I don’t know how people who live in Phoenix or Vegas do it.  How do they keep from melting in the heat?

I have a cousin who lives in Vegas and recently he sent me a picture of a thermometer in his back yard that read 118 degree’s.


My cousin told me once that you stay inside and schedule things to do early in the morning or late at night.

But at least it’s a dry heat!

Here I am complaining about 95 to 100 degrees.  I am so soft yes SWAFT!

This morning when I get to the radio station there was information about Logan City light and Power asking people to set the Thermostat at 78 degrees from noon until 8pm.  The measures should take some pressure off of the electric grid.

So I thought today’s blog I would attempt to give you some tips on how to stay cool and save electricity.

Some tips from Web MD

Wear loose fitting clothing light in color and use cotton clothing.

Fill a spray bottle with water and keep in in the fridge for a cool down spray.

Use a fan to help circulate the air which will keep you cooler

Take a cool shower. (Cold Showers for teen age boys, but that is for another blog)

Baseball players have been known to take lettuce leaves and freeze them and then put the frozen salad on their head before put their caps on.

And finally from WEB MD use common sense, avoid activities in direct sunlight or on hot asphalt surfaces.  Check on Elderly family and neighbors.  And don’t forget your pets

Now some tips to save energy during a heat wave from

Try not to use you oven, use a microwave or grill outside.  If you need to use your oven try to use it in the morning hours.

Use a programmable thermostat.  Set it higher when you are not home and in peak use hours 

Have your air condition unit serviced for peak performance.

 So finally stop asking “Is it hot enough for you?” I might just snatch and punch you in the face.   Who am I kidding?  It is too hot to punch


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I think I have told you I DO NOT LIKE HOT WEATHER.

When I was a kid in Memphis I remember that during a hot muggy time our air conditioner decided it didn’t want to condition anymore.  Dang it was hot.  We got out all the fans we could opened every window and door hoping the mosquitos would find their way through the screens (they did).  We were miserable.

When it was bed time my sisters and I fought over who would be closest to the fan, and the few times the wind shifted to bring a little cooler air into the house we would all shout.  AHHH!

In Montgomery city Mo. I was helping at an Ice Cream social and it was about 103 and humid.  As I was dishing out the Ice Cream and cold drinks, someone asked for hot coffee.  It is 103 degrees and they want coffee?  HOT!!!!

Well shut my mouth and sit me on a block of ice!  They told me the Hot Coffee tricked the body and made the outside air feel cooler.   YEAH RIGHT!

Well today I am reading they were right!

According to the article on SWNSDIGITAL.COM here are 3 foods to help you cool off.  


  1. Something with chili peppers in it.  It might make you feel hot at first.  But chili peppers trick your body into THINKING it’s hotter than it is.  So they make you sweat, which ultimately causes your body to cool down.
  2. Spinach.  It helps level out your blood pressure, which helps keep you feeling cool.
  3. Soup.  Again, it tricks your body into thinking it’s hot, so you start sweating.  And the moisture on your skin ends up cooling you down.

But for me I will stick with watermelon because it is mostly water and also contains an amino acid that helps cool you down.

Just remember two quotes about hot weather

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

It’s a dry heat!

For me I quote Randy Quaid in the movie “Vegas Vacation”


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Sometimes I feel like a jerk, not a lovable jerk like Navin Johnson in the Steve Martin movie, but I can say and do things that make me seem like a jerk.

Sometimes I say things that can be funny to my mind but as soon as I say it, I feel like a jerk

Here is one example when I got a case of what I call “Athletes tongue”   I put my foot in my mouth.

Years ago my family was gathered for my Grandmother’s funeral.  No I didn’t say something dumb there but later that day.  After the services where we remembered my wonderful grandmother all the cousins went to a restaurant and had dinner together sharing stories and catching up with each other.   The restaurant was kind enough to place us in a large room.   My family likes to laugh and the laughter was loud and joyful as we remembered our grandmother.     As we started to leave I hung around to make sure the wait staff got the tip the deserved and  one of waitresses came up to me and said. “It is such a pleasure to serve such happy people”   And that is when it happened.  Insert foot into mouth time.   I said “We just buried our Grandmother”.

To this day I can see this poor ladies face.  I WAS A JERK!  However, I did realize what I had said and apologized to the.   I felt horrible but I also told here our Grandmother would have loved to see us all together laughing and having a good time.    But the taste of my foot in my mouth is still there.

There are times if I wonder if I have been a jerk or not.  Most of time it is a social situation and for whatever reason I wonder if I spent enough time talking with this person and try to remember if I ended our conversation properly.

So today I give you some other times you might not realize you might be a jerk.

Not saying Hi to a receptionist

Texting when you are talking with someone.

Leaving your grocery cart in the parking lot.  Let me add shopping inside the store and parking your cart on one side and blocking the aisle so others can’t get by.   This happened to me and when I said to the woman “Excuse me” you would have thought I was stealing money from her.  “JERK”

Using a speaker phone in public.

Here is one that might make people think I am a jerk.  But here goes anyway.

Thinking everyone loves your pet.   Dogs barking, Cats roaming the neighborhood using people’s flower beds as a litter box.  Taking a pet with you into a store.   Now I know some people have service animals and that is not what I am talking about.  I am talking about those who bring the pet with them because they are just so cute.   Every time I see an animal in a store I always think about people who are allergic or have a fear of an animal.

So if for some reason if I have been a jerk I hope you know I never try to hurt someone’s feelings.  But then again if you become a jerk that can bring out the jerk in me.



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It happens!  Oh how I want to rephrase that and add 2 other letters to the beginning of IT.

It has been a strange couple of days for me.   The weekend started great with the visit of two young friends who always make me smile.  Then on Saturday morning we went by Elk Ridge Park to check out the bikes and to thank our veterans for what they have sacrificed for us.  Driving up 2500 North and seeing the American Flags all along the roadway was an incredible site.

Then the weekend kind of took a downward direction.  Nothing horrible but kind of strange.  My wife became ill, butt is doing better.  I was visiting someone when my car battery died.  Then on Sunday night I had started feeling a little strange (me strange, who would have thunk it).   I have had a step backward in treating an infection of a salvia gland and it flared up again last night.  That led to a night of some but not enough sleep.  The alarm goes off and after a quick three SSS’s (shave, shower and shampoo) I was on the on the road and notice KOOl was not on the air.

One of the computers decided to not work. After about 45 minutes of bad language and a frantic call to the I.T. guys and a quick fix I was on the air but I felt a little off all morning long.  I just marked it up to ONE OF THOSE DAYS!   Yes –It happens

This morning a KOOL thing happened at a concert.  Also some Trekie news

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I had a situation on Thursday that I think we have all faced at one time or another.  SHOULD I SEE A DOCTOR ABOUT THIS”

Here is what happened, I was feeling fine but if I tried to eat I would get a nasty pain in my jaw just below the ear.  This pain was sharp stabbing and made be grab at my jaw and then I noticed it.  You could see the swelling along my jaw line and you could feel the lump.   But is it bad enough to see a Doctor.

This time it was.  I went to an Insta Care and the doctor said I had infection in a saliva gland that needed treatment.  I almost felt relived.  You have all kinds of thought when you have pain.  Was it a bad tooth, was it an ear ache or worse.

But there is always that nagging question when something is wrong.  It is like the song from the CLASH! “Should I stay or should I go”.  I have gone to the Dr and it turned out to be nothing.  I have gone to the Dr and it was serious, but boy do you feel silly when it is nothing or next to nothing.   I second guess myself every time.

So today I got on the web and found a site which gave some advice.

Many symptoms and problems can be handled at home. (Gee thanks, I knew that already)

They went on to say, people with certain health issue should see a doctor when new symptoms develop.  The website added that when you are unsure about seeing a Dr or health care provider you can call the office for guidance. (That is what I did on Thursday).

So the question of when to see the Dr is a hard one, it cost money and health care can be expensive.    I guess I don’t have many answers but really you only have one life and your body is trying to tell you something,  So if the question is “Should I stay or Should I Go”  I would probably GO!

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There is an important event coming back to Cache valley this Saturday.  The Michael J. Allred Ride for the Fallen.   The ride was originally organized after the death of U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Michael J Allred.   The event is Saturday August 4th at Elk Ridge Park in North Logan Today it was my pleasure to talk with four Veterans about the ride and a Veterans Resource center coming soon to Cache valley. 


 On Wednesday I had a friend as me “If you had your druthers where would live?”   I had to think about that because I have lived in many places since I left home at the age of 18. 

So what was my answer?  In a roundabout way I said right here in Logan Utah.  I said roundabout way and that is why I need to explain.  I have found reason’s to enjoy every place I have lived.  

In Logan I have a great job, a wife that I love deeply, great friends and a beautiful place to live. 

Montgomery city Missouri was just a great community with awesome people and if was so hard to leave, I still miss it.

Baton rouge La.   OH THE FOOD!!!!!!!  Did I mention the FOOD?

Paris Tn.  A beautiful community with friends and family.  Not only that but they have “THE WORLDS BIGGEST FISH FRY”

If you asked me the place I liked the least I would have to say Troy Missouri.  Nothing against Troy but I worked with a jerk of a boss who made my life miserable.

I told my friend something I strongly.  You can happy anywhere if you really try

This morning I did find something interesting that ranked the 50 states on a happiness scale.  It came from the Magnify Money web site and that  ranked the happiest and least happy states in America by looking at three categories.

This morning I did find something interesting that ranked the 50 states on a happiness scale.  It came from the Magnify Money web site and that  ranked the happiest and least happy states in America by looking at three categories.

Health…including things like depression rates and how much sleep people get

Lifestyle choices… work-life balance and how many vacations days people take.

Prosperity .. things like household income and unemplyment

The 10 happiest state South Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, UTAH, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Montana

The 10 unhappiest states.  Louisiana, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky , Arkansas, Tennessee, Nevada and Georgia.



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I admit it, I have had a love affair!  Before you call my wife and tattle let me explain.  My love affair has been with McDonalds.  Big Mac’s quarter pounder nuggets and of course the French fries.   When the sign says Billons served that means just to me!

When I was a kid and Memphis got its 1st McDonalds it happened to be on what is now Elvis Presley Blvd.  We drove by it every Sunday on the way to church.  I was young and hungry and the McDonalds became somewhat of a battle ground between my mother and me.   Sometimes after church my mom would stop at KFC to get our Sunday meal.  That was fine with me fried chicken and Sunday’s go together in the south.

One Sunday, Mom stopped at KFC and I, being the brat that I was pitched a fit.   I didn’t want “Finger Licking Good” I wanted to “Keep My Eyes on My Fires”.  Let the pouting begin.  Boy was I a brat that day.  Mom, trying to keep the peace for the rest of the Sabbath compromised.  She bought her KFC and the rest of us got McDonalds.   I don’t remember if I thanked her that day but boy looking back on it I need to say one thing.


No on to Monopoly, I never really liked them game but I had sisters and my cousin who did.  I played the game and usually, ok all the time, lost.   The game takes forever to play, then you have to count phony money.  I just was not my thing.  But I did like the fun around the game and who got to be the race car!

Years back McDonalds and Parker Brothers, the makers of Monopoly did a promotion that involved a Million dollars.  I got game pieces maybe won a small fry or a small drink but never really came close to winning anything.  Then on Tuesday August 31st I was listening to “For the People” on our sister Radio Station 610 KVNU.   The host of the show Jason Williams peaked my interest with a story about McDonalds, Monopoly and the Mob.  So I invited him on the show to tell us about and it is crazy.

Here is Jason Williams from today’s morning show


By the way on Long Island New York there is a McDonalds that is built into a historic landmark called “THE DENTON MANSION” Yep, years ago my family had enough money to build a mansion.   That money trickled down from generation to generation to today when there is no trickle no more!

Today in August 1st

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A friend of mine on Facebook had one of those quizzes where you tell people a little bit about yourself.

Questions like:  Have you ever been to another country?  Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?   What is your favorite ice cream?

One of the questions really made me think.  That question was

What is your dream job?   I thought about it and wrote, I am doing my dream job!   I can’t think of anything else I would rather do for my job than being on the radio.   (Well maybe a professional bacon taster, but that is just a pie in the sky dream).

I wasn’t always in radio.  My 1st job was at a junk yard!  I lived Sanford and Son.   There was a man at the church I attended who owned a business called Transport Salvage Company, he would by furniture or other items that might have been damaged or had flaws and then sold them back to the public.  He bought a little of everything and he said he needed some help and asked me a few other you teens to come work for him.

At times he would get work that included putting parts together and he and I found out I am not mechanically inclined.   At one point he even said to me “You are here to lift and move things” which I did gladly.  I am dangerous with tools to this day and now as I get older, lifting and moving things are getting harder to.

I had a great deal of love and respect for this man who found busy work for me.  I know he was doing it out of the kindness of his heart because a lot of the work I did was moving one thing from here and putting it there.

One hot summer day I was in a garage loft as the guys would lift a table top to me and I would place it in the loft.  Nobody saw the huge wasp nest that I hit with one of the table tops!   I must have looked like Bruce Lee swatting at the wasp to keep them off of me then I jumped and flew like Superman and landed with the swarm now chasing me and my co-workers.

Getting to safety we all started laughing with the guys trying to describe my face when I saw those flying death machines.   But I am here to tell you I didn’t get stung, not one time.  It was my awesome Kung Fu abilities and a lot of luck.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to spend most of my working life on the air and learning my job.   I would do anything and that meant at my 1st station than meant being on the air and cleaning toilets and taking out the trash.  I have been on every daypart radio has.  While working in Baton Rouge I worked from 11pm to 6 am and help out during the morning show.   Circumstances changed and for about 2 months I not only did the overnight shift but also came back in to work at 2pm to work until 6pm.  During this time the station had a consultant come in to evaluate what the station was doing.   We all had separate meetings with him to go over our job performance.   He said some good things to me, I think trying to soften the blow of his next statement.  He told me that the station was not going to use me in the permanent position of the 2pm to 6pm on air spot and then asked me what I thought about that.  I took a deep breather and asked him.  Do I still get paid?   The look on his face was that of shock and confusion.   I think he thought that I would think it being a demotion to be off one of prime times for a radio announcer.  I told him that I loved what I did and as long as I was employed I would do what is needed.   To this day I still feel that way.

I love my job, I don’t love getting up at 4 am but hey that is morning radio and how I pay my bills.   So once again if Professional bacon taster is not available I will always say that working morning radio on KOOL 1039 is my dream job.

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When I 1st started mu radio career I would tell people I would never do early morning radio because I am not a morning person.   BOY WAS I STUPID OR WHAT.

Just as I finished college, (finished not graduated) I started doing morning radio shifts.  Oh there were a few jobs that I didn’t do the morning show but it always changed and there I was once again depended on my alarm clock.

I am so glad that there are no recordings of the things I have said to those things over the years.  THE EXPLITIVES ARE FLYING.

For some reason this morning I woke up about 4 minutes before my alarm goes off, and I knew what today blog is would be about.   THE SNOOZE ALARM!

I have a relative that I stayed with awhile while I was looking for work and we shared a bedroom and he would let his alarm clock go off 5 or 6 times before getting out of bed.   Drove me crazy.   If you are reading this you know who you are!

Recently a co-worker told me he was almost late for work because his snooze on his device only went off 3 times.  SAY WHAT!

I used to let my snooze go off twice before I would get and then if got so bad that I set a 2nd alarm in case the 1st didn’t go off.  Then I came to the conclusion I just needed to get up and get going as soon as that 1st alarm goes off.   I was not an easy adjustment but one I have been following for years.  But with my alarm the snooze set automatically and I have to remember to turn that off too.   So let me apologize to my wife Teresa for all the times I have forgot to turn it off and for future forgetfulness.

So as I got ready for today I found some info about why hitting the snooze isn’t the best thing for us.   It comes from SLEEPNUMBER.COM

Here’s why you should break the snooze-button habit.

  1. You feel drowsier.

According to a study published in the Public Library of Science, waking abruptly leads to a period of grogginess called sleep inertia. If you doze off every time you hit the snooze button that means your alarm wakes you abruptly a few times each morning. “Hitting the snooze button can actually make sleep inertia worse,” says Elika Kormeili, a clinical psychologist specializing in sleep. “It will leave you dragging throughout the day.”

  1. You miss out on deep sleep.

The fragmented sleep you get in between pressing the snooze button doesn’t count toward your total hours, Kormeili says. Your body doesn’t have time to fall back into restorative deep sleep. Instead of hitting the snooze button three times, consider setting an alarm 15 minutes later, or recharge with a 15 minute nap midday.

  1. Productivity plummets.

A study at the University of Surrey in the UK found that hitting the snooze button in the morning can affect cognitive functions throughout the day. Rather than feeling well-rested, you may have trouble concentrating or making decisions.

  1. Your sleep cycle gets thrown out of whack.

“In my experience, people ‘snooze’ repeatedly,” Kormeili says. “This behavior causes havoc on your sleep patterns.” When your alarm jolts you awake in the middle of a sleep cycle, you’ll likely feel groggy, but you don’t have time to complete a full sleep cycle after hitting the snooze button. So that extra five minutes doesn’t help much. In fact, according to a study published in the journal Sleep Medicine, interrupted sleep can negatively impact your mood and attention span as much as getting no sleep at all.

  1. Your memory may lag.

According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, we process new experiences and new skills during the REM stage of our sleep cycle. If you set your alarm earlier than necessary just to allow enough wiggle room to snooze a few times, you may be interrupting this important step in the sleep cycle. Set your alarm for when you need to get up — and consider putting your alarm clock out of arm’s reach, so you have to physically get out of bed to turn it off.

I choose not to snooze!   I just nap between songs!

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Knowledge is good.   That is the quote on the plague of the founder on Faber College in the classic movie “Animal House’

Saturday July 28th is the 40th anniversary of this classic comedy.  I have seen the movies countless times in the past 40 years and yes it make me laugh every time.  I must say that I related to the Delta house guys, (without all the drinking).  I can tell you that when Bluto says “7 years of college down the drain” was a reflection of my years in college.  Now I didn’t go to college for 7 years but somehow I did manage to go to a Jr College (Ricks) a 2 year institution and I went 3 years and never graduated.

I just was not college material.

But back to” Animal House”

The movie which has brought me so much laughter over the years also brings back one painful memory.  THE WORST DATE OF MY LIFE.

I was not married at the time and had been out on a couple of double dates with a good friend of mine with a couple ladies. On one of the dates Tim and I mentioned how we had went to go see “Animal House” and how funny it was.   Brenda the woman I was seeing asked if we would take her and her roommate to go see the film the next weekend.


I did not think this was a good idea since the movie was crude and rude and well crude.   I expressed my concerns about whether they would enjoy the movie as much as Tim and I would and suggested we go see another movie.   However, Brenda insisted and the next Friday evening we drove into Idaho Falls to see “Animal House”   What a disaster.

Brenda and her roommate had had a fight earlier in the day and were both in bad moods.  Brenda never smiled on the drive to I.F.   During the movie, smart ___ comments were being made and I asked if she wanted to leave, which lead to a snappy NO.

The show was over and we stopped at a fast food joint to grab something.   Hoping to salvage the evening I started joking around and said something that set Brenda off and she stormed off and locked herself in the women’s bathroom. (I honestly don’t know what I said, but it was the wrong thing to say)  I spent the next 15 minutes talking to a door trying to get her out.  She screamed at me to just leave and she would find a way back to Rexburg.

There was no way I was going to do that, so I continued to get her out of the women’s room, which was finally successful.    But wait it gets worse.

One the drive back Brenda and her roommate start to argue again but that quickly turned around to I’m sorry and things were back on a good ground.   But wait it gets worse.

The two ladies started to try to tickle each other and are play fighting while I am driving which was making me angry.   But wait it gets worse, all of the sudden the girl from the back seat pulls Brenda’s shirt off.

Now I am a red blooded American male and the thoughts of having a near naked woman in my car would normally be OK.  But wait it gets worse.  Brenda starts screaming at me to not look at her and calling me all kinds of names.  But wait it gets worse.   I had enough, I pulled over and told the girls that if they didn’t want to walk the final 10 miles home to knock it off.

I was seriously thinking of kicking them out of my car, but I knew that I couldn’t do that.  I am not that kind of guy.  But I got my point across and the next 10 miles were spent in silence.

We pulled into the apartment complex where the girls lived and I stopped the car and said “Well you are home, see ya soon” Brenda said “Aren’t you going to walk us to our door” ARE YOU KIDDING ME, THEY WERE LUCKY THAT IDIDN’T DO A ROLLING STOP.   I told Brenda that I didn’t think I wanted to and that I was done.  She started crying and calling me names and got out.    I will say this I did watch to make sure they got into their apartment.   I never saw Brenda again.

So that is my tale of the worst date I ever had at one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.  If I would have known the date would have ended that way I never would have gone.  So you see KNOWLEDGE IS GOOD!

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