today (Friday) is National Popcorn Day.  And according to a recent survey, 92% of us enjoy popcorn, or at least don’t hate it.  Here are the 5 most popular popcorn flavors . . .

  1. Classic butter and salt.  31% of people said it’s their favorite way to eat popcorn.
  2. White cheddar, 16%.
  3. Caramel corn, also 16%.
  4. Kettle corn, 15%.  Women were 30% more likely to say they liked it than men.
  5. Regular cheddar, 11%.  So if you combine that with white cheddar, it’s really 27%.

I had a friend who grew up on a farm where they grew popcorn and her favorite way to eat it was to pour on milk and sugar.   NOPE I wouldn’t but I was told that in the little house books they talk about it a lot.

I love to sit down with a bowl of Popcorn and watch TV but sometimes Popcorn don’t cut it.  I WANT SOMETHING ELSE!  Usually something not healthy.

Thrillist has a the most popular snack here are the top 5

  1. Goldfish. Yes made right here in Richmond!
  2. Reese’s Peanut butter cups (I like the crisp bars better)

3 Pringles

  1. Oreo’s – all those flavor choices but just tear apart the cookie lick the frosting and move on to the next! If you want eat the cookie too!
  2. Doritos

Web Md has suggestion for healthy snacks in no order.

Fat Free instant pudding, Nabisco 100% whole grain fig newton’s (those are pretty good).  Reduced fat Triscuts, Lite Popcorn, and Bagel Bites.

So this weekend I will like you will struggle when it comes to snack time.  So I make a sandwich a BLT without the L or the T.!

We talked NFL, had some cold and flu tips too!  Listen here


Stupid News:  parking tickets, a kangaroo and the Hulkster

Laff lines: Brian Regan on Elevators


I am a child of the 70’s and 80’s..  Well really you can add the 60’s to that to.   OK to be truthful, I am a child of the 60’s and 70’s and a young adult of the 80’s.  As I grow older I will talk with kids and tell those stories and they look and me like I am from another planet.  (Could be, you never know)

Here are some of the things we can say to a kid that they have no idea about

Let’s get a stack of 45’s on the old hi-fi and have a dance party

That feeling of getting out a VHS tape and being mad with the last person to use it didn’t rewind it.  Then you realize it was you

Let’s go see a double feature at the drive in

Who wants to play a game of Pong?

Waiting for your favorite song to play on the radio then recording it on your crassest

Going  to Blockbuster to get the movie you have been waiting to see then it is SOLD OUT!

Cool people who had brick phones

The smell the purple ink on the “ditto” paper.
You just heat up the oil first, add the popcorn and shake the pan over the burner.

MTV used to stand for “Music Television” and now stands for “More tasteless viewing”

 Getting lost because you didn’t follow the map

Taping your favorite show only to find out some had recorded over it before you could watch it

Waiting for your pictures to be developed or forgetting to take in the film from your last vacation for a couple of years

And finally waking up early on Saturday mornings so you could watch cartoons and having your mother say “Why can’t you wake up to go to school during the week and now at 6am on Saturday here you are watching Batman”

But hey we still need those kids to help us with our computers

Today we talked Muppets and B. O.

Stupid news: the times we live in, a package delivered to the wrong address and lucky people.  Listen here

Laff lines Jerry Seinfeld on cookies



Who would have thought a simple invention like the telephone would completely change our lives and our habits.   From having to get and operator to help with the call to party lines when you could listen to other people talk (I didn’t do it but I know people who did)   Jr Samples on Hee Haw telling us to call B.R. 5-4-9.

Rock and roll music was influenced by the phone.   Songs like Beachwood -4789< Chantilly Lace, Hello it’s me, I just called to say I love you, Memphis TN, Telephone Man, Telephone line  Call me and of course  867-5309.

Now we use our Smart phones for everything from texting, checking social media, streaming movies and even making telephone calls!   Yes, people actually use their phone to call people.

I text a lot of people myself, I find it easier just a quick note to someone is easier than getting into long conversations.   I am a busy man!  I have Batman comics to read and pro wrestling to watch and oh yeah being on the radio and spending time with my wife.  Boy the sacrifices I make to have a job and have a great marriage.

What gave me the idea for this blog?  I read some stats on Buzzfeed.com about what we do with our phone

 Your phone might be the most expensive thing you carry around.  But according to a recent survey, 22% of us have gotten angry and HURLED our phone across the room before. (Not me) Here are six more stats about our cell phone habits . . .

  1. Have you ever cracked the screen on your phone?  62% of us have.  38% said their screen has always remained intact. (Dirty yes, cracked no)
  2. Do you ever use your phone on the toilet?  94% said yes, including 79% who said they ALWAYS do.  Only 6% said they’ve never used their phone in the bathroom. (I admit it Yep on the toilet, Gotta play those games sometime)
  3. Have you ever dropped it IN the toilet, and had to fish it out?  23% of us have.  Wow, that’s gross. (NOPE, NOPE AND NOPE AND I MIGHT RETHINK THAT TOILET THING)
  4. Do you sleep with your phone in the bedroom?  92% of us do, including 9% who put it under their pillow.  Only 8% said they don’t keep their phone in the room with them. (Most of the time but on vibrate only, my ringtone it The Batman song, don’t want to freak out, that comes when the alarm clock goes off at 4:30)
  5. How many chargers do you have?  30% said just one . . . 37% said two . . . 20% said three . . . and 13% said four or more. (Not sure if I can’t find one I just “Teresa where’s the charger?   And the remote.)
  6. How many apps do you have on your phone . . . is it more than 30?  64% said no, they have less than 30.  36% said yes, they have more than 30 apps.  That includes 8% who said they have WAY more than 30. (My phone came with a bunch and I have added about 10 one of which is the KOOL 1039 AP!  Shameless plug GET YOUR NOW!


What would do without our phone?  Actually talk to each other…. Excuse me some just sent me a text!

I have found a great side gig to make some extra money and there is a new weapon on the war on crime.  Listen here

Stupid news, the Fashion police, Cat medicine and tear gas.  Listen here

Laff Lines Don Ibera on flying: Listen here



  Why am I in a bad mood?  I just am I guess, but I don’t like being in a bad mood.  I really don’t like the feeling that every little thing that goes wrong can make me turn into a grumpy old man.

Maybe I am in a bad mood because the Jazz have lost 5 of their last 6 games.   Maybe it’s because I haven’t felt well the past week and that makes me grumpy.  Maybe I just need to eat more bacon!  YES THAT IT!

So I went on line and found a Huffington Post article on 9 sneaky reason you’re in a bad mood by Amanda L Chan.  Here is some of what Amanda said.

There are lots of reasons to be in a less-than-stellar mood. Strained relationships, financial woes and health problems can all conspire to bring down your mental well-being. For factors like these, we have very little control or say over the outcome. But fortunately, there are a few small things you can change in your life to give your mental state a little lift.

  1. You’re not getting enough fruits and veggies.

    Yes, produce is good for your physical health, but it can also have an impact on mental well-being. Researchers from the University of Warwick and Dartmouth College looked at the diets and well-being of 80,000 people in Great Britain, and found that people who ate about seven 80-gram portions of fruits and vegetables a day also had the highest mental well- being

  2. You still haven’t seen any sunlight today.

    Trapped inside all day? The fix: Take a walk outside! (Dave, she hasn’t been here in an Inversion

  3. You’re dehydrated.

    Being just a little bit dehydrated could lead to a worse mood!

  4. The fix: Make sure you’re guzzling enough god ol: H 2 O. While the oft-heard adage to get eight glasses of water a day is largely considered outdated, the Institute of Medicine does recommend 3.7 liters of total beverage intake each day for men and 2.7 liters each day for women. (And yes, this does include other kinds of beverages, like tea, coffee and juices.)
  1. You’re working too much. (Dave, Yeah that’s it)

    . A study from Kansas State University researchers showed that people who work more than 50 hours a week had decreased physical well-being (from skipping meals) ( Dave Me miss a meal NO)

The fix: Sure, you may be working so much because of circumstances out of your control (deadlines, projects, managers’ expectations). — trying to get a little more sleep.  , and prioritize your goals.

  1. You’re spending way too much time on Facebook. (Dave: You mean all those political post with all the name calling and finger pointing can get you in a bad mood, Nope that is not it.  That just makes me mad!)

    The longer you spend on social media, the worse your mood will get, suggests a 2014 study from Austrian researchers. The reason, it seems, is because using Facebook can feel like a waste of time. “.
    The fix: Actually put the phone down and spend some time with the people physically around you!

  2. You’re all slouchy.

    Little did you know that your mom’s admonishments to “sit up straight” were actually for your mental well-being. A study from San Francisco State University researchers found that changing your posture so that you’re more upright is associated with improved mood and energy.

  3. You haven’t laughed (or smiled) in awhile.

    Even just a smile can do the trick.

  4. You’re tired.

    OK, so it’s not exactly a secret that being sleepy can turn the most charming of personalities into a total crab apple. But it bears mentioning that there’s a link between not getting enough sleep and increased stress and irritability…

The fix: While the amount of sleep needed differs from person to person ,The National Sleep foundation says  adults need seven to nine hours a night, while kids and teens need a bit more.  Dave: you mean not getting to sleep until 11:30pm and waking up at 4:30am is not enough sleep?  I need a nap)

  1. You haven’t escaped to nature in a while.

    A trip to immerse yourself in nature according to a University of Michigan study!

The fix: Get back into nature. (Dave:  Inversion thing again, I guess a trip about the gunk would help)

I will be in a better mood on Wednesday. Why?  It’s HUMP DAY!

There is a new law in New Jersey

Stupid news has Sneezing, a Mayor and a Roundabout

Laff lines Cell Phones


Yes Happy Rusev Day.  What does that mean?   Just like on TV or Radio “MORE AFTER THIS”!

I am sure it has happened to all of us at one time or another.  We look forward to the weekend a time to enjoy life.  But that little tickle in the throat and the aches and pains start and BAM the weekend is ruined.  That is what happened at our house this weekend.

Last Monday it hit me the sick feeling the no energy the coughing the hacking and I didn’t start feeling better until Sunday evening.  My wife comes home from her job on Friday and BAM it hits her.   So our weekend was coughing aches and pains and naps.    This is the cold and flu season and if you haven’t had you flu shot, get it.  I know the reports that this year’s vaccine say it is only 30% effective and there are several strains this year it is worth it to me.  This is the 1st time in about 6 years I had the flu.  The only redeeming feature of the weekend was watching football and napping all day on Sunday.

So what about Ruesev day.   Just think WWE!

As you know I love pro wrestling and do a Pod cast with Ajay Salveson and Zane Petersen about it called turnbuckle trash.  So last week I spent some time putting together a best of 2017 pod cast.  I hope you take time to listen to some of it.  It is in several sections you can listen to.  I think even none wrestling fans will enjoy the BUTTFUMBLE segment of bloopers and 3 guys kidding each other.  Here is a Sample

Want more go to Turnbuckletrash.net

Hope you enjoy it we have fun doing it.

Today’s stupid news comes from Clearfield, Russia, New York City, and Las Vegas.  Listen here

We also had a Christmas eve Celebration???????  Good Morning Vietnam

Laff lines. Brain Regan on who controls the remote