How much does that cost?  Really?  Are you kidding me?

 When you are spending your money you hope that you are getting value for that cash.  To paraphrase Donna Summer “I work hard for my money” and so do you.

When I go to a sporting event or concert I am always shocked to see prices on concessions.

I was talking to two friends who were at the NASCAR race in Las Vegas on September 18th and they said food prices were really high.  7 dollars for a soda 15 dollars for a huge hot dog. (Now granted I was told the hot dog was big enough to feed at least 3 people or 1 me)

I was at a concert in St Louis on a hot summer evening and went to get a Soda and while in line I started talking to a man about prices of beer.  Now this was years ago but it was still was unreal the price of beer.  I could by 2 large sodas for the same price as one small beer. 

I told the guy that I always limit how much I would purchase at an event because of the price.  I said as long as people paid for the overpriced items they would continue to raise price.     He didn’t agree and already 3 sheets to the wind he bought several more sheets and by the end of the concert he was almost passed out from his beer.  I can’t imagine how much he spent on Beer that night.   But I bet it would be a whole bunch of sheet!!!

A new survey asked 2,000 Americans what the most OVERPRICED things are.  And concert tickets were number one.  69% of people in the survey said they’re overpriced.  College tuition and health insurance tied for SECOND at 60%.

Here are the top 20 things Americans think are overpriced . . .Concert tickets . . . college tuition . . . health insurance . . . movie theater popcorn . . . gas . . . tickets to sporting events . . . car repairs . . . movie tickets . . . cigarettes . . . Car insurance . . . Apple products . . . rent . . . cable . . . airline tickets . . . weddings . . . medicine . . . hotels . . . utilities . . . wine at restaurants . . . and textbooks.

The survey also found we begrudgingly spend an extra $229 a month on stuff we think is overpriced.  But there ARE some things we’re willing to splurge on.

The top five splurge-worthy items are quality toilet paper (You bet only the best for my ….. good toothpaste . . . 9 make sure it taste good too.    Expensive skincare products… vanity thy name is Dave   . . . good shoes . . . and good coffee.  (I will replace good coffee with good Movie Po[corn, yeas ad the butter like substance please)

Now I don’t drink coffee but I do need shoes.  Here is true story on my shoes.  I HAVE BIG FEET!  College a guy used my old tennis shoes for his clown outfit. I HAVE BIG FEET!


So when it comes to shoes my motto is, if they are on sale and a decent price, buy them.    Last year I bought two pair of the Frankenstein boots and on vacation my wife found a pair of tennis shoes my size and them on a clearance sale.  Guess where those shoes are right now?  At my house under my bed.   I HAVE BIG FEET:

Today on the morning show: Happy news about boy and his miracle.  I am not got time to bleed.   Why do men spend so much time in the bathroom?

Stupid news:  911, a proposal and money

Laff lines : Alexa



I am a child of the late 60’s and early 70’s and oh how times have changed.

When you needed information we would have to check the old way.  And that old way even became a catch phrase

“Look that up in your Funk and Wagnall” I thought it was so funny and used it to be a  smart ***!

Things have changed now you say “I’m gonna Google it”

Google has been around for 20 years and despite all the different search engines.  Google is number 1

Here are some Google facts that I found from after I had googled “Google facts”

Google is internet’s most visited website according to Alexa.

.Over 1 billion search requests per day are handled by Google. It is done by using over 1 million computers.

Currently Google can analyze around millions of pages a second, whereas it is 30-40 pages at initial days.

Google” is added as a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary in June 2006.

Google operates 70 offices in more than 40 countries.

Keyhoke, Inc. is the company which developed a product called Earth viewer which gave a 3-D view of the Earth. Google acquired it and renamed it as Google Earth on 2005.

16.56% of the internet users Google about themselves.

20.88 languages can be used in Google home page.

Google site traffic is doubled, when Google introduced its “Did you mean?”

The total revenue for the company is US$59.82 billion for the year 2013.

47,756 are working for Google, and the new employees are called “Nooglers”.

Google has spent around $9.8 billion on R&D in 2012.

Google made its first Google Doodle in the year 1999.

Google’s annual income is greater than 50 billion dollars.



The morning show we talked the return of Murphy Brown, and could we be ready for more Fred Flintstone in our lives


Stupid news: Man that smells Italian and a Teacher gets fired for doing her job

Laff lines BEACH BALLS




The new TV season is here with lots of season and series premieres all over TV.  Now with so many channels and so many networks you know there is going to be good and bad television.

Over the years I loved this time of the year because of the anticipation of the new TV shows.  Ah new TV almost as good as “NEW CAR SMELL” But you also know there are going to be some stinkers,

TV Guide published an article about the ones that smell.  I will highlight some of the worst and then see if you agree with me and TV guide.   And at the end a video of the worst TV show I have ever seen

At #49 TV guide has “The Ropers” the spinoff of “Three’s Company” Yep it was bad but I wasn’t a fan of the “Three’s Company” Didn’t say I didn’t watch it (Susanne Summers!)

Speaking of Susanne Summers at# 44 her show called “She’s the Sheriff” some people liked it. It lasted for 2 seasons.

#42 the Flying Nun, WHAT!  Sally Field in goofy sitcom I even watched it in reruns.

#36_ the Misadventures of Sherriff Lobo.  This was a spin -off of BJ and the Bear, yep pretty bad

#29 The Howard Stren show, I was trying not to include talk shows but I had to make an exception but of my complete disdain and dislike of Howard Stern.

#28 Super train, bad premise worse writing a super slow really bad show

#21 Baywatch, you would think a young male full of hormones would have loved Baywatch but I think the only reason we watched was to watch the running in slow motion scenes.

#14 Baby Bob:  I had to thing about this one, it came out about the time CGI became the craze and it was used to make Baby Bob appear to be talking.   I watched it and kind of liked the humor.  But secretly wished for Joley Fisher (mom) to run in slow motion.

#12 Hello Larry:  I did watch it but hey it was about radio!

#5 Hogan’s Heroes.  In this PC world this story about prisoners of war at a Nazi Prison camp.  I really enjoyed it back in the day but can understand how cringe worthy some of the stereotypes are.  Besides that I almost won a spelling bee at my school because I learned to spell Colonel watching it.   Remember Lebeau calling Hogan CO-O-NEL.   That is the only reason I came in third other than that “I KNOW NOTHING”

#2 was My Mother the Car- silly sitcom but as a kid I saw the comic genius of Jerry Van Dyke.

# 1 TV Guide picked The Jerry Springer Show.  I would agree except for the worst show I have ever seen!


This TV show got a prime premiere spot after the Super bowl” It had two things that I thought might give it a chance.  It was about my favorite Vacation spot in Laughlin Nevada and the producer and sometime actor in the show was Hugh Jackman.  Yep the same Hugh Jackman of Wolverine fame and this past years The Greatest Showman.

The premise was in the backdrop of a Casino and parts were filmed in Laughlin.  But this was a musical—sort of– the storyline would add popular songs with the actors singing along.    Just watch Jackman singing along with the Rolling Stones.


I think Cbs was ready to pull the plug after the 1st episode and they should have

Today is Pancake Day and we have a new pumpkin spice product

Stupid news: FOOD

Laugh lines:  Word play


Leading a well-rounded life is easy and difficult at the same time.  I know it is easier being round all you got to do is eat too much and you get round,  and boy am I well rounded.

  I like to think I lead a well-rounded life now.   But that was not always the case.  After college I became a bit of a work-a-holic.   It wasn’t unusual to work 70 to 80 hours a week.  Then when I wasn’t working all I wanted to do was sit in front of the TV set watching Sports, sitcoms or pro-wrestling.  Of course there were snacks involved and my life wasn’t rounded but my body sure was.

My life was out of whack and I wanted to be back in wack! It always seemed to me that one aspect of my life was always off.  My work life would be great, but my social life was nonexistent. 

My family life was always pretty good but not quite were I wanted it to be.  It wasn’t until I was 37 that I got married, never even thought about it much.  I had girlfriends, and I had a lot of female friends but that spark was not there until I met Teresa.

There were times that I let my spiritual life wasn’t in balance.  Now when I speak on the spiritual side of life I am not always talking Church.  I am talking about the need to keep your head in the game when the world is cashing in on you.  I recommend church to help put things in perspective but if that is not your thing, fine some quiet time to reflect on your life.  And find balance.

Then finding a balance in your health is more difficult as we get older.  My list of aliments and the after affects is long and boring. 

So what brings on all this deep thinking?  Well I can be deep sometimes but today I saw an article in the NY post that claims that it doesn’t  take that much to have a nice well-rounded life. 

 A new survey asked people what goes in to having a good work-life balance.  And here are their picks for things you do that show you’ve got a well-rounded life . . .

  1. Spending time with your family. ( but family can add stress to and make you want to say “FAMILIES ARE YOU SURE THEY HAVE TO BE FOREVER”)
  2. Watching TV and movies.
  3. Getting enough sleep. (That one is hard for me, I don’t sleep well and have to get up at 4:15)
  4. Taking time for yourself every day.  (Parents are saying YEAH RIGHT)
  5. Listening to music
  6. Spending time with friends.
  7. Keeping your house clean and organized. (HA!!!)

I will add to the list one important item.  This is hard.  Find something in your employment that pleases you.  Sometimes work is not easy, you think I enjoy waking up at 4:15am and coming to the station. Now don’t get me wrong I love what I do every morning.  But even with doing the morning show there are times when my job is a job, a means to an ends, a way to pay the bills and a way to fill my ever increasing belly.

There is no perfect job, I consider my self-blessed to come in and say hi and Good Morning to you and hopefully help you start the day with a smile.


Stupid news:  a lame Halloween contest.  Breaking the top ten and a daring escape

Laff lines: being married for 30 years.


I won’t bore you with a lot of vacation photos.

Ok just one.  Me in our room at the Aquarius in Laughlin overlooking the Colorado River.

Ok one more

Promise this is the last one:  Sunrise!

My wife and I love to vacation in Laughlin NV.  I have been told I need to be part of the Chamber of Commerce because I have been there so many times and keep going back year after year.  Not fast paced like Vegas but none of the sleaze either.

We took off Monday morning September 17th ready for our 9 hour drive.   Of course me being “The Man” I reminded my wife to make sure she went to the bathroom because I only wanted to stop for gas and snacks.    That is the man in me coming out.  Well in a short time other things were ready to come out.  IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

We pulled off at the Lehi exit and made the obligatory comment about how Kevin Bacon would not recognize the place where they filmed “FOOTLOOSE”.

More Bacon on the way, after having more pit stops for me not my wife or Mother –in –Law, even one just off an exit on I-15 were “Nature was calling and my call waiting was not working”  We finally made it to Laughlin and vacation time began.

The trip was pretty great but some strange things, unusual things happened.   In central Utah the check engine light came on.   I forgot to get an oil change and we needed it, according to the computer system.  So on Tuesday morning I went to get an oil change while I was on vacation.  IT WAS 106 DEGREES! AT NOON!

There are some advantages to traveling with my wife and Mother –in –Law.  Bacon!  We would go to breakfast and Mom and Teresa would both order a plate with Bacon and neither one really like it so I GOT THE BACON!  More bacon soon.

So the café at the hotel was very good but on Tuesday I asked for a large glass of Chocolate milk and I was told they were out of Chocolate syrup (GASP).  Wednesday morning they had syrup (YES) but the waitress apologized because they were out of Parsley.  WHAT!  ‘OH THE HUMANITY’. How do you run out of parsley?  Just before breakfast I said the Teresa “I think I will order extra parsley today” Really who cares, it is a garnish, but I got a big fat Blackberry instead.  Better than eating that grass.  Oh and speaking of grass they could have gone across the street to get some funny little green leaves at the legal Marijuana store.  Oh Nevada.

Wednesday we made our way to Boulder City and Henderson NV, to do some shopping at a Metal arts store a comic book store and a staple of visiting Vegas a couple of Thrift stores.    I was HOT and I got a little thirsty so for lunch I re hydrated to the tune of 7 large glasses of Diet Pepsi, and 3 glasses of water, I could have drank more.

They say “It’s a dry heat, but hot is hot and I don’t enjoy hot so I was thirsty!   Several years ago at the RIO the waiter asked if he could hook up an I.V. for the soda machine.

Friday we took off for our trip home stopping in Cedar City Holiday inn express.  Saturday morning I put on my Bacon pants (see pic) the waitress and cook loved my pants but told me Bacon was not on the menu on Saturday morning.  Then the chef asked if I would like Bacon.   Asking me if I want bacon is just silly.   A few minutes later she comes in with a plate full of Bacon!


So to sum up my trip to Nevada where the bright lights of the Casino’s draw in gamblers from all over the world to try to win a fortune!  What do I win “BACON” Yes you can go to Vegas and come back a winner.

Today on the morning show: Inside edition becomes part of the story.  The big bang theory starts its final season tonight.

Stupid news: if they didn’t want it stolen why did they leave it unlocked?

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There is a song by the O’Jays with the opening lyric of “I Love Music, Any Kind Of Music” and that pretty much describes me. I don’t care what genre of music if it is done well I love it.

My musical taste run from Classical, Big Band, to Pop rock and dare I say COUNTRY MUSIC? Dare I say I enjoy some RAP AND HIP HOP!

I do consider Rap to more of a performance than music but when done well I kind of like it.

I grew up in a house that loved to sing, my sisters and I would sing along with anything.   One sister played the soundtrack to “The Sound of Music” and made the younger ones (including me) sing along.

Singing and dancing to Motown was a great way to spend an afternoon.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to go to several concerts and even at time get to introduce the acts from the stage.   The first time I did that was in Alexandria La.  It was the Oak Ridge boys and Steve Warner.

Some other favorites I had to privilege to intro from the stage are 3 Dog Night, Charlie Daniels, Steppenwolf, Garth Brooks, Styx, America and The Beach Boys.

So as you can see there are perks to my job, but no matter what I would still love my music.

There is one musical act that I love to listen to that most people don’t know about and that is the band CROW.  A couple of minor hits in the late 60’s with Cottage Cheese and “Don’t Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie on the King of Rock and Roll”  Honestly I love the music these guys recorded but the story of how I came to know Crow is a little unusual.

My family drove to Paris TN.  To attend the wedding of my Cousin Brenda.  While there her brother Randall ( he is my cousin too I guess LOL) put in an 8 track of an album “Crow By Crow”  I spent most of the weekend listening to it over and over again.  That included Randall and I ditching the reception and driving north to Metropolis Ill to see Superman’s hometown.

Ever since that weekend Crow has been one of my favorites.  Here is a favorite of mine and if you are a Beatles fan you might remember it recorded by the fab Four.   This is “SLOW DOWN”

Today on the morning show it was TOYS AND GUACAMOLE

Stupid News: Candy makes a man lose his job and a Marriage proposal

Laff lines:  the Net gets negative

I will be back on September 24th


Let’s all go to the lobby and grab our self’s some overpriced snacks.

I often wonder what the profit margin is for movie popcorn. Well according to it is 85%.  Yes 85%, but I don’t mind.  You go to the movies you get Popcorn and then you have them add the butter or is it. The website for Peta 2 has an article titles “Accidental Vega Movie Snacks” that say the Regal movie chains “Butter is made with coconut oil soybean betta-carotene and natural and artificial colors and flavors.

Over the years there have been groups talking about how unhealthy the movie popcorn is.  I say bring it on… I go to the movies 3 or 4 times in a year and I want that popcorn, and now to find out it is a VEGAN TREAT.  Does that make me Vegan and wait I just quoted something from Peta, yes Peta.   I wonder if that will hurt my standing with the People for the eating of tasty animals.

Over the years the movie theater chains have had to look at the business model because of technology.

DVD, BLUE RAY, DIGITAL platforms and people spending thousands on home theater systems has put pressure on the theaters and how they draw people to the theater.

The big thing a few years ago was movies in 3d which I really didn’t enjoy the few times I used the glasses.  I haven’t seen a movie in I-max yet, but there is just something about going into the theater with you bucket of Popcorn ( hopefully refillable) and a glass of soda, and maybe some movie candy and enjoying the experience of all the adds over and over then some trailers and finally the MOVIE

Usually the snacks are done and the Dolby speakers get all nice and loud and the movie itself.  Of course there are times when the jerk behind you will not shut up, or a kid keeps kicking your chair but that is part of the experience I guess.  That is why I only go to the movies during matinees. And make sure my wife and I are part of a small amount of people who are likeminded.  Being there for the POPCORN!!

This blog was inspired by an article I read today that said Samuel L .Jackson is the Top – Grossing Actor of all time , now that doesn’t mean he is the highest paid but that his movies make bank.   Think of all the Marvel movies he has been in.

Now let me just say this, Jackson is so good  as Nick Fury but man in the Star Wars movies he was just as bad.

Here is a list of highest grossing actors and there top movies

Samuel L. Jackson, $5.753 billion.

Highest-Grossing Film:  “The Avengers”, $623.4 million.

  1. Harrison Ford, $4.963 billion.

Highest-Grossing Film:  “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, $936.7 million.

  1. Robert Downey Jr., $4.960 billion.

Highest-Grossing Film:  “Avengers: Infinity War”, $678.8 million.

  1. Tom Hanks, $4.605 billion.

Highest-Grossing Film:  “Toy Story 3”, $415 million.

  1. Morgan Freeman, $4.522 billion.

Highest-Grossing Film:  “The Dark Knight”, $534.9 million.

So who is your favorite actor? For me the answer is Denzel Washington. That man can act!

Here is one of my favorite movie clips of all time it is from” Crimson Tide” with Gene Hackman.  Warning this clip has some harsh lounge.


Excuse men, I need to get that refill on the Popcorn

Today on the morning show a feel good story that will inspire you.

Stupid news:  a political protest that is just dumb. Along with ‘DON’T STOIP BELIEVING”

Laff lines: Popeye



I am going to show my age with this statement “SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS AIN’T WHAT THEY USED TO BE”

Yes you can still find some Saturday morning cartoons but (use old man voice) “When I was a kid we lived for those Saturday morning shows”

My first memories of Saturday morning shows is “The Adventures of Superman”  No it wasn’t a Cartoon but it came on at 6:30am and without the aid of an alarm I would wake up just in time on Saturday’s to watch the adventures of the Man of Steel.  Yes Bullets would bounce off his chest but he would duck when the bad guy threw the gun at him.

Other favorites were the Bugs Bunny cartoons voiced by Mel Blanc who by the way shares his birthday with me.

Super hero cartoons ruled the day for me.  The Super friends were great.  If it wasn’t the friends it was The Fantastic Four and Spiderman or Space ghost.  I even got into the parody super hero shows.  Mighty Mouse, Underdog and my favorites of the sillier super hero shows.  Captain Cave Man and Hong Kong Fluey.   I miss those shows.

Even though I love music the shows that were based on musical acts just didn’t do much for me.  The Beatles the Jackson 5 shows were watchable for me but were not among the favorites.

The was one exception, kind of.   The Archie’s were a cartoon show that led to forming a band and having the #1 song in 1969 Sugar Sugar.  The Archie’s were just one man.  Ron Dante was the lead vocalist.  Not a name that everyone remembers but he also had other hits just not under his name.  He was member of The Detergents who had a novelty hit with Leader of the Laundry man, and Ron Sang lead on the Cufflinks hit Tracy.

By the way the song Sugar Sugar was written by Andy Kim who had solo hits with Baby I love you and Rock me gently.

A big shout out must go to The Banana Splits which was a live action and cartoon show that I really loved.

But one show on Saturday mornings that always made me laugh was the show Lancelot Link Secret chimp.   The spy show parody featured the efforts to stop the evil leaders of C.H.U.M.P.  (The Criminal Headquarters for the Underworlds Master Plan)  Our hero worked with A.P.E. (The Agency to Prevent Evil).

The show was so much fun that a few years ago I showed some shows to some kids and they loved it.

There was even a rock band on the show called The Evolution Revolution.  I had even found the album in a cut out bin and paid a buck for it and it was great.

A few weeks ago I even found this

I could go on and on about Saturday morning cartoons but I must admit the kids today have cartoons every day thanks to the Disney channel, Boomerang, the Cartoon network and I must admit I will watch some of the shows, well a lot of the shows today.

So now that we have talked he old school Saturday morning cartoons it is time for me to go to the Hall of Justice and join up with A.P.E. and as I leave I say ‘UP UP AND AWAY”

Today on the morning show President Trump, National Video Game day

Stupid news: Vending machines. Looking for love and a Meat thief:

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It was 17 years ago I was doing my radio show on The Country Giant when a phone call came in about an aircraft that had hit one of the towers at the World Trade Center and I like many of you thought oh what a tragedy what a horrific accident.   We were wrong, at 9:03 am Eastern Time a second plane hit the other tower and we knew then that America and our way of life would never be the same again, we watched and prayed as new of two other suicide flights crashed at the Pentagon and in the woods of Pennsylvania.

I knew while all this was happening that my sister and nephew were in New York City for a medical study on a genetic disease that runs in my family.  Were they safe were they near the towers?  It turns out they were in a nearby hospital that was evacuated to be able to care for victims of the cowards who didn’t even have the guts to remain alive for their cause.

When you work in the media you have certain obligations to the public so despite my anguish I had to gather my co-workers around and tell them to get to work and get information on a local scale on this World wide event.

It took my sister and nephew several hours to be able to get phone service to let us know they were alright and well.   Over the years I have spoken too many of you that have similar stories.  Sadly enough we had people from Cache Valley and Northern Utah lose their life that day.  As I write this blog post the emotions of that day are flooding back as my eyes tear up at those memories.

I had a vacation planned and was ready to cancel but President Bush asked Americans to get back to life and do what we had planned.   Teresa and I felt a little strange walking along the Colorado River as a Military Helicopter flew on patrol not so high above us with guns at the ready.

We also visited Las Vegas at this time under heighten security with security checking under our car for bombs.  One image is burned in my memory as we visited New York New York on the strip with the replica of the Statue of Liberty viewing area full of flowers and signs all about the events of 9-11.

We as Americans banded together, Democrats and Republicans, people of all colors, religions, ethnic backgrounds spent time grieving and praying together United.

If I could go back in time and bring that feeling of unity back with me I would.  Instead of banding together to face the problems we face as a people we seem to be taking to social media to express our outrage that not everyone on this planet thinks the way we do.  I have said it before, we in this country are losing the right to disagree with others for fear of becoming a social outcast and accused of being something we are not.   I know because it has happened to me.  I won’t get into all the details I have been called all kinds of name and accused of all kinds of horrific things I am not.  Just because I have a different opinion on a matter that another person.

Have we not learned anything from this date 17 years ago?   The lesson that was being taught was that we need to celebrate what we have in common and have tolerance for the things that make us different.  I really hope that the current state of social upheaval could take a look back on the unity we had as a nation just a few short years ago.


Today on the morning show in Utah we are happy and new anchors play the name game

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Attempt number 2.   I will explain at the end of the blog

Today I would like to tell you about a great experience I had this past weekend.  A Friend had asked if I would lend my voice at a balloon launch for the “Share Parents” group here in northern Utah.

Share Parents is a support group for parents who have lost children and it was both and honor and privilege to read the names of their lost love ones and watch the balloons as they soared into a beautiful Cache valley Saturday afternoon with just enough dark clouds to provide a backdrop for the balloon as they soared to the heavens.

I admit I got emotional as I watch families remember some with tears.  Then there was a beautiful little girl who jumped up and down with excitement watching here balloon lift to the sky

Afterwards it was pizza and prizes with the families.  As I announced the prizes excitement and laughter filled the air as some people won multiple times.   Including one little girl who won 4 hair ribbons which she wore proudly – all four of them at one time.  Priceless.

Then afterwards clean up began and one little boy came up to me to show off the prize he won and didn’t win.  He proclaimed that he had traded the prize he won with another boys who was just walking by.  A few seconds later I overheard one of the little boys say “Wanna be friends.”  Another priceless moment.

It truly was a something I hope to share with this group for years to come.

Over the weekend I learned of the death of Bill Daley.  Most people remember Bill from his role on “I Dream of Jeanie” I met Bill at Comic con a few years ago.  He was sitting in some seat while Barbra Eden was being interviewed by “Big Buddha on Fox 13” I was watching Buddha do his thing when I notice Bill.  I said Hi to him and told him how much I enjoyed his work on Jeanie and also on “Newhart” he invited me to sit with him and after just talking I interviewed him.   This is the interview I had with a very nice man who provided me with countless smiles and laughter over the years.

The weekend was also one of a few Duh’s which will explain the second attempt.

Sunday morning I was getting ready for the day and could not find one of the socks.  My wife pointed out the sock which was right next to my foot. “Well Duh”

This morning as I was getting ready to come to the station I put on an amount of toothpaste on my brush placed it on the counter top and as I left the bathroom I noticed the toothbrush right there where I left it unused.  (Yes I used it when I noticed it) “Well Duh the Sequel”

Just a few minutes ago as I was writing this blog I was getting ready to use the spell check, hit the wrong command and the program crashed and lost my 1st attempt ( We’ll Duh three , the spell check from ****)

Today on the morning show we talked men’s fashion, Pumpkin Spice and dangerous Pizza

Stupid News:  Is that a candle or are you just happy to see me and a cookie Fire

Laff Lines: being on a plane